Brushes and cloths for every cleaning job: Greener Cleaner Product Review & Giveaway

(Gifted) I'm sure you have heard the phrase you need “the right tool for every job?”. Well it definitely applies to cleaning your family home. While you can buy super expensive machines and sprays promising miracles it’s often just as good (or better) to get reasonably priced, eco-friendly and non electronic cleaning products. Greener Cleaner products are an example of the right tools which are better for the planet and your wallet. Plus with their really clever designs you will be able to find brushes and cloths that make your cleaning easier and faster.

Whether you love to clean or you see it as a necessary evil read this review about some of the Greener Cleaner range and discover products to make your cleaning life easier. As an extra bonus I have a whole bundle to give away at the end of this post.

The range of Greener Cleaner cleaning brushes and cloths received to review
Make cleaning your home easier, faster and kinder to the planet with the Greener Cleaner Product Range

The Cloths and Brushes You Need To Clean Your Family Home

How Are Greener Cleaner Products Kinder To The Environment?

  • Firstly these high performance cleaning utensils are made from 100% recycled waste plastic so they are preventing plastic going to landfill.
  • Secondly the products are durable and long lasting so each one will last you a while (remember to clean them though).
  • Thirdly the microfibre cloth range has been developed to clean efficiently with just water and still remove bacteria. Not only does that save you money and is better for the environment , but it is really helpful for people with allergies (the products are endorsed by AllergyUK).
  • Fourthly (?) they are a member of 1% For The Planet so 1% of their sales go to protecting the oceans through organisations like Surfers Against Sewage. 
  • Finally the majority of their packaging is plastic free (although there are cable ties holding some of their products onto cardboard information sheets) and the cardboard can be easily recycled.
On top of these planet friendly qualities the products come in a great range of colours so you can find ones to coordinate with your kitchen and bathroom. 

me cleaning a mirror in my bathroom with a special glass and window microfibre cloth for a streak free clean
Clean mirrors and leave no streaks using the specially designed cloth

The Greener Cleaner Product Range

Microfibre Cloths 

If you think one microfibre cloth is much like another then think again. Greener Cleaner Microfibre will remove dirt, grease and bacteria with just water. They are also guaranteed to be machine washable 100 times (or 1 year) so you can wash all that grime away.

They have a a whole range of microfibre cloths so you can find the right one for the task. 

The Home Cleaning Kit contains 4 cloths which all have different textures:

  •  There is a green all purpose cloth and similar looking to microfibre cloths I have seen in the past. I would say this is great for cleaning general surfaces and dusting.
  • The blue window and glass cloth is really soft, absorbent and fluff free. I recently discovered that avoiding smears when cleaning glass and mirrors is less about what you put on to the glass and more about the cloth you remove it with. This cloth definitely helps remove those streaks. For best results use dry after cleaning with a damp cloth. 
  • The orange cloth is an all surface cloth. It is a little bit rougher in texture to help scoop up those crumbs and encourage dried on grime to come off. It also has a corner with a scrubby material for extra tough dirt, but don't use this on surfaces that get scratched easily.
  • Finally there is a Stainless Steel cloth. I’ve never seen a cloth like this. It’s a handy silver colour to match what you are cleaning and it is super soft with a little bit of texture, but no risk of scratching the metal. It cleans those stainless steel appliances in your kitchen without leaving streaks (use dry for the final wipe over). Plus as you don’t need to use anything other than water you don’t need to worry about accidentally tarnishing your stainless steel.

You can also buy these cloths individually, in 4 packs of the same cloth or in 2 packs with different combinations so you only need to buy the cloths you need. The Home Cleaning Kit is a great way to try them all out and decide which you want more of.

I was also sent their Dual Sided Scrubby Pad. On one side it has some slightly crazy looking silver scrubby bits designed to be non scratch and to loosen tough dirt and on the other side is the microfibre cleaner (like the all purpose cloth) designed to trap and remove dirt, grease and bacteria.

The microfibre cloth and pad range from Greener Cleaner
The Greener Cleaner Microfibre cloth range has been designed to wipe away grease, dirt and bacteria using just water

4 microfibre cloths for cleaning different surfaces and a scrubby pad
Greener Cleaner have 4 microfibre cloth designs: all purpose, glass (including windows and mirrors), all surface and stainless steel

Washing Up Brushes

There are 3 brushes which you can buy individually or as the Kitchen Sink Brush Set which will help you get everything clean in your kitchen

The Dish Brush has durable brush fibres for cleaning pots and pans. If you have an extra stubborn patch you can flip it over and use the extra small precision bristles, these are also great for harder to reach patches.

The Pot & Pan Brush has the durable brush fibres on one side and a small scraper at the top in case you need to tackle burnt on food.

The Utility Brush can be used to clean kitchenware including glass, ceramic and plastic. It has a curved main bristle area and a small stiff bristle precision area on the reverse. 

Personally I would avoid using these with delicate surfaces like easily scratched prints or non-stick pans, but gentle use should be fine. 

Greener Cleaner also have a Bottle Brush with gentle soft bristles perfect for cleaning delicate items. Unlike most bottle brushes I have seen which are designed primarily for baby bottle's the head of the Greener Cleaner Bottle brush is small and it has a long thin handle making it perfect for cleaning out water bottles. 

It’s recommended you rinse the brushes clean after use to help them last and they are also all dishwasher safe. 

The range of brushes for scrubbing pots, pans, dishes and bottles clean
There is a range of Greener Cleaner brushes for all your washing up needs

Close up of the recycled plastic fibres on the brushes and the gentle cleaning bristles on the bottle brush
The small headed bottle brush has soft bristles, the rest of the brushes have rougher bristles for tougher cleaning jobs

General Cleaning Brushes

While the washing up brushes are good it’s some of Greener Cleaner's other cleaning brushes that I get really excited about (yes sorry I have been known to get excited about a good cleaning product). Just like the washing up brushes these are all dishwasher safe too.

The Scrubbing Brush has a large surface area and the handle design makes it really easy to apply pressure for any hard to clean area. I find this brush great for cleaning our tile floor which is textured and needs something to get into all the holes. It’s also great for our bathroom tiles, oven racks and BBQs.

The Grouting Brush is specifically designed for tiles and grouting. The bristle area is about 1cm wide and long so you can get right in to scrub the grouting, but the particular clever design feature is the angle of the handle that makes it easy to clean those 90 degree joins eg where the bath meets tiling or at the edge of your kitchen counter.

Greener Cleaner also have a set of 2 mini brushes described as “between the gap brushes”. This set helps you clean any small area or crevice that has got dirty. The bristles are smaller and softer than the rest of the cleaning brushes so you can clean delicate areas without worrying about scratching. One brush has the bristles in a straight line, the other in a small circle so it works well on round gaps. The other ends of these little brushes have “scrapers”, one is like a small pick the other a sloped thin scraper. These are really excellent tools for when you are doing a deep clean and you have fiddly bits that you can’t reach with your normal cleaning products.

The Greener Cleaner large surface scrubbing brush, grout cleaner and in between fiddly bit brushes
Scrub surfaces large and small with these cleverly designed brushes

Greener cleaner floor and bathroom cleaning brushes in packaging before reviewing
The new grouting and mini brushes are perfect for cleaning those difficult spots

close up of a mini brush cleaning dirt out of the head of a small screw
Even the smallest places can be cleaned with the handy mini brushes


As I mentioned above the all purpose microfibre cloth is great for dusting surfaces, but for higher up areas and fiddly bits the Greener Cleaner duster works really well. Just like the rest of the plastic products the duster is made with 100% recycled plastic. The fibres are gentle so you can use them on ornaments, but they are also really strong. They look a bit like a finely cut up black bin bag, but the plastic is much stronger. 

After use you can clean it by running under water and wash away all those cobwebs and dust.

Other products currently available from Greener Cleaner include: a window wiper, a telescopic floor brush, a dustpan and brush and a lobby set (long handled dustpan and brush which click together for storage). They really do have the tools for all your home cleaning jobs, except carpet, you'll probably still want a good hoover for that. You can buy the full range on the Greener Cleaner website and selected items from: Lakeland, Ocado, Home Hardware stores, TK Maxx, Lawsons, Boundary Mill stores, selected Co-ops, independent garden centres and cookshops.

The Greener Cleaner duster received for review and the all purpose microfibre cloth
Greener Cleaner products for dusting

close up of the recycled plastic fibres on the duster and the microfibre dusting cloth
The duster is made from 100% recycled waste plastic for a kinder to the planet product

The Greener Cleaner recycled plastic duster cleaning wooden shutters
The duster gently dusts surfaces, small gaps and even ornaments

Bundle of Greener Cleaner Products Giveaway

If you love the sound of the Greener Cleaner products then you can win a bundle of all the products I received in my giveaway. Enter via the widget below before midnight on Sunday 30th October. Over 18s and UK entry only. For other T&Cs check out the widget. 

The winner can expect to receive a bundle including: Home Cleaning Kit, Dual Sided Scrubby Pad, Dish Brush, Utility Brush, Pot & Pan Brush, Bottle Brush, Scrubbing Brush, Grouting Brush, Mini Brushes and Duster. The colours may vary and if any products are unavailable alternative products may be sent instead.

As always I really appreciate it if you are able to share the giveaway with anyone who might be interested. Thank you and good luck.

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