How To Defend Your Home Against Winter Burglars

Collaborative post by another author. Many people see Christmas as the best time of the year, with presents, festive activities and family visits all brightening up the darker winter days. Yet Christmas can also be a risky time when it comes to protecting your home from burglars. 

With many people travelling elsewhere for Christmas while keeping expensive gifts in the home, the festive season can be a time of increased burglary risk. Here’s how to prevent it happening to you.

A real Christmas tree in front of a fire place surrounded by presents
The winter months provide many temptations and opportunities for burglars

Avoid posting holiday plans on social media

You might feel really excited about your winter ski getaway and want to share it with everyone, or even spending time with family in a different part of the country, but posting online could be putting you at risk. Increasingly, those seeking opportunities for burglaries are using social media as a tool to figure out when people are away from home - and what valuables they may have there. 

Posting about your holiday plans on social media is especially risky if your profile is open for everyone to view. Instead, you could consider using privacy options to manage who can see your posts. Better yet, don’t post about your plans at all, do you really know all of your Facebook friends or followers?

Don’t put valuables near the window

It might seem a little obvious, but try to avoid putting any valuables on view from your windows - especially when it comes to Christmas presents. If you’re keeping presents under the tree, for instance, make sure these aren’t visible from outside your house.

Anyone scouting for homes to burgle will be looking out for tell-tale signs of items to take, and carelessness could put you at risk.

Keep your porch properly lit

You can also deter burglars by keeping your porch well-lit, giving the impression that someone is at home even if that’s not the case.

During the festive season, you can use outdoor Christmas lights in your favour by stringing them up on your front porch or around your front door. This helps to avoid leaving a light on while you’re out of the house. 

Update your fencing 

Outside of the home, fencing is another great line of defence against potential burglars. As we head into the winter, you should assess how secure your current fencing is, and consider updating or fixing it if it’s not up to scratch. Make sure any fences or side entrances to your back garden are locked and secure too.

Consider installing home security systems 

Installing home security systems, including cameras, can help give you peace of mind, as well as putting off would-be burglars. 

These days there are a whole array of options available, including indoor and outdoor cameras for a wide range of budgets. Some can beam footage to your smartphone wherever you are in the world, meaning you can check in even while you’re away.

Making these changes might feel like a hassle, but ultimately, they’ll help you enjoy the festive season without any worries. 

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