4 Top Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe

Collaborative post. There are fewer things as stressful as organising a wardrobe. Having too many clothes and not knowing where to put them might leave your bedroom space looking messy - and far from the zen-like space that you want it to be! However, there are some easy ways to organise your wardrobe. Here are 4 top tips for helping you prepare, declutter, clean and reorganise where you keep your clothes.

A photograph of clothes messily arranged in a wardrobe

Do an initial clear-out

Get your wardrobe ready to be reorganised by first clearing it out. Go through all of your clothes and decide what you want to keep, what you can sell online, and what you could potentially donate at your local charity shop. This is a great way to also see exactly what you own since there’s a high chance you’ve forgotten about some things! Anything that is out of season (like big winter coats in the summer or bikinis in the winter) can be put in storage for the time being. 

Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

Getting rid of your old mish-mash of hangers and replacing them with ones that all match is a speedy way to create a more organised look. As well as making sure you’ve got the right equipment to hang up your clothes, you might also want to switch up your wardrobe as well. Opting for fitted wardrobes means you can maximise your living space and create dividers for your different clothes.

Take care of expensive pieces 

To make sure your clothes stand the test of time, look after expensive or meaningful items by storing them properly. Put shoes into boxes, suits and dresses in suit carriers, and handbags in dust bags with stuffing inside to prevent them from changing shape. This way, you can make sure that the dress you bought up in that one-of-a-kind boutique on that one holiday once still looks brand new over a decade later. 

Fold some of your thicker items

An easy way to make more space in your wardrobe is by utilising inside shelving to fold thicker clothing pieces. Not only will these make your clothes look neater, but you’ll also have additional space to hang your other items as well. For the ultimate organisation, colour co-ordinate your clothes or organise them in accordance with the colour spectrum. This is a great way to also organise your clothes by the season, i.e. keeping all your warmer and darker tones on hand for the winter months, and your florals accessible for summer and spring.

Organising your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. With these 4 top tips, you can ensure your bedroom is clutter-free and the perfect place to relax!

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