Review: Super Cute Little Babies Environmental Superhero Dolls

AD Children don’t have to watch the news or read the paper to know that our planet has a lot of problems. It’s easy for them to pick up on conversations that are happening around them about global warming, droughts, deforestation etc and to become anxious. Even as adults it can feel like the situation is out of control and there is nothing we can do, which is why I like the concept behind the Super Cute Little Babies range. The 5 babies have magical powers they use to save the planet and it can help children feel that they can make a difference.

A young girl dressed up as a superhero holding and envionmental super hero doll received to review
Helping children feel inspired to look after the planet with Super Cute Little Babies

What Are Super Cute Little Babies?

Super Cute Little Babies are 5 characters with adventures you can watch on YouTube. They are just ordinary babies until they drink from their bottle then suddenly they get super powers. Each character has a different super power: Gabi can control the sun, Kala water, Regi has power over snow, Sisi can control the wind and Sofi can make plants grow. As well as getting super powers the bottles also transform them from babies to have the ability to talk and act older (so they speak properly rather than baby language).

There is a YouTube channel with short videos showing the little superheroes going on adventures (although only 4 of them are in season 1, Regi isn’t in the current videos). These videos are the sort of thing my children happily watch on YouTube, but they are unlikely to win a BAFTA. 

Super Cute Little Babies Sofi as a baby with a nappy and white booties
Super Cute Little Babies Sofi as a baby

Super Cute Little Babies Sofi as a superhero with eye mask, cape, tutu and purple booties
Super Cute Little Babies Sofi as a Superhero

Super Cute Little Babies Dolls Review

The doll range comes in 2 sizes: there are 12cm all plastic figures which come with a bottle, removable cape and mask and the larger 26cm doll. 

We were able to pick up a 26cm Sofi doll up, she is my daughter's favourite because she thinks they look alike. The larger dolls come with a bottle, dummy, comb, brush, mask, cape/ bib, tutu skirt, boots and pants (nappy). The packaging says the clothes are reversible to give them a glitzy superhero costume and while the boots reverse non of the current versions I have seen have reversible pants. The bib and cape are attached and you can fold the cape into a pocket on the back of the bib when in baby mode.  It is easy to transform Sofi from normal baby to superhero Sofi and she looks pretty cool. Tip: to make it easier to tie up her cape, tie it at the back then swivel it round. 

The doll requires 2 AAA batteries (not included and you need a tiny glasses size cross head for access). When you put the bottle in her mouth she makes a drinking sound then it plays a short burst of the Super Cute theme music and the symbol on her chest lights up. The light stays on for about 10 minutes, although you can turn her off with a switch at the back. When you turn her off (or the light goes off) she makes a disappointed “oh” sound. 

super cute little babies doll with accessories: comb, brush, dummy and bottle
The larger dolls come with a number of accessories

close up side view of super cute little babies doll and instructions
You can easily change the dolls from normal baby to superhero

close up of super cute little babies bib with cape folded up
The cape folds up into the back of the bib

Sofi in baby mode being given a dummy
Giving baby Sofi her dummy

Encouraging Children To Look After The Planet

Super Cute Little Babies are a great way to encourage young children to love and respect nature. You can use the special powers of each doll to start a conversation about what you can do as a family to help the planet. With Sofi’s special powers being about plants you could grow some plants together from seed and encourage your child to make sure it gets enough water, talk about why you shouldn’t pick or damage wildflowers or look at the plants in your garden and discover the different animals that use them and how eg birds making nests in the trees, caterpillars plants, hedgehogs hiding in piles of leaves.

The new toy range from GP Flair comes in mainly cardboard packaging and even has information inside on how to recycle the packaging. When your child grows out of the doll you could continue to encourage the eco messaging by taking it to a charity shop or passing it on to a younger child.

a young girl dressed as a superhero giving super cute little babies doll her bottle
When you give the babies their bottle they power up into superhero mode (requires batteries)

a cute girl with bunches holding a super cute doll with bunches
There are 5 character dolls, each one has a different power

The dolls are available to buy from Tesco, The Entertainer and Amazon. They are suitable for aged 3 plus although I would say the ideal age is probably 5 to 8. 

Super Cute Little Babies Sofi doll in packaging
Out now

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