Review and Giveaway: SuperThings Rivals Of Kaboom Rescue Truck

 (AD) What's bright, fun and here to rescue your Christmas? It’s SuperThings of course and the new Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck. My children love the colourful SuperThings toys and the Rescue Truck we received to review has quickly become one of their  favourite toys so I know it will be on lots of children’s Christmas lists this year. It’s a brilliant design with lots of features and can be played with alone or with an existing collecting of SuperThings.

Children playing with a bright and fun plastic truck with lots of interactive features
Reviewing the SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck

SuperThings Rivals Of Kaboom Rescue Truck Review 

What Are SuperThings? 

In case you aren’t familiar with SuperThings they are a collectible toy franchise from Magic Box Toys. They were called SuperZings until early 2018 when they were rebranded as SuperThings. The range was originally mini blind bag toys aimed at children age 4 to 8 and sold at a pocket money friendly price. The SuperThings are still the small rubbery toys, but the range now also includes Kazoom Kids which are figures a few inches tall and various accessories, vehicles and playsets. 

The characters are all based on everyday objects and are split into superheroes and villains who get their power from hero or villain power Kazoom. The superheroes and villains fight each other and live in Kaboom City, hence “Rivals of Kaboom”. Of course these toys are accompanied by short and catchy YouTube videos where you can discover more about them.

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A boy and a girl playing with a SuperThings rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck received to review
The Rescue Truck is a great size for siblings to play with together

What do you get in the Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck box?

💥 The main toy in the box (or packaging as it’s one of those designs where there is no plastic covering so children can touch the toy while checking it out in store) is the large rescue truck. It’s large compared to the little SuperThings figures but not imposingly big measuring about 43cm long. There are lots of ways to interact with the truck which you can read about below. 

💥 There is an exclusive Kazoom Kid called the Highway Star which has a cool cape and vizor. 

💥 Attached to the extendable ladder of the truck is a rescue ship. You can flip out it’s wings, and slide it off the top of the ladder to play with it separately. It has space for the Highway Star or any other Kazoom Kid figure you might already have to fly off in it. Alternatively you can have it piloted by a SuperThing.

💥 Hidden inside the packaging in a cardboard box there is a blue packet which contains the water piece for firing out of the cannon and the Speedster SuperThing. We very nearly missed these and they would have been easy to throw away as they were hidden in what is normally just padding in toy boxes. Speedster is exclusively available with the Rescue Truck and is a small orange motorbike SuperThing. 

Close up of the front of the SuperThings Rescue Truck and the exclusive Highway Star Kazoom Kid
The SuperThings Rescue Truck comes with an exclusive Kazoom Kid figure

A close up of the blue package with the SuperThing and water for the water cannon
Make sure you find the blue package with the SuperThing and water for the cannon

attaching the water feature to the water cannon and side view of the rescue truck including the Speedster SuperThing
The exclusive Speedster SuperThing can attach to the Rescue Truck in lots of places

What does the Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck do?

This isn’t just a rescue truck, it’s a SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck packed full of play features:

  • The rescue truck is bright blue, red and yellow plastic with some stickers (already attached) and painted sections. 
  • At the front there is a scoop you can use to pick up villains, then press the leaver on the side and watch them fly through the air and hopefully land in the jail section of the truck.
  • If you pull down the windscreen of the cab section of the truck it has space for 2 Kazoom Kids to sit.
  • Up above the cab there is a yellow button which makes different siren noises and the SuperThings jingle when pressed. The red and blue lights on either side of the button light up too. This didn’t seem so loud when my children were playing with it in the lounge, but when I had it on my desk to write this review it felt considerably louder. The siren/ lights require 2 x AAA batteries which are included for demo purposes. 
  • Behind the driver's section is the prison. Luckily for rivals it is easy for them to escape. Just press the lever on the right of the truck and the door will fly open and floor tip up propelling them from the vehicle. The ladder and rescue ship need to be raised to allow the mechanism to work properly.
  • On the other side of the prison is a flip down platform that has space for a Kazoom Kid or SuperThing to stand on (there are attachments for both).
  • The main section of the truck opens up on both sides. The left side has 6 seats you can attach SuperThings too. The right side has some control panel stickers and space for up to 3 SuperThings. At the back of the section is an energy pod with closing doors so the SuperThings can recharge.
  • Up above the truck is an extendable ladder with a water cannon at the top. Insert the plastic water piece, press the button on the side of the cannon and fire it out. We found it can be a little bit tricky to get the water in fully so that it fires out properly, but we have got the hang of it now. 
  • Also at the top of the ladder and above the cannon is the Rescue Ship. This can be flown by a Kazoom Kid or SuperThing. It slides on and off so it can be played with separately. Flip the little blue bits on each corner and you get bigger wings. It also has small wheels on the bottom so it can roll along the floor.
  • And finally, as I discovered on a last check over to make sure there was nothing we have missed, the bottom of the vehicle has an off button. Off buttons are essential in my mind both to save battery life and to prevent accidental night time noises. It’s next to the battery compartment.

A preschooler pressing a red lever on the side of the SuperThings truck to make the prisoners escape
Press the red lever next to the prison to help characters escape

The open escape hatch showing that the floor comes up and pushes the captured rivals out of the truck
When the ladder and rescue ship are raised the figures will catapult out of the prison

View looking down at the inside of the Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck
The inside of the Truck has a prison and an energy pod with doors at the back

Playing with the Rescue Truck and the fully extended ladder
The ladder extends for rescues from high up places

The rescue ship detached from the ship, open side doors and scoop lifted in the air
The rescue ship detaches to be played with separately

How do we rate the SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck?

This is a great toy that appeals to children and has lots of playability. It is suitable for children age 3 and up and we have found it is pretty solid so it holds up well to rough play by preschoolers. There is enough detail and interaction to appeal to older children too. 

My youngest has a few problems reattaching the ship on his own and the manoeuvring of the water cannon can be a bit confusing because it turns lots of directions, however these are minor issues and overall the toy gets a thumbs up from us.

The SuperThings Rivals of Kaboom Rescue Truck is available to buy instore and online from The Entertainer, selected Toy master stores and Amazon (Affiliate link). 

Superthings rivals of kaboom rescue truck in packaging
We received a SuperThings Rivals Of Kaboom Rescue Truck to review

Win A SuperThings Rivals Of Kaboom Rescue Truck

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