Review: Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout!

(AD) Remember back in the summer when we reviewed Hip Hoppa and KickerBall? Well now as Stay Active Ambassadors we have received the new Jump-It Wipeout toy. Described by my 6 year old as “wow that’s a bit of a workout isn’t it? Perfect for tiring us out on rainy days”. This fast and fun game will help get everyone moving whatever the weather as it can be used inside as well as out. 

Character Options created the Stay Active range to be family toys that will get children away from the screen and encourage them to get active with their families. We found that Jump-It Wipeout definitely helps raise your heart rate while improving timing, coordination and having a laugh. Competitive children will find they quickly get a sweat on, and parents can join in too.

Jumping over stay active jump it wipe out received to review
Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout can be used inside or out

Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout Review

Jump-It Wipeout consists of a sweep arm which is rotated by a central motorised unit. The aim is to jump, skip or hop over the arm as it comes round and avoid being ‘wiped out’.

The game is recommended for children age 6 and upwards and this suggestions reflects our experience well. My 6 year old finds it challenging but can manage a few jumps (she also runs in circles away from the sweep arm) . Younger children are likely to lack the coordination to jump at the right time. My 11 year old and I can both manage well on the slowest mode, but it’s still a challenge to complete the shortest 1 minute time. This is both because of the amount of concentration needed and because of the fitness required (admittedly more an issue for me than for my daughter).

Even on the slowest mode it’s pretty fast so you need to focus. There are different settings which mean you can change the speed for more of a challenge if you need it. We call them fast, faster and super speed, but on the device they are called L, M and H or low, medium and high. You can also change the maximum duration of the game from 1 minute to 2 or 3 minutes. Finally to mix it up there are 3 different game modes: Normal (N), Challenge (C) and Reverse (R). In the challenge mode the speed gradually increases, in reverse mode the arm briefly stops and then moves in the other direction. You can play on your own or with others and the instructions suggest trying in teams, ‘best of’ or elimination versions.

Close up of the jump-it wipeout unit showing setting controls
You can change the settings for different play modes, speeds and times

This game requires the players to have a basic level of fitness and coordination to play, although it’s pretty amusing even if you only last a few rounds. Definitely start at the slowest speed and work on building up how long you can last for. 

The unit talks to you at points in the game and it also plays music, but we found this a little bit muffled on our carpet and we were generally too focused on the game to listen. The beat of the music probably helps you find a rhythm if you listen though.

As soon as the arm hits you the game stops. Even on the fastest speed it doesn’t hurt because the arm is covered in pool noodle type material. The way the arm is attached to the unit means it is easy to remove for storage, but it also means that if you accidentally land on the arm it will disconnect and shouldn’t be damaged.

Jumping over Jump-It Wipeout boom arm
Jumping over the boom arm of Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout

What You Get In The Box

In the box you get a motorised wipeout unit, a sweep arm (in 2 pieces) and 3 legs for the unit. It is really quick to assemble. The game needs 6 D batteries to play (they are not included). These are big batteries and while they should last a while it might be worth investing in reusable ones because they are expensive to replace if the game is popular and played with frequently.

Putting the batteries in Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout
Putting the batteries in Stay Active Jump It Wipeout 

You do need a decent size flat space to play. The instructions suggest at least 2.5 metres squared so this might not be suitable for inside use in all homes (we only have one location in the house with enough space without moving furniture). If you are playing with it outside you need a flat surface so the arm can move freely and to ensure you land safely. The arm is raised a couple of inches off the ground so you could play on grass as long as it has recently been cut. 

The Wipeout unit received to review
The unit is quick to assemble so you can start having fun 

How do we rate Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout?

Jump-It Wipeout is another fun game from Stay Active that will have children laughing while they attempt to master it and getting fit at the same time. It is a good game to play on your own or with others. It’s even suitable for adults to play with and keep fit, although a little noisy to play with after children are in bed. My main issue is the number of batteries required as this is an ongoing cost that needs to be factored in. We also found it a little frustrating playing when my 3 year old was around because he likes to intentionally block the arm and cause us to lose. So while this toy won’t be suitable for every family, we have found it a lot of fun and it definitely gets you to stay active.

a girl jumping  high over a rotating boom arm in the living room
How long will you last?

You can buy Stay Active Jump-It Wipeout now at Smyths Toys Superstores.

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