Miniature Dollhouses - A Family Project Everyone Can Enjoy

A collaborative post by another author. Are you looking for a DIY project for your family that will result in an adorable set of four miniature scenes of domestic bliss? When you order the miniature dollhouse kits from Rolife-Robotime, you will receive all the parts and instructions needed to construct these whimsical rooms. As you work together to produce these easy-to-assemble kits, you'll enjoy both the experience and the results.

The set of four DIY miniature house kits includes four rooms:

1. Toy House Miniature Dollhouse

Miss Bear is seated behind her red and blue drum, looking like she is about to play a drumroll. Her gold-tipped drumsticks stand ready. In the back of Miss Bear is a pink toy shelf that offers two shelves full of her toys. On the first shelf, Miss Bear has a little dog, a gumball machine, and a group of tote bags with a yellow sunflower on the front. The second shelf is home to a pink and blue lunchbox and an enchanting dollhouse.

On top of the shelves, she has a toy pony, a book, and a golden bottle full of bubble baths. There is a dartboard on the wall to the left of Miss Bear. She also has a little blue desk with a Christmas tree and a wrapped gift. Is Miss Bear getting ready for a party, or has she been to one? Across the top of Miss Bear's room is a rope line flying some celebratory flags.

Toy house miniature dolls house image provided by Robotime
Toy House Miniature Doll House

2. Garden Miniature House

You'll find everything a gardener needs in this little shed. The main feature is a sturdy blue table with a wooden overlay that opens up to a trellis with pale blue glass. A potted green plant is on the table's surface; with a box marked "flowers" with a wrapped bouquet of pink roses. Underneath the boxes is a pair of scissors. On the left side of the wall is a laurel wreath with dark green leaves. A black wrought iron lamp is in back of the laurel wreath. On the other side of the window is a notice about how to care for plants.

Whoever has been caring for these plants must be doing it right because there is a stunning sunflower plant on the floor. The sunflowers are in a silver bucket. A pair of fanciful pink boots is in front of the bucket on a small rug. The boots are decorated with white dots and a dark blue top stripe. The boots will be perfect for gardening in the rain. On a chair located on the left of the table is a blue watering can. As you build this set, you can poll your family on what other types of seeds the bears might decide to plant in their garden.

Garden Miniature House image provided by Robotime
Garden miniature doll house

3. Kitchen Miniature House

Somebody's ready to cook some delicious surprises in this cozy, old-fashioned kitchen. The first thing you'll notice is the olive green wooden refrigerator. A handy little pink and white gingham hand towel hangs at the edge of the refrigerator. A box on the fridge's surface says "Yummy Food," with two loaves of hearty French bread peeking out of its top. To the right of the box is an old-fashioned silver coffee pot. On a shelf above this, you'll find a container of coffee and a little white porcelain coffee cup.

You will find a cobalt-blue old-fashioned stove on the other wall, complete with silver handle. Cooling on a white rack above the stove, you'll see some heart-shaped cakes. To the left of the stove are a lime-green frying pan and a pizza turner. On the wall, you'll see some notes and signs to personalise the room. In front of the refrigerator, you'll see a few new packages that must just have been delivered. Your family can speculate about what these deliveries might be.

Kitchen Miniature Dolls House image provided by Robotime
Kitchen Miniature doll house

4. Living Room Miniature Dollhouse

Here is Mister. Bear, enthroned in his black-and-white herringbone chair. He's sporting a salmon-coloured ascot. On the side of his chair are two wrapped presents. (Is he going to the same party as Miss Bear? Your family can decide!) On the left, along the back wall, is a raspberry-coloured bureau. In front of that is a small round end table with a clear vase and a box of tissues. On top of the bureau is a luscious-looking strawberry shortcake, a picture of sunflowers, and an old-fashioned lamp with a clear lampshade. Also adorning this snug little "bear cave" are two pictures of butterflies and two other pictures of pressed flowers. What is Mister Bear planning to do after the party? You and your family can decide.

Living Room Miniature Dollhouse image from Robotime
Living room miniature doll house

As you can see, these four home scenes will be an asset to any family room, or you might choose to display one of the rooms in each family member's room. Ordering the set is very easy, and delivery is prompt. There are a variety of shipping plans. Take a look at Robotime official website and see the details for yourself. 

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