7 Secrets To The Ultimate Cozy Night In

AD One of my favourite things about winter has to be the cozy nights in. Is it still possible to have the ultimate cozy night if you don’t have a roaring fire or want to crack the heating right up? Absolutely. I’m going to share with you the secrets to a perfect evening at home whether it’s a snuggly winter date night or an evening for you to recharge alone. The end result will be you feeling relaxed and restored: body, mind and soul.

A close up of someone holding a candle while wearing deep red loungewear with leopard print detailing
Get cozy and set the mood for your ultimate night in (wearing V by Very Side Stripe Lounge Set in Berry)

How To Have A Perfect Cozy Night In To Recharge Every Bit Of You

To have the ultimate cozy night in you need to pay attention to every part of you, this means giving all of your senses a treat. Follow these tips and you will reach new levels of relaxation.

1. Planning

A little bit of planning goes a long way to ensuring you can enjoy yourself. You don’t want to be chilling on the couch and have to get up every few minutes for something you have forgotten. Think through everything you need for your evening and get all set up. You will also want to make sure there aren't any urgent tasks that you really should get done. A little voice nagging in your head wont help you relax so either make a conscious decision to ignore the washing up and emails until tomorrow, write it down so you can remember to do it another day or, if you know you wont be able to relax otherwise, get them done asap so you can move on and focus on the important things: having a relaxing evening to look after you.

Turn your phone on 'do not disturb' and shut the world out. There is nothing wrong with social media scrolling, but for a special evening to recharge you want to take control of your environment and keep it calm without notifications and endless messages that may stress or distract you.

Make a plan to ensure you have everything you need (wearing CK One Black Leopard Sleep pant from Very)

2. Smell

Smell is a powerful sense which is often forgotten about. It has the ability to bring back memories and take us to different places. As well as nostalgia essential oils have the ability to relax or invigorate us. Treats for your nose include a cup of hot chocolate, fresh biscuits, a scented candle or wax melts.


3. Touch

You need to feel physically comfortable, but even more than that you want your skin to really enjoy the materials they touch. Think satin PJs, fluffy soft dressing gowns and slippers that keep your toes toasty. You want your body to be warm, but the room not too hot so choose warm clothes or a blanket rather than extra heating. After all you can’t really have a cozy night in a vest top and shorts can you?

A cozy pair of faux sheepskin slippers and a fluffy grey dressing gown with stars both from the V from very range
Choose soft clothing that feels great like these faux fur lined slippers and super soft dressing gown both V by Very

4. Sound

What you might need most is some silence, as a mother of young children there are times when peace is music to my ears. If there is too much background noise then try some white noise, this can be enough to muffle sounds from traffic or neighbours so it’s easier to block out. You can ask your Amazon Echo or Google Nest to play white noise if you don't have a white noise machine. 

If the quiet life is not for you maybe try a great relaxing playlist of music (I particularly love a Christmas tune at this time of year), a film on television or listening to the voice of a loved one. A conversation with a friend (whether in person or at the other end of the phone) can make you feel all warm inside.

5. Taste

No cosy night is complete without some food and drink. What works for you though? I love a cup of tea (decaf so I’m not up all night), hot chocolate, a glass of warming red wine or even a glass of bubbles. Maybe you are partial to a G&T, whisky or tomato soup? Choose something that makes your mouth and heart happy and make sure to pair it with snacks. Foods high in tryptophan are great to help you have a good night's sleep to finish off your perfect evening so it’s worth considering nibbles of nuts, cheese, red meat, fish, chicken or oats (which I’m taking as oat and raisin cookies). If you spend the evening in your pyjamas you can go to sleep whenever you feel like it without evening getting changed.

Lazing on the sofa with a soft fleece black lounge wear set and mug of coffee
Grab a warm drink of something delicious (wearing Figleaves Super Soft Fleece Jogger Set from Very)

6. Sight

Some people live in beautiful tidy homes and can look around at decor that is a feast for the eyes. Many of us aren’t so lucky, so we might need to be a bit more intentional about what to look at when we are trying to relax. Choose a tidy room, or at least face a direction where there are things that make you happy like great art or photos on the walls. Dim the lights and maybe light a candle, the gentle flickering can be magical. It doesn’t even need to be real: you can put a YouTube video on your TV of a fire in a fire place to really create an atmosphere.

7. Mind

Once your body is perfectly happy from all your senses being nurtured it’s time to ensure your mind is happy too. Maybe you want to just focus on the moment with some calm mindfulness, maybe it’s time to enjoy that book you haven’t had time for or you could watch a favourite film (an old favourite is always more comforting than something new). Choose something that will calm and soothe your mind and allow it to relax.

Me reading a book in bed with a beautiful pair of satin pjs and a cozy dressing gown on
Give your mind a treat with a well loved book or film (wearing Michelle Keegan Satin Pyjamas from Very)

And remember to embrace the time, enjoy yourself and to savour every feeling and sensation. This isn’t just any night at home, but the ultimate cozy night you want to remember.

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