Review: This Or That, The 50/50 Guessing Game

(Gifted) This or That is a fun guessing game suitable for 2 or more players. I think it would make a great game to play with family this Christmas because the more players the better. The premise is simple: a question master reads a question out and gives two possible answers. The other players have to guess which answer is right.  The main thing I like is that people of any age can play. Obviously having a lot of general knowledge can help, but when it’s a 50/50 chance of getting the answer right even a total guess can see people win points. It is available to buy from Wicked Uncle who have provided a copy of the game to giveaway. You can enter to win at the end of the post.

(It is currently out of stock on Wicked Uncle, but it is available to buy here)

The box of this and that game, the instructions and game cards
This or That is an easy game to play and great for the whole family

This Or That, The 50/50 Guessing Game Review

About The Game

In the box you get 100 cards each of which have 2 questions on. So if you play it a few times you will get through all the cards, but most people will forget most of the answers. The player answering the question tips the unusually shaped box to either the “This” side or the “That” side to answer. I’ll be honest we tend to freestyle the rules a bit and get everyone to answer out loud.

Example Questions (answers at the end of the post)

1. Which happened first?
This - The Death of Picasso
That - Eminem being born

2. Which was built first?
This - Tower Bridge
That - Brooklyn Bridge

3. Which is there more of?
This - Eyes of a honey bee
That - Stomachs of a cow

This or that question cards all spread out in a messy pile
Each card has 2 questions on with the correct answer circled

Playing This or That

Decide which version of the game you want to play and the challenge level and you are ready to start. Whoever is closest to the age of 50 goes first (by which I think the instructions mean gets to guess an answer first)

Game Modes

The instructions suggest two different versions of the game:
Solo/ team 
Each player/team takes it in turn to answer the question within a set time limit. If they win then they get to answer another question, if they lose it goes on to the next player.
Head To Head
Players choose an opponent and a third player becomes question master. The 2 players have to race to be the first to answer. Whoever gets it right gets to go next, but if they are wrong they are out and the other player gets a go. This game mode requires at least 3 people. 


In both game modes a correct answer gets a point and whoever has most points at the end of the game wins. It is useful to have counters or tokens to keep score because the number can go up or down. 
It suggests 3 versions of each game mode: Easy, Hard and Extreme. 
In the Easy mode the players have 10 seconds to answer. 
In the Hard version the players get 5 seconds to answer and 1 point deducted for incorrect answers.
In the Extreme version the players only get 3 seconds to answer. If they get it wrong they lose 2 points, if they don’t answer they lose 1 point. 

What We Thought Of This Or That

This or That is a great little compact game from Fizz Creations. It is great for get togethers of friends or family, but you do need a couple of extra things: a timer so you can answer in the agreed time of 10, 5 or 3 seconds (this can be done on a phone) and some method to record the scores. 
Players with a good memory will start remembering answers after a few times playing so it’s not a game you will play all the time, but as it is more fun with 4 or more players you might only get it out occasionally. 
I would recommend either setting a time limit for the game or saying the winner is the first to an agreed number of points so there is a set end. Otherwise whoever is winning is likely to decide when the game is over and that might not go down so well.
Playing by the rules (either game mode) makes for a fast, competitive game. Answering within 3 seconds is a particularly tough. With younger children we have adapted the game so that everyone (apart from the question master) gives their guess. This means everyone gets to join in each round which works best for us given the age of our children. Tweens upwards will do well with the proper rules. 

An open box of the this or that game showing the contents which is cards and instructions
In the box you get 100 cards and the instructions


If you would like to win a copy of This or That thanks to Wicked Uncle then enter via the widget below. Giveaway closes midnight Sunday 4th December so hopefully you will get the prize by Christmas (postal services dependent). UK entry only, all other T&Cs in the widget.
Good luck and thank you to anyone who shares the giveaway. It is much appreciated.

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1. Which happened first? That
This - The Death of Picasso 1973
That - Eminem being born 1972
2. Which was built first? This
This - Tower Bridge 1886
That - Brooklyn Bridge 1869
3. Which is there more of? This
This - Eyes of a honey bee 5
That - Stomachs of a cow 4

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