Nature-Filled Destinations For Your Next Family Holiday

Collaborative post by another author. There’s no shortage of awesome family holidays you can take. You could spend some time in a beach area, for example, or just book a villa with a swimming pool in a sunny spot, and you would be reasonably confident that you’d have a fantastic time. Another option is taking a nature-filled holiday. These have merit on multiple levels. One, they’re good for your physical health. Two, they’re good for your mental health (and who doesn’t need a boost in that area?). And three, they’re just fun and full of adventure! 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of Europe’s finest nature destinations. Pick one of these spaces, and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time. 

Scenic Shot of the Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland from Pexels

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The Lake District

Who says you need to leave the UK to have a great time in nature? We don’t! The Lake District is a stunning area that can be oh so much fun to explore. There are just so many great hikes and activities, and everywhere you look, you’ll find another stunning view. You can rent a standalone cottage if you’re looking to make things cosy, but if you want the true nature experience, then consider camping. Some of Europe’s best campsites can be found in the Lake District. 

The Alpujarras, Spain

There are plenty of beautiful places in Spain. But the Alpujarras region near Granada in the south might just be the best. There’s a lot of natural beauty here, but what makes it especially appealing as a travel destination is that it’s just so free and relaxed — unlike other areas, this is a pretty quiet corner of the country which means you don’t need to worry too much about parking, where to stay, and so forth. For the best experience, consider renting a camper van, which will allow you to sleep out under the many stars that fill the night sky.

Umbria, Italy

As with Spain, Italy suffers no shortage of stunning, beautiful areas. If you’re looking for something that’s beautiful, accessible, and very Italian, then check out Umbria, which is one of the top holiday destinations in Italy. It’s in the middle of the country, so you won’t get any coastal views, but you won’t miss them — this is a wonderfully green area that offers plenty of hiking and exploring. Plus, it’s so old that it can feel like you’re stepping back in time. 

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Switzerland is not the cheapest destination on earth, but once you’re there, you can understand why. This country is home to Europe’s most beautiful nature areas. The number one part for nature lovers is the Bernese Oberland region, which offers mountains, lakes, trees and much more on a grander scale than you’d normally find in Europe. If you’ve got some extra cash to spare, then consider taking a family train trip through the region before rounding it off with a stay at a cute cabin with a view. It’s more expensive than other options, but you’re unlikely to regret it — or forget it!  

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