My Little Pony Weebles

(AD) My children will get excited when I mention we are reviewing a new toy if it is something they have seen advertised on television or YouTube. My partner on the other hand gets excited about toys that he remembers from when he was young. There is something about the nostalgic memories of our childhood toys that bring back happy memories and makes us want to help our children have happy memories with the toys too. Weebles tick the boxes of exciting for my partner and my children because while they were originally popular in the Seventies the current versions by Character Options are based on characters from popular children’s programmes. 

We have a whole load of Weebles in the house. After getting Peppa Pig last year we have received Cocomelon (JJ, Yo Yo and Tom Tom), Bluey (Bandit, Chilli, Bingo and Bluey) and now the new My Little Pony 4 pack. 

A preschooler holding a 4 pack of My Little Pony Weebles
The latest Weebles to add to our collection are My Little Pony

What’s a Weeble? 

Weebles are a range of toys that are a special shape which means they always wobble back up to upright. The round ball like shaped lower half is the reason for the long used tagline: "Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down". Because Weebles aren’t a new thing, they first came out over 50 years ago and my partner remembers playing with them as a child, but like all the best toys from our childhood they have been refreshed and updated. Weebles now come in a range of popular characters including: Peppa Pig, Cocomelon, Bluey and My Little Pony.

The characters are all circular at the bottom and have no legs. You can buy them individually, in 2 packs or 4 packs. The popular Peppa Pig range also has a Wind & Wobble Playhouse, Push Along Wobbily Car and Wobbly train.

Pinkie Pie, Flutter Shy, Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack Weebles
Pinkie Pie, Flutter Shy, Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack Weebles

How To Play With Weebles

Weebles are the sort of toy that children find easier to play with than adults. They don’t properly resemble people (or ponies, dogs, pigs etc) but that doesn’t stop them being played with as the characters. The ball shaped bottoms are a really nice shape for little hands to hold so my children love to make them have adventures. It’s also nice that when they are put down they don’t fall over either, unlike toys with legs which tend to get knocked over during play by less coordinated younger children (they are suitable from 18 months and upwards).

As well as playing with the characters my son likes to enjoy the shape of the Weebles: wobbling them, spinning them and swooshing them across the floor. 

These toys don’t need batteries and they are pretty durable. Despite regular rough play by my 3 year old ours are still in good condition. 

Playing with My Little Pony Weebles
Playing with Weebles

Where Can You Buy Weebles?

Weebles can be bought from Amazon, Argos, The Entertainer, Sainsbury’s and your local Toymaster store. The My Little Pony Weebles can be bought from Amazon, Very and Toymaster stores.

A line of MLP Weebles being played with
Which Weeble is your favourite?

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