Ten good reasons to hire a professional gardener

AD If you have a garden and aren’t particularly green fingered, you may be thinking of hiring a professional gardener. The cost of a gardener is usually between £14 and £25 per hour. So, you may be weighing up whether it’s worth the expense. If you’re struggling to see the benefits of paying someone to manage your outside space, here’s ten good reasons to go ahead and hire a gardener.

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  1. Gardeners are better skilled

    One of the main reasons people hire a gardener is to make use of their horticultural skills. It’s the easiest way to get the best out of your garden, and your lack of green fingers won’t be a problem anymore. Just think about it. No more wondering which are plants and which are weeds when your borders get overgrown. And no more confusion over compost types and how often to water your flowers. 

  2. You’ll save yourself time   

    Another obvious reason to hire a professional gardener is to save time. Few of us have enough time to fit in everything we need to do. And that’s without mowing, weeding, pruning and anything else your garden needs. Even if you can fit in all of the gardening, it doesn’t necessarily leave you time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. So, why not let someone else do the hard work for you, while you simply relax and enjoy your green space?

  3. You’ll stop wasting money

    Most of us have been guilty of spending money on plants, only for them to die because we’ve planted them in the wrong place, not had the time to tend to them properly, or failed to spot pests and diseases. Many of us have also spent money on our landscaping with new fences, decking and paving, only to leave them unmaintained. So, get a professional gardener to take care of everything in the garden. This will prevent you from wasting money due to a lack of time and skills.

  4. It’ll give you peace of mind

    Knowing that your garden is in good hands gives you peace of mind. No more worrying about things growing out of control or invasive species taking over your space. We can’t get rid of all the stresses in our lives, but this is one we can deal with by simply letting a professional gardener take the strain.

  5. You’ll keep your kerb appeal 

    Your home’s kerb appeal is important for maintaining it’s value. It’s particularly important if you’re planning to sell your home. But most of us take pride in how our home looks, even when we’re staying put. So, keeping the front garden in tip top condition with the aid of a professional gardener is a big help when it comes to keeping your kerb appeal. If you want your outdoor space to become more attractive, consider Aviara Pavers for a paver pathway installation. This addition also ensures improved drainage, minimized erosion, and easier maintenance, preserving your garden's beauty for years.

  6. Shed space is freed up

    One big positive of hiring a professional gardener is that they’ll have all the tools and equipment to tackle your garden. Therefore, your shed doesn’t need to be stocked full of gardening stuff. Instead, you can use that space for storing garden furniture, bikes and anything else you fancy.

  7. Accidents can be avoided

    Using powerful garden tools such as electric shears and petrol chainsaws can be dangerous if you’re not sure what you’re doing. And trying to cut back tree branches often involves working at height. So, these are tasks that are best left to the professionals. That way you can avoid having any nasty accidents. 

  8. Safety and security are improved

    Overgrown gardens and poorly maintained boundaries are often enticing to burglars. Overgrown bushes give them cover, so they can’t be easily seen breaking in. Meanwhile, poorly maintained boundaries provide multiple entry and exit points. And when your trees are left unmanaged, you’re risking overhanging and rotten branches becoming hazardous in stormy weather. Especially if they’re near a roof, conservatory or footpath. A professional gardener can deal with these before they compromise your safety.

  9. You won’t annoy your neighbours

    It’s not just branches that overhang your home or pavements that are problematic, they can easily encroach on your neighbour’s garden too. Your overgrown trees and bushes can be seen as a pest by your neighbours, even if they look nice. And many plants such as bamboo, Japanese anemones and mint can spread very quickly. Hire a gardener to keep them in check, so you stay on good terms with your neighbours.

  10. You’ll be the envy of all your friends

    Finally, a professional gardener can keep your garden looking beautiful, making you the envy of your friends when they pop around for a barbeque. And who doesn’t secretly like a chance to show off?

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