Bedroom Makeover Ideas For A Teenage Girl’s Small Room

Ad Before you head to Pinterest and start pinning a million and one ideas to makeover your teenage daughter’s bedroom it can help to have a think about the core aspects that you want to incorporate into the room. Teenagers often spend a lot of time in their bedroom and if your house has small rooms it’s important to use the space in a clever way to make it somewhere they love and feel comfortable in. The room needs to reflect that she is not a little girl anymore and you want it to feel like a stylish teenager's bedroom . 

Planning a teenage bedroom design makeover can be overwhelming so to make it easier break it down into the 5 main parts:

  • Windows
  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Furniture
  • Decor

a small bedroom with built in cupboards in a post for teenage girl bedroom makeovers. Stock image from Canva pro
You can take a small bedroom from neutral to perfect for your teenage girl with these tips

The 5 Key Aspects To Redesigning A Small Room For A Teen Girl


Teenagers are known for sleeping unusual hours so it’s a great idea to design the windows so they can block out light. A dark room is important for good quality sleep, but you also want to be able to get lots of natural light in their room when they are awake.  

You can help make the room dark using black out blinds, boxed in curtains or shutters. From my experience of all three I have found shutters the most durable.  If you get a good made to measure fit they can shut out light really well, with the added benefit that they are great insulation so they help keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. If you love the idea of shutters, but are worried about the price then DIY shutter blinds are a great option. By providing your exact measurements to California Shutters and installing the shutters yourself you can get your choice of colour and style made to fit your windows at less than it may otherwise cost.


It’s always a tough choice to choose what to have on a bedroom floor. Carpet helps cushion the noise of your teen moving around, but laminate or Engineered Wood Flooring makes it much easier to clean up any spills, whether it’s a fizzy drink or nail polish. It comes down to what is more important to you. I would probably choose a low cost carpet in a darkish colour with a slight pattern so marks aren’t so visible. Then I would budget to replace the carpet when my teen gets older. You can always get a rug to cover up any of the worst marks if they won’t come out with a carpet cleaner.


Hopefully by their teenage years they will be less likely to draw on the walls, but I’m still a big fan of wipe clean paint. Marks come off a lot easier and it tends to mean the paint is more resistant to damage if they want to put up wall art or posters with Blu Tack or washi tape. 

There are lots of amazing wall papers available, but in the teen years when they are still developing their style and changing their mind regularly this might too much of a commitment. One way to make a big impact, but without wallpapering the whole room is to have a feature wall. You could get an easy to apply wallpaper mural, paint the wall in a striking colour or create a gallery wall with lots of photo frames or pictures pasted straight on to the wall. An accent wall is a good way to give the wow factor to a small space.


The right choice of furniture is absolutely key in making a small bedroom feel comfortable rather than overcrowded. You need to choose simple, functional pieces without flourishes that take up additional space in your teenage girl's bedroom. 

Really think about using the full height of the room to maximise the space. Having floor to ceiling shelves for instance gives you a lot of extra storage space. They might not be able to easily reach the top shelf, but they are bound to have items they want to have on display and keep safe. Alternatively you can put boxes on the higher shelves with seasonal items that can be got down when required.

Built-in storage or wardrobes can be a great idea if you have an awkward sized space, but they can be expensive and they give you less flexibility for moving the room around in the future. Stores like IKEA which have component furniture you can add together to fill a space to your needs can make a more affordable alternative.

In a small space a platform bed is often popular because by having the bed raised you get space underneath you can use for storage or a study space with desk. Before investing though consider the age of your child; as an older teen will they still be happy to climb in and out of a single bed via a ladder? It might come down to a decision about whether you have enough space without a raised bed and your budget. If they don't have a study area or chill out space in another part of the house a cabin bed can be a good idea in the short term. 


Finally, the decor is what ties everything together. To ensure they are happy with the finished design choosing the colour scheme with your daughter is a good idea. Pink with rose gold accents is currently a favourite colour scheme, but your daughter might prefer more bold or vibrant colours. Either way it is worth keeping the furniture and flooring neutral colours and adding personality through items that are easy to change. The right accessories like coordinated bedding, rugs, throw pillows, a cozy blanket and lampshades will make the room look great. You can also get removable wall sticker art to go on furniture and walls. This allows you to add style that can be easily changed in future. There is lots of choice on Etsy from flowers to gaming images. 

Don’t forget lighting when you are thinking about the finishing touches to your teen's room. A bright overhead light is really useful when they are studying or reading in the evening, but you will also want more gentle options for when they are relaxing. Fairy lights are a great way of doing this and you can use temporary hooks (eg command hooks) to position them where will work best. 

Most teenage girls like to experiment with make up and if they are going to do this in their room they will need good lighting near an (ideally full length) mirror. Good lighting is key to ensure they have blended and applied it well. Thinking about the different areas in the room and how they will use them will help you plan the lighting you need.

I hope this post helps you feel more confident about redesigning your teen's bedroom and to help create a perfect place. A space they will love and feel comfortable in during the often challenging teen years. 

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