Gifts Your Mum Will Love This Mother’s Day

That time of the year is once again approaching. The day when we celebrate all mums. Whether biological or other, we celebrate you, MUM. One way we get to celebrate mothers is by making them a special meal, giving them a day, week, or even month off (well maybe not a whole month), and buying them a special gift to show appreciation for all they do for us. There are some really unique gifts, depending on what your mother needs, that will make her feel like the luckiest mum in the world. Here are some of the best gifts UK mums will appreciate on Mother’s Day. 

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Designer gifts

If your mum has been after designer dresses and wants to look her best at any given moment, then definitely delve into this. Designer items are wonderful since they tend to last for a long time. And as a mother is more inclined to spoil her family instead of herself, why not splurge on the one designer item she’s been after for months? It’s always worth it to spoil your mum! 

Afternoon tea gifts

Tea is synonymous with British culture, so it makes sense that an afternoon tea gift would be a great choice for your mum. These gift sets include a range of teas and sweet treats such as biscuits and macarons, and so much more. And since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, what better way for your mum to spend the afternoon than sipping on her favourite tea and munching on some of her favourite sandwiches and cakes?  


There is just something about wearing lipstick. It adds to your outfit and overall makeup look and it makes you look fierce. Is there a lipstick that your mum has been eyeing but simply never gets around to buying for herself? Well, now you can get it for her. If it’s a specific brand with a particular shade, well, that makes the choice even easier. 

Eyelash Extensions

Another thoughtful gift for your mum to consider is getting eyelash extensions, perhaps paired with an eyelash tint for a more defined look. The thing is that she can have eyelash extensions at home within minutes. These extensions not only add a touch of chicness to her appearance but also have the ability to last for weeks. With the convenience of an at-home application, she can enhance her natural beauty without having to make salon appointments or spend hours getting ready. The process of applying these extensions is straightforward, allowing her to achieve glamorous lashes effortlessly. By giving her the gift of eyelash extensions, you're providing her with a simple yet effective way to elevate her look and boost her confidence.

A self-care gift

This is where you can get creative and buy a range of products for the ultimate gift. A self-care gift can include masks, body scrubs, foot scrubs, a foot spa machine, some wine, a box of chocolates, and even gloriously scented candles. Once your mum opens this gift, you can set up a pamper session for her. Light the candle, prepare the foot spa, and leave your mum to relax away. 

Pot sets

If your mum loves to cook then why not get your mum that pot set she’s been looking at? Not only is this a practical gift, but she can also use it to cook those delicious meals you get to enjoy. Heck, throw in one of the 10 best cookbooks and help inspire your mum to get creative in the kitchen.  


There is nothing quite like receiving a bunch of flowers, especially if it's flowers you love. The tip here is to ensure that your mum’s favourite flowers are available in time for Mother's Day. You might have to pay slightly extra if the flowers your mum likes are out of season.  

Skincare products

Ask your mum about the concerns she has for her skin. Is she after anti-ageing products? Does she want radiant skin, or is she done with those wrinkles that slowly crept onto her face? While there is nothing wrong with ageing naturally if your mum would like to feel better in the skin she's in, you can get her the skincare she needs to make it happen. 


Most mothers would rather spoil their families than look after themselves, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, mums deserve the right to treat themselves and be treated too. One such way to treat your mum is with makeup. Let your mother feel like the QUEEN she is by gifting her favourite makeup products.  


Whether it’s a luxury or general everyday bag, we almost guarantee your mum will appreciate this gift, but why not take the opportunity to get a little creative? If your mother is used to buying shopping bags, maybe instead get her something a little fancier that she can use on the days she has some time to herself. If she has a date night planned with your dad or her girlfriends, get her something she can use for those occasions. Just keep up to date with trends, though; some fashion mum influencers are sharing what’s hot and what’s not for 2023. 


What says, “I love you, mum,” more than a piece of jewellery? Well, very few items. Jewellery is that gift you can buy your mum that she’s going to love. Is there a ring or a necklace that she’s been looking at? No matter what it is, she will appreciate the fact that you paid attention and got her a gift she actually wanted. While jewellery is quite a personal item, to make it truly special for your mum try and buy her something that she really wants, which will, in turn, become sentimental to her. 

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