How to Transform the Value of your Dining Room Without Spending Much at all!

Collaborative post by another author. Any home interior project tends to eat into a budget and either cost more than you expected, take longer than you had thought or end up not looking how you had hoped. 

Luckily some quick fixes can not only transform the impact of the room but also, hopefully, transform the value of the property. All without setting you back a huge sum of cash either.

So where do we start, do we invest in new furniture, lay a new dining room floor, or paint the walls? Do we change the lighting, repurpose second-hand items, or reinvent your dining room to be something totally different?

The honest answer is a little mixture of them all, sort of. 

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You don't have to spend a lot to make your dining room look great

Obviously, our aim here is for you to save money and a total refurb of your dining room will cost significant cash. Recent estimates put the full project at a cost of some £15,000. Instead, you could prioritise just one part as a prime expense and then spend next to nothing, and in some cases nothing at all on fulfilling everything else.

So how are we going to do it?

Let’s start from the bottom up

Chances are, your dining room already contains the main elements for its purpose. Table, chairs, lighting, and so on. It is these that you can potentially get the most improvement from at little or no cost. 

That is why a new dining room floor could be the only significant expense for helping transform the value of your room. Dining room floors are areas of high footfall and can easily become damaged, stained and without suitable preventative maintenance, a harbour for bacteria. So ensuring you have one that not only matches the level of use but also maintains high levels of quality is of huge importance.

Choosing a luxury vinyl tile flooring type means that you can benefit from a striking, durable and easy-to-maintain floor that will remain at its best for years to come without having to spend the huge sums that other floor types may set you back. Created with variety in mind, LVT dining room flooring patterns suit any style of d├ęcor.  You can find the best in both classic and contemporary design making it possible for any dining room to look like it has been totally refurbed.

Make the walls speak!

Not literally of course but giving the wall some volume through colour helps accentuate the room and the desired impact you wish it to have. Depending on the size of the room will depend on the way you choose to embellish the walls but keep in mind that a little can go a long way.

A light border can transform the room and with a quick and easy application as well as minor expense, your dining room can look significantly different with little effort.

In some cases, feature walls can be a stand-out part of any room, likewise a feature piece of art. Many stores these days sell large canvas relatively cheaply and positioning these on the biggest wall of the room can add a touch of character. 

Another option, but at slightly more expense and time, is wallpaper. With so many fantastic styles available, wallpaper can really enhance a room, whether you are looking for retro swirls and paisley or just one simple shade, it can make a statement that instantly makes your dining room a talking point.

To create a further impression, you could match the wallpaper and furnishings. Just don’t let the costs run away with you.

Flower power!

Flowers can brighten up any room and the simple addition of floral arrangements to your dining room table can improve the aura of a room as well as add a splash of colour. Many plants and flowers are known for their calming influence and as a result, can help your dining room remove stresses of the day as well as potentially calm those that may come for a viewing when you sell!

Lavender, Aloe vera and the Peace Lilly are fantastic to create a calming environment thanks to their air-purifying nature, their scents and the way they can remove toxins from the air. For a splash of colour and wonderful scents, look to flowers that include purples, blues, greens and whites. For a relaxed feel to your room pastel shades will also be a great benefit to your dining room table.

Let there be light!

Your lighting helps accentuate the features of your room and should there be any dirty areas, it may well show them up! So aside from keeping on top of the cleaning, you can keep your room looking vibrant with some great lighting. In many cases, a simple change in the lamp shade can alter the feel of your dining room but should you have the option to add additional lighting features then give it a try! Design companies are becoming more and more innovative in creating pendant lights in a variety of shapes and sizes that when chosen in the same colour scheme or finish can add an instant touch of class to your dining area.

Orbs, light rings, light boxes and ceiling lights can all make a huge difference and in most cases will come in at under £100.

Repurpose and reinvigorate

Retro is big right now and can provide a certain romanticism to a room. A vintage-looking table can often hold more allure than a polished solid oak table, likewise, repurposed furniture can give the room some style. Keep an eye on local free websites and Facebook marketplace as people often give furniture away for free as long as you can collect it. If it's not in great condition give it a good sanding and varnish or paint it and you will have a stunning new piece of furniture for next to nothing. 

Create character

Your dining room will be an area for you and your family to enjoy, it may even become the hub of activity, especially during the festive season. As a result, you will always want it to feel welcoming, and comfortable and maybe even showcase a little of who you are. 

A vibrant rug may complement the rest of the furnishings, upholstered chairs may help create a relaxed, laid-back vibe, and crockery and cutlery that matches the wall colours and theme of the room could really make a statement. In fact, the possibilities are endless, and each comes with relatively little expense. Especially when you consider a dining room full refurb is thought to cost an average of £15,000!

Use whites to make your room look bigger, use dark colours to create more of a dramatic atmosphere and consider rich contrasts for a room full of both depth and intrigue. You could even look at using two colour schemes, this way one area, in particular, becomes a focal point and the others blend in around it. Think of white for the majority of walls and then pink splitting the white where you may position your dining table and chairs. You’ll be surprised how much difference it can make!

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