Reliable Kitchen Flooring

Collaborative post by another author. The kitchen is the perfect model for an option of luxury vinyl flooring. Many of the situations that a kitchen faces on a daily basis are extremely tough on flooring. Distinctive flooring can withstand even the toughest of kitchen challenges.

Vinyl flooring from Floorbay in Distinctive style

Clean Ups

People generally use the kitchen not just for cooking and preparing meals but also to socialise as a family. Risks to the floor come in the form of: sauces and liquids, dirty footprints and spillage or dropping of food on the floor.

Other types of flooring may have a lasting stains after multiple clean-up attempts. Vinyl planks and tiles offer an easy-to-clean design with the added satisfaction of stain resistance. A simple warm soapy sponge is required in most cases and leaves no trace of any discolouration after the cleanup.

It's not just your flooring that will last longer, often dropped plates can land without chipping when dropped onto vinyl flooring, meaning you won’t replace tiles or crockery sets as often.


All vinyl flooring, such as grey herringbone vinyl flooring, have scratch guard technologies, ensuring that on occasions when the floor is going to be put to the challenge you don't need to cover it up. 

From the family pets running across the floor to the garden to the installation of new kitchen appliances, your kitchen floor sees a lot on a regular day. Vinyl has an anti-slip layering with a waterproof design, meaning spillages or water from the sink or kitchen appliances will not seep through and cause water damage.

A kitchen with grey vinyl flooring. Image used with permission of Floorbay


Not only is the vinyl easy to install, but due to the design it is easy to replace tiles as well.  Over time it is possible some areas might become damaged eg if you are moving a washing machine or fridge, but that doesn't mean you have to replace the whole rooms floor. 

Thankfully it is relatively ease to replace any tile or planks cheaply and easily. With quick and easy installation, you also save money on employing professionals to work on the flooring, and if someone in the house loves a project to get their creative minds to work, it's an extra benefit.


With the endless supply of options available within the Distinctive vinyl flooring range, you can be as creative as you want with your floor and at a glance visitors wont be able to spot that it's not stone or wood. 

If you love the look of a wooden floor, you can choose a vinyl flooring anywhere from light wood to dark. If you prefer the look of stone or marble floor, you can have it looking just how you envision it, but with vinyl instead.

For a solution in your house that provides a lot of care for your family, a floor solution that provides a secure and sustainable life without constant attention consider luxury vinyl flooring.

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