Can You Really Wear One Coat For All Seasons?

AD British weather can be challenging. We definitely get the full range of seasons and sometimes that’s just in one day. In Autumn you might need to be wrapped up warm to leave the house in the morning and by lunchtime you need a sunhat. This makes it challenging to buy an all season coat because you need something to keep you warm when it’s really cold and something to keep a mild chill at bay without getting too hot. You need a coat to keep you dry when it is snowing or there is freezing rain, but also a coat to keep you dry in those spring and summer showers when it’s warm. Of course you could have a whole wardrobe full of coats, but a more practical solution are women's winter coats that can be worn all year round, whatever the season. The clever 3-in-1 coats from Lands’ End make that possible. 

A woman and child wearing blue and turquoise all weather coats in woodland
All ready for adventure whatever the weather

Lands' End 3-in-1 Coat Review

I have been trying out a women’s 3-in-1 jacket and my daughter got a similar style too. Not only are they really practical, but there are lots of little touches that make you realise a lot of thought goes into the Lands’ End design process

Lands’ End currently have 3 styles of 3-in-1 coat: there is the Men’s PrimaLoft® 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket, the Women’s PrimaLoft® 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket (the main difference between the 2 is the women’s is a longer length) and the Kid’s Squall 3-in-1 waterproof coat.  Each style has a waterproof rain jacket outer layer with an inner layer of an insulated jacket. Worn together they make a great winter coat, but you can also wear either layer on its own so you also get a lighter weight rain jacket or a cozy between seasons jacket. 

A mum changing a child's jacket from a winter one to a lighter weight one by unzipping it
It's easy to separate the coats layers and transform them into lighter options

A mum and daughter wearing matching light jackets in the forest
The water resistant jackets that form the inner layer of the 3-in-1 coats

What I love Most About the Lands’ End 3-in-1 Coats

  • You only need one coat whatever the season.
  • The inner layer can be easily machine washed without needing to wash the whole thing.
  • The adult coats use PrimaLoft Eco insulation which is made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • There is lovely attention to detail like the super soft material on the neckline of the women’s jacket that is also used to line the pockets of both the inner and outer coats. This resulted in an “ooooh!” when I first put my hand in my pockets.
  • The women’s coat comes to roughly mid thigh which stops you getting a cold bottom and also means you can sit down happily on a damp bench at the playground. 
  • The women’s coat comes in sizes 8 to 30 with 3 different lengths available. This means you can get a good length whether you are a size 14, but on the short side or a taller size 8.

A mum holding her daughter's hand while she walks along a fallen tree trunk in the forest
The durable coats are easy to clean and perfect for days out

Women’s PrimaLoft® 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket Review

The women's 3-in-1 coat comes in a range of colours. I chose the Baltic Teal/ Teal Shadow option and when both jackets are zipped together it all looks one colour, a gorgeous petrolly blue. However the outside of the inner jacket is a lighter teal colour so when worn alone it creates a totally different look.

The jackets are attached together by a loop that goes through another loop and closes with a push button at the end of each sleeve and at the back of the neck as well as zipped together along the front. The zip is slightly hidden away so you can’t see it without looking for it and the hooks where the buttons attach are subtle so won’t look strange when you are just wearing the inner jacket.

Whichever way you wear the jacket you have access to 2 pockets: there are 2 on the outside of the outer layer of the coat and 2 on the outside of the inner layer of the coat. I find this helpful as more pockets generally means it takes longer to find my keys. All the pockets are lined with a soft fake fur type material (Lands’ End call it ‘softest fleece’) and close with a zip. 

The hood is a good depth which keeps the worst of the water off my glasses in the rain and you can also tighten the front with elastic to help keep it up in the wind.

The jackets combine so no one would notice they aren’t just one coat, but both layers also work as stand alone coats really well too. I have tried some multi layer coats before where the inner layer isn’t really a proper jacket, but these are. As mentioned above you have proper pockets in both layers, but they also both have labels including washing instructions and coat hooks. 

Me smiling at the camera in the Land's End 3-in-1 coat enjoying having my hands in super soft lined pockets
There are so many great design features in this coat like the super soft pockets

Kid’s Squall 3-in-1 Waterproof Coat Review

The kid’s 3-in-1 coat is clearly designed to appeal to both girls and boys. It is a shorter length than the women’s coat so it won’t slow children down, but it is still long enough to cover their bum. I chose a slightly larger size for my daughter as she like baggy clothes, but she has plenty of room in it so I know it will last her ages. I discovered it has a handy “Grow-a-longs” feature too: in the outer coat sleeves you can undo a bright coloured thread on the inside and extend the sleeves by about an inch. Considering how quickly children grow this is a really clever feature for kid's coats. The coat is also adjustable for a better fit with rip-grip (ie velcro) tighteners on the ends of the sleeves and the back of the hood and you can tighten the waist of the inner jacket.

The outer layer of the children's coat has some insulation (unlike the women’s coat) which will make it less suitable for summer showers, but to be honest I prefer to take a stuff in a bag type waterproof for my children in those conditions because as soon as the rain stops they take off their rain jacket and throw it at me so I want to fold it down as small as possible. However the padding in both layers makes the coat even warmer so great for running around in the playground even in the middle of winter. 

As I am coming to expect from a Lands' End Jacket there are lots of thoughtful details in the kid's coat. The coat hooks, for instance, are chunkier than on the adult coats, and having had many ripped off coats over the years as they are yanked off pegs this is well thought out. There are also name labels on both layers to help stop them getting lost at school and small reflective strips at the ends of the sleeves and the back of the hood to keep children safer in the dark.

There are 3 coat pockets on the outer coat, 2 on the inner one. All the outer jacket pockets (which is two at the waist and one at chest level) close with velcro and they are lined with fleece. It's not as soft as the pockets in my coat, but probably more sensible for carrying around those random acorns, stones and feathers they invariably find on adventures. Thankfully all of the coat is machine washable, but I have found it is really easy to wipe mud off the waterproof outer jacket with a damp cloth because of course my daughter ended up sitting on a muddy forest floor the first time she wore it. 

Sitting on the edge of a shallow stream
Testing the waterproof outer layer

Showing the flexiability of the 3 in 1 coat by wearing it unzipped up
The inner layer can be worn attached to the outer layer or zipped up separately

I’m not really a fan of the colder wetter weather ahead, but at least I know we will be staying as dry and warm as possible when out and about.

Two people walking on a path away from the camera wearing blueish and greenish coats
Long enough to keep you warm and dry where ever you go

*I am wearing the Lands' End Women's PrimaLoft® 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket in Baltic Teal/Teal Shadow size Regular UK 14/16. Little is wearing the Kid’s Squall 3-in-1 Waterproof Coat in Island Emerald size age 8-9. These are our normal sizes so I would say the clothes are true to size*

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