The Little Things That Make A Big Difference

AD As I get older I have become increasingly convinced that it is the little things that are most important to me. I don’t want big changes in my life, I like things as they are and I think it’s taking time to notice the little things that makes me value my life more. I have found that slowing down and appreciating the details makes me calmer, more content and happier. 

Close up of a neckline with a yellow and clear cubic zirconia sparkling necklace complemented by a yellow bunch of flowers
Appreciating the details makes me feel happier about life

I normally find the school holidays exhausting. Having the children will be all the time can be a little overwhelming. I like to have time to myself and find the constant noise, mess and chaos frustrating. We had a good summer though because we were able to slow down and appreciate moments that are often too rushed. An important action for me was to try to do less and to appreciate the moments I could recharge. Taking 5 minutes to get away to drink a hot cup of tea made all the difference to my mental state. Whether I was sitting in the sunshine or hiding in my room I took the time to be in the moment, avoiding mindless scrolling, but enjoying the calm around me.

As my children get older and more independent they want to spend less time with me. We don’t want to live in each others pockets, but I want them to know they are loved and feel that they love me in return. Every time my daughters come to me for a hug I make sure I fully focus on it and appreciate how special they are. I let them break away first and don’t make them feel rushed. On the first day back to school when the bell rang and it was time to go in, my middle daughter ran over from her friends and gave me a big hug before heading to class. It was just a brief moment, but one that I treasure.

A white jewellery box with CARAT* London written on it and a black ribbon
Wearing jewellery again makes me happy

For years the only jewellery I wore were rings because I found necklaces and earrings would get pulled by curious babies and toddlers. A few sore ears and a broken chains I gave up. Recently I have embraced my love of jewellery again and started to wear necklaces again. After years of having a bare neck I love how they feel and how it looks when I catch my reflection. They might be only a small part of my outfit, but they make a big difference about how I feel and the Gwen necklace from CARAT* LONDON is one of my current favourites.

A close up photo of a yellow rose with the Gwen pendent resting on the centre of the rose
Close up view of the details on the Gwen pendent from CARAT* LONDON

With a light yellow centre stone round surrounded by a ring of delicate clear cubic zirconia stones the pendant sparkles on the sterling silver chain. The setting is designed to be raised slightly off the skin allowing more light into the stones which creates extra sparkles.

The necklace is 42cm long, but it is adjustable so you can choose to have it 3 different lengths making it a great choice for whatever neckline you are wearing. I love this as it can accentuate a V neck or complement a scoop neckline. At the end of the chain there is a silver droplet which ensures the pendant can’t slide off the end.

A necklace with adjustable length closures
The chain can be adjusted to sit at 3 different lengths

The necklace arrive beautifully presented in a white box wrapped in a ribbon. The inlay in the box allows for easy storage without worrying about the chain getting tangled.

Now I am loving wearing necklaces again I am wondering what other jewellery to try, maybe a few more stacking rings or a tennis bracelet. Which jewellery do you find easiest to wear but brings you most happiness? 

Disclosure: I received the Gwen Light Yellow Necklace in silver for review.

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