The Importance Of A "Parental Sanctuary"

Post by another author. You may have heard of the infamous “man-cave,” a place where Dad's often nest with a range of their own hobbies and interests to look after. They might escape to that area whenever they have the chance, and in some cases having dominion over your own spaces can be helpful to a well-maintained marriage.

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For example, the man cave may involve a toolshed, a garden shed replete with gardening tools, or even a model train village in the basement. Sure, some of these options can seem a little quaint, but provided you have a space for your own hobbies is important too.

This can be helpful, especially if you have children. That’s not to say you’re hjiding away from them, only it’s nice to have a place you can spend half an hour when you have the room to do so, and focus on something else for a while. This might involve a reading corner or a knitting space, or whatever other hobby and craft you enjoy taking part in.

Let’s consider a few examples of what a parental sanctuary might look like, then, even for the busiest families:

Sanctuary In Routine

A sanctuary doesn’t have to be a place you escape to. It can be a form of routine that helps you feel supported and healthy. Having time to explore your local park each morning, perhaps with your dog, or perhaps on your Blunt Envy, can give you that sense of natural relaxation you’re looking for, help you get fresh air, and lead to a reward of a sit-down black coffee with a paperback every other morning. Little pick-me-ups like this can be nourishing to your spirit.

Sanctuary In Meditation

It’s always good to find sanctuary in meditation, especially when that gives us the chance to relax into ourselves in the best possible way. Too often we need to look “out there” as a parent, watching for threats, concerns, or difficulties, making sure everything has been attended to, and focusing on our parental duties. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with this, only it can be dizzying after a while, and we might wonder just why we burned out. When you can enjoy sanctuary in meditation, such as following a vipassana program, all of that intense effort can melt away and become a practice you enjoy.

Sanctuary In Sharing

It can be nice to have someone to share your innermost thoughts and needs with. For example, parents may sometimes feel exasperated by children that are a little boisterous, and if they need some support, being unafraid to call on their partner, relative or friend to share their difficulties with can be helpful. Taking refuge doesn’t always mean self-care, but getting the help you should feel unafraid to ask for. In this case, you can relax more readily, and know that if you need it, the break is there for you to enjoy.

With this advice, you’re sure to see the importance of your wonderful, and necessary, parental sanctuary.

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