New STYLPRO Beauty Products Launch Review

If you aren’t familiar with STYLPRO yet you soon will be. CEO Tom Pellereau won the Apprentice in 2011 and received an investment from Lord Alan Sugar to help bring Tom’s inventions to the market under the name STYLIDEAS. STYLPRO has a range of beauty tools and handy products that will help you look and feel your best self whether you want to reduce fine lines, soothe period pain or apply your make up to perfection.

With perfect timing to get on to your Christmas list 11 new STYLPRO products have just launched and I was invited along to check them out. So what are they and what are my favourites? 

Drawings of the new products from STYLPRO
What's new from STYLPRO?

New STYLPRO Beauty Products Round Up

STYLPRO Red LED Light Therapy

If you want to improve your skin without using a bottle of something you have to refill every month then Red LED Light Therapy is worth checking out. There are 3 products in the launch that use this technology which stimulates the cells in skin to work more efficiently at repairing skin, boosting new cell growth and enhancing skin rejuvenation.

Pure Red LED Light Therapy Facial Device £99.99

This portable red light wand has more red LED lights than previous products (625nm) and Infrared lights (850nm) to help paid penetration making this device closer to salon quality. With a rechargeable battery and wireless design you can easily use it to target problem areas on your face. The lights only turn on when you apply the smooth head of the device on your skin and it has an inbuilt timer to help you keep track of how long you use it for. 

I haven’t tried Red LED Light Therapy before, although I have tried plenty of other methods to try and boost collagen production in my skin like collagen supplements and serums. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests it can be effective so it's definitely something I want to try. 

STYLPRO Pure Red LED Light Therapy Facial Device next to the box and a short description
STYLPRO Pure Red LED Light Therapy Facial Device

Next there are two products designed to target the eye area reducing bags and fine lines. Both designs allow you to get on with your day as you let them do their thing which is great if you aren’t someone who can just lie back and relax.

Spec-tacular EMS & RED Led Under Eye Glasses £39.99

This wearable product targets sagging skin and wrinkles under the eyes using a combination of red LED light therapy and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). There are different intensity settings and vibration modes to ensure your comfort level. It is advised that you apply your favourite serum under your eye before wearing the device as it is less effective on dry skin. I like that they don’t recommend a specific product so you can use it with whatever you already have. 

STYLPRO Spec-tacular EMS & RED Led Under Eye Glasses next to packaging and short description
STYLPRO Spec-tacular EMS & RED Led Under Eye Glasses

Radiant Eyes Red LED Goggles £44.99

Another wearable product these goggles work around your eye area to target fine lines and wrinkles with red LED light. There is an automatic shut off after 10 minutes so if you choose to lie back and relax while it works it’s magic you don’t need to worry if you fall asleep. 

STYLPRO Radiant Eyes Red LED Goggles next to box and short description
STYLPRO Radiant Eyes Red LED Goggles 

New STYLPRO Light Up Mirrors

There are four new mirrors launched in this collection, all of which have a ring of light around the outside to help ensure you can blend that contour to perfection. Like most of the other new STYLPRO electronic devices they charge vis USB cable. 

Flip 'n' Charge Power Bank LED Mirror £29.99

This clever compact light will soon become an essential in your handbag. Pop it open and the light around the mirror automatically comes on. If you don’t need the light you can turn it off at the tap of a button too. The other side of the compact has a magnifying mirror offering 3 times magnification if you want to see your skin close up. It’s not just a mirror though it's a portable phone charger too. Storing 5000mh that’s enough to get your phone back to full battery when you are out all day.  It comes with a protective bag to keep it looking great. 

STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge Power Bank LED Mirror next to packaging and short description
STYLPRO Flip 'n' Charge Power Bank LED Mirror

Twirl Me Up Handheld Mirror £14.99

The ring of light on this handheld mirror automatically comes on when you twist it out of the handle and it comes with a protective bag. I love the feel off twisting the mirror out and the light popping on, but this is my least favourite item in the new launch because it’s too small for me to want to use it at home and I don’t think it has enough protection to survive my handbag. It’s a good price for a light up mirror and would suit those who have more organised handbags. 

STYLPRO Twirl Me Up Handheld Mirror next to packaging and description
STYLPRO Twirl Me Up Handheld Mirror 

On Tour Travel Mirror £25

While a few people at the launch confused this mirror for an iPad mini this is a great size mirror for using at home or for travel (205mm x 138mm). It’s big enough you can see your whole face, but not so large you will worry about finding room in your overnight bag. The light runs around the edge of the mirror and it has 3 different settings which are easy to switch between using the touchscreen button on the front. The case is a lovely design which allows you to have the mirror at your preferred angle and even swivel between landscape and portrait. It charges with the enclosed USB-C cable.

STYLPRO On Tour Travel Mirror next to packaging and description
STYLPRO On Tour Travel Mirror

Melody Rechargeable Bluetooth Mirror £45.99

Stylpro’s bluetooth Music Mirror has been given a complete makeover and I love this new version. The smaller design will fit easily onto busy dressing tables and the ring of light on the round mirror provides a simple understated look. You can control the light and change between 3 tones by gently tapping on the control at the front of the mirror. 

The mirror can be tilted to different angles making it easy to apply your make up whichever surface you have it on. The cleverly designed base doubles up as a trinket dish with its curved edges so you don’t need to worry about your earrings rolling away. An extra feature of this mirror is its bluetooth functionality and built in speaker which is positioned unobtrusively behind the mirror.  The speaker means you can easily listen to music while making yourself more beautiful.

STYLPRO Melody Rechargeable Bluetooth Mirror next to a short description
STYLPRO Melody Rechargeable Bluetooth Mirror

Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother £34.99

This is another item which has been added straight to my wish list. If you find yourself crawling out of bed for a hot water bottle or heat pad with bad stomach cramps then you will want to check out this rechargeable heat pad. The STYLPRO Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother has adjustable heat and vibration buttons to help soothe away pain while the adjustable waist band and sleek design mean you can wear it while on the go. It will also work well if you have localised pelvic or lower back pain.
It is advised you wear it over a layer of thin (non-synthetic) clothing rather than next to bare skin.

STYLPRO Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother next to packaging and short description
STYLPRO Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother

New STYLPRO Brush Cleaner Set £34.99

The STYLPRO brush cleaner is probably their most famous product thanks to the TikTok appeal of transforming a dirty make up brush to a clean dry one super fast. This launch sees the cleaner transformed to a rose gold colour. It comes in a gift set with a 250ml STYLPRO vegan cleanser, 8 silicone collars for different size brushes, a natural cotton storage bag and smarter packaging with reduced plastic. The device requires 2 x AAA batteries (handily included). 

New STYLPRO Brush Cleaner Set
Clean your make up brushes super fast with the STYLPRO Brush cleaner set

Black & Silver Beauty Fridge £54.99

A dedicated beauty fridge is a great way to keep your favourite beauty products in good condition without having to store them next to the mayonnaise and ketchup. Using chilled products can help to tighten pores and depuff skin (try it with your eye cream). It also helps them to last longer by keeping bacteria at bay. The STYLPRO 4l white beauty fridge is a popular item and it now comes in black and silver with a range of stickers to personalise it. It also warm products if your prefer. This model is exclusive to Argos.

Sustainable Beauty Gift Set £20

This gift set brings together existing STYLPRO reusable products and presents them in a cotton bag which makes a perfect gift. The set includes a bamboo face cloth, a wash mitt, a bath sponge, 4 make up remover pads, a headband and a small laundry bag. 

STYLPRO Sustainable Beauty Gift Set with face cloths, sponge, mitt and more
STYLPRO Sustainable Beauty Gift Set

Overall I think this is a great launch of new beauty products. A lot of thought has gone into the designs from the feel of the materials right through to the packaging. The items look and feel better quality than some of the older collections and while this may be reflected in the pricing I welcome the improvements. 

*Prices featured are current RRP. As well as purchasing on the STYPRO website you can buy from Amazon (affiliate link), Tesco, Boots, Argos, Superdrug and more. Some of the new products are available now, others require preordering for delivery in October*

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