Explore Ancient Egypt with Kids

Collaborative post by Andrea. Egypt stands as one of the oldest nations and civilisations in the world. The North African nation is home to rich artefacts, cultural heritage, and famous places. Familiarising your kids with this nation's history and heritage is the right step in enhancing their inquisitive skills. This is particularly important for budding explorers and kids interested in archaeology. 

Thankfully, the United Kingdom is blessed with some museums, with almost replicas of the items in the Egyptian museum in Cairo. If you have an Egypt e visa, you can travel to the country to have a first-hand experience of famous places and cultural items. Otherwise, visiting these locations with your kids can suffice. Keep reading to learn more about how to explore the ancient country with kids. 

a child looking at an ancient Egyptian mummy in a London museum
Learning about Mummies and Ancient Eqypt

Where Can You Explore Egypt With Kids?

Here are some museums with outstanding Egyptian collections.

British Museum, London

The British Museum is home to artefacts and collections of all kinds. However, you'll hardly find any other place in London with as robust interest in Egyptology than this place. From the Rosetta Stone to mummies and sculptures, it's hallways are filled with all you need to know about the North African country's ancient civilisation. Thankfully, the museum's administrators have a robust tour package for kids that spans approximately three hours. 

The tour aims to familiarise the kids with certain events like the rise and fall of pharaohs, artefacts like mummies, and objects like sculptures. Walking within the museum is almost as good as walking around the Great Pyramid. There's provision for lunch and snacks as your kids are fully engaged in various trivia and lessons about the country. 

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

This place was recently transformed to showcase the rich history of Egypt and East Asia. They have a special gallery showing unique objects and stories from the North African nation. It's a great place to rediscover some long-forgotten parts of Egyptian culture and history. They have a curiosity club founded mainly for children interested in archaeology and history. 

Horniman Museum, London

This is another important place to visit with kids who are interested in Egyptology. The Horniman Museum is particularly rich in exhibits like ornaments. sarcophagi, and some mummies. They also have iconic objects that are known to Egyptian people. Their collection is not as vast as the British or Scottish museums but it is an excellent place with a unique connection to ancient Egypt. 

The Petrie Museum, London 

This university museum for Egyptian archaeology is home to more than seventy thousand collections. It's a great place for kids who are interested in history, particularly those connected to the North African nation. They hold periodic programs on Egyptian history for children with an emphasis on their rich collections of mummies, potteries, and iconic objects. 

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