What To Buy For A 10 Year Old Girl (Great Gifts Under £20)

AD It can be a challenge to find the perfect present for a 10 year old. They are starting to have a strong idea of who they are and often have specific interests, but these might change regularly. Too regularly to be worth risking a themed present. It’s also an age where they are heavily influenced by what their peers like. They still want to have fun, but they might feel toys are too babyish for them and you don’t want to risk hearing “you don’t understand me”. Luckily whatever age child you are buying Wicked Uncle have tried and tested present ideas to help, check out their great gift ideas for 10 year old girls here. 

With a 10 year old you want to recognise their growing knowledge and interests. Give gifts that encourage thinking and new skills. If you know for definite that they are interested in a particular thing then go for it, but you don’t want to risk buying a toy that they used to be interested in, but now aren’t. You want the sort of present they pick up and think “ooo what’s this? This looks cool”.

Great Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls (under £20)

I’ve browsed Wicked Uncle and these are my top recommendations for gifts for 10 year olds that are all under £20. The best bit about all the presents I have chosen is that if they don’t get fully appreciated by the child you buy it for then adults will enjoy them too because they are all great fun. 

A selection of presents from the Wicked Uncle website that are great for Christmas presents for 10 year olds as described in the post
Buying great gifts for any age is easy with Wicked Uncle

Best Gift For Encouraging Focus

Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks (Marvin's Magic Tricks)

If you enjoy magic tricks and don’t want to know how they are done do not read the book that comes with this set. It's great for anyone that wants to know the secrets though. The compact tin contains everything you need to learn 50 magic tricks, just add in some practise and pizzazz. The thing about these tricks is that they aren’t hard to learn, but they do require lots of practice and good observation skills to pull off effectively.  The set contains tricks with cards, a dice and more. It will develop presentation skills and encourage children to really focus to learn tricks they can wow their friends with. 

A tin containing 50 Amazing Magic Tricks for children to learn and perform
A magical present that they will conjure up a smile

Best Gift For The Child Who Has Energy To Burn

Exercise Dice (Phoenix Fitness)

Some children love to be constantly on the go and these exercise dice are a fun way to direct their energy. On one dice there are exercises (like star jumps or squats) and on the other is how long to do them for (going up to 90 seconds or 30 reps). Roll them together and get a challenge to complete. These are a great way for adults to add some fun into their workouts too.

foam orange exercise dice, one with reps on and one with exercises
Show you can exercise great choice with this gift

Best Gift For Really Challenging Their Brain

Puzzle A Day (Professor Puzzle)

This gift will give their brain a daily work out with 365 puzzles to solve. Every day take a different card from the stack and complete puzzles including sudoko, wordsearch and mindsweeper. These challenges aren’t easy, in fact they are recommended for age 12 plus and even adults will find they give their brain a work out, this makes a great way to stretch their thinking and get them processing in new ways. They mostly don’t require amazing maths or English skills, rather they need to use trial and error and logic to get to the solution. Answers are on the back of each card and there are instructions included too. 

Short attention spans and lots to do means a book of puzzles might end up growing dusty on the bookshelf after an initial browse, but a puzzle a day does exactly what is says on the tin. It’s a short activity that will get them thinking. Think of it a bit like an advent calendar.

A small box with 365 pieces of card in with puzzles on
Give them a gift every day for a whole year with this Puzzle A Day

Best Gift For The Child Who Gets Bored Easily

Pac-Man Handheld Classic Game (Bandai) 

If you have a child that quickly gets bored while waiting around then a handheld game keyring is a good option. You can choose from Pac-Man or Tetris, but I chose Pac-Man because it appeals more to my children. It’s pocket size so you can take it out with you, the games are simple to learn, yet addictive and they have passed the test of time. They’ll be no more complaining about waits or delays.

A handheld Pac-man game in a box
Get them running away from the ghosts with this classic game

Best Gift For Readers

Book Light (Blocky)

A book is an obvious choice for book worms, but if they love reading then a book light gives them the opportunity to read after lights out. It also means they can read in the car on long journeys and without disturbing those around them. Avoiding having a big light on means that they can read without eye strain, but still have a dark room which will help them get closer to sleeping. I also like that it’s a subtle message that you are saying they are old enough to stay up reading if they want to, giving  a nod to their growing maturity. 

Booky Book Light that clips on to a book and shines on the page
Shine a light on their words with this gift

Best Gift For Fidgeters

IQ Love Puzzle (Smart Games)

This is a great one player puzzle game for children who love to keep their hands active. There are ten bright coloured translucent pieces that fit together to make a heart shape. While you can challenge yourself to put them all back in there are actually 120 different challenges listed in the enclosed booklet, with different levels of difficulty. The pieces fit into the game boards in lots of different ways so if you use the booklet to set up an initial placement you can attempt to complete the shape. Answers are at the back of the booklet if help is needed. There is a rectangular game board on the back as well as the heart shaped one to add some variety. I like that it comes nicely presented in a case so you are less likely to lose any pieces, the challenge booklet fits in the case too. 

Smart Games have a number of IQ challenge games, but the Love version appealed to all my children most when they got to test them out.

Smart Games IQ Love puzzle in box
This makes a lovely gift

Why Wicked Uncle?

You may be familiar with the Wicked Uncle website, but did you know they are a family run business? Each item on the website is carefully chosen and tested to make sure it’s a great gift. If you choose to have a gift wrapped and sent straight to the recipient the gift is wrapped by hand and they hand write the cards too, taking that little bit extra care to bring joy to a child’s face, while making it really easy for you. They don’t just care about making sure you give the perfect present either, they want everyone who works for them to be happy too with a big focus on worker welfare.

If you need more tips on how to choose the perfect present for children read this post. 

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