Settling into a New Home: Practical Steps for the First Week

Collaborative post by Andrea. Moving into a new house is an exciting chapter in life, offering a fresh start and new opportunities. However, the initial week in a new residence can set the tone for your living experience. In this guide, we'll take you through practical steps to ensure a smooth transition during the crucial first week, focusing on key aspects that contribute to settling into your new home seamlessly.

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Practical tips for the first week in your new home

Schedule cleaning

You don't want to move into a dirty house so it's worth planning a clean of the property for when you move in.  In a rental home it should be cleaned by the landlords before you move in, but if you are buying a home it often needs a thorough clean before you unpack. You might want to hire cleaners to do the job, but if you have family or friends to help out it could be fun too. Prioritise the bathroom and kitchen as they can often be in the worst state. It's worth leaving the floors until last as they are likely to get dirty again as removers come and go bringing in all your belongings. 

Prioritise repairs

Start fixing anything that needs urgent repair. Prioritising repairs is important. After all, you don't want to start moving items around again because you need to fix the floor, doors, or any other item. You may not want to deep clean the areas where you need to fix some items until the repairs are done.

Unbox your items

When you have cleaned a section of the house, it's time to remove your items from the shipping boxes. Movers always advise that you carefully protect valuable items in shipping boxes. Also, unpack a few of your clothing and other items you will need in the first three days. Don't remove all the items from the box until you are sure you have cleaned everything as it will take longer. 

Check the locks on the door

Even if your new neighbourhood is among the safest, you need to check all the locks on the doors. Ensure that the locks are working and not broken. Security is very important, and your doors are the main point of entry into your house. It is recommended that you should change your locks when you move in to a new property incase previous owners haven't handed over all the keys. 

Check your Gas, Electricity and Water Supplies

Check your heating, electricity and water systems and ensure they are working optimally. If they aren't working get a professional to fix it. Depending on the problem and time of year if the issue can't be fixed quickly spending the night in the new house may not be ideal. 

Meet your neighbours

You can decide to meet your neighbours on arrival or after you have settled in. If it's a friendly neighbourhood, as soon as you start offloading your property from the car or van, your new neighbours will probably say hello. It's always worth taking the time to introduce yourself and be friendly because a good neighbour are worth their weight in gold.


Moving to a new house can be less stressful if you do it the right way. Plan what you need to do and work through in order so you can focus on unpacking your items and getting them in the best place for you. 

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