Review: Oxygen Romford Trampoline Park

The newest trampoline park to hit Essex is Oxygen Active Play Romford. It is part of the Oxygen chain of trampoline parks which also has sites in Rayleigh, London's O2 and other locations. The Romford park, in Harold Hill just to the east of Romford, takes over the old Jump Evolution site. It has been transformed with a complete makeover and new activities. We were invited to their launch event to check it all out. (PR Event).

The outside of Oxygen Romford in the dark
Oxygen Romford opened officially opened on 22nd December 2023

Visiting Oxygen Freejumping Romford

Why Oxygen Romford is a good place to visit with children

  • It’s inside so a great choice for cold, wet or super hot days.
  • Children can exhaust themselves in the trampolining areas while parents can spectate from the viewing area with a clear view.
  • There is plenty of seating on the viewing area as well as a smaller area next to the soft play
  • Younger siblings can be entertained in the soft play while older ones jump.
  • There are plenty of free lockers so you can store your shoes, coats etc safely out of the way.

View towards the cafe area from the trampoline area
There is a good view of the park from the raised cafe area

What Is There To Do At Oxygen Romford?


This is a trampoline park that focuses on the jumping with 60 interconnected trampolines. Also included in a Freejumping session is access to the battle beam (you balance on a beam and try to knock your opponent off), a trapeze you use to fly through the air and a steep short slide that finishes in mid air so you go flying down to a mat.  

The large area of interconnected trampolines at Oxygen Freejumping Romford
There is a large area of interconnected trampolines

The giant slide and trapeze with a big landing mat and the climbing area in the background
The giant slide and trapeze

View across the trampolining area from the raised cafe seating area
View of the trampoline park from one side of the cafe


You can book to add climbing on to your jump session. It is a small climbing area with 5 different types of wall that is sectioned off in the jumping area. Despite only having a few walls there are a good range for all levels, with a simple net design that requires more confidence than skill and some much more challenging climbs. My eldest’s favourite were 2 identical climbing walls which have a timer so you can race against a friend or yourself to see how quickly you can climb to the top.

You need closed shoes and long hair tied back in order to climb.

Climbing walls at Oxygen trampoline park Romford
Climbing can be booked individually or added to a freejumping session

Soft play

The soft play is for under 5s only. It is a small play frame, but well designed with a ball pit, building blocks and slide.  The soft play is tucked away in the corner and it’s nice that there is a seating area next to it. This is a great addition if you have have a children across a wider age range. It means younger siblings can be safely entertained while older siblings jump. They also run Sensory Play sessions for toddlers (under 5s) in the mornings where younger ones can explore the trampolines too. If I still had preschool age children I think I would be a regular visitor to this.

The seating area with tables next to the soft play
The soft play has a seating area next to it and stairs up to the cafe

a small soft play frame for toddlers and preschoolers at the Romford trampoline park
The soft play for under 5s has a slide, ball pit and 2 levels

What Age Children Will Enjoy Oxygen?

The main jump sessions are for children age 5 and over, although the morning sensory play sessions sound like they could be really good if you have children under 5. Children through to adults can use the trampoline and climbing wall section, but unless they have a big interest in jumping I think many teenagers would get bored, preferring a park with more of a range of activities. 

Is it suitable for pushchairs?

There is a small buggy park area next to the soft play so they are ok to bring in if needed. There is also a small lift that can be used to get to the upstairs seating area.

What You Need To Know Before Visiting Oxygen Romford

  • Parking has always been a challenge at this venue. I share more details below, but if going at a peak time and public transport is an option then definitely consider it.
  • Make sure you arrive in plenty of time for your session. In peak times it can take a while to check in, get your wristbands and get ready to jump. They recommend arriving 20 minutes before, although at quieter times and if you have been before you wont need so long.
  • You are only allowed in the activity area if you have a wristband and jump socks, this means that as an adult you have to pay if you want (or need) to supervise your children within touching distance. Under 5’s need to have an adult with them at all times, but children over 5 can be supervised from the cafe area. If going trampolining for the first time and you aren’t going with friends or siblings then you will want to pay for you to jump too. 
  • Put your child in bright or easy to spot clothes if you want to be able to see them easily from the cafe area.
  • Everyone who is jumping needs to have an online waiver signed. Adults need to sign them on behalf of under 16s. Once signed they last for a year.
  • Like all trampoline parks you need to wear special grippy socks, but the great news about Oxygen is you don’t have to wear their branded socks so if you already have some from another park you can reuse them.
  • There are toilets and baby changing facilities on the ground floor.
  • There are plenty of lockers which are free to use. They don't require a coin, you just enter a code.

lockers at Oxygen Romford for small bags and shoes
The lockers are free to use, just enter your choice of code twice and they lock

Food and Drink

They ask you not to bring in your own food unless it’s for babies or specific dietary requirements. You can get tap water on request and it says there is a drinking fountain (I didn't notice it so not sure where). 

The timed session you book for is when you are allowed on the jump area so make the most of this and eat after.

The cafĂ© does a great range of food including pizza, burgers, panini, pasta and nachos. They also have snacks including ice cream and churros. Drinks wise they have smoothies, milk shakes, slushies, bubble tea, hot drinks and soft drinks. You can get a Kids Meal Deal including main, 2 sides and a dessert for £6.95 and a toddler lunch box including drink, sandwich and snacks for £4.95.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free choices are marked on the menu, but I don’t know how well they manage cross contamination risks.

The cafe counter in Oxygen Romford
The cafe has a good range of food, snacks and drinks available

The Differences Between Oxygen and Jump Evolution

Anyone who regularly visited Jump Evolution will be interested to know what’s changed beyond the cosmetic level now that it has been refurbished and taken over by Oxygen. The biggest difference is the equipment is totally different. There are no longer any of the inflatables that took up the far end of the hall, my middle daughter missed these, but still had a great time. There are lots of trampolines so if you like jumping there should always be plenty of space. There is also a battle beam, a trapeze you fly from and a slide that ends about a metre off the mat. Where the big trampolines were at the front there is now an air bag which is basically a big soft mat. We saw some girls using it for practicing summersaults and cartwheels which was pretty cool. You also now have a small climbing area (which costs extra) and a soft play for under 5s. 

As for layout it’s pretty similar, but the whole place feels much more open and there are more ways to get on and off the trampolining area. Upstairs in a now larger seating area there is a new concession selling ice cream. Downstairs where the party rooms and exit was has been transformed into an area for parties. These can be sectioned off for smaller parties or combined for bigger ones. Each table has its own throne for the birthday child.

Many of the staff members are the same and they were all really welcoming. I know from previous visits that although the "bouncers" are mostly young they look after the children on the trampolining area really well, making sure everyone behaves and is safe. 

The party areas at Oxygen Romford
There is plenty of space for parties in the new layout and the birthday child gets to sit on a clear plastic throne!

Is it dog friendly?

No. I assume assistance dogs would be allowed, but it is not an environment for dogs.

What to take with you when visiting?

You don’t need to bring anything with you, but it is recommended anyone jumping wears comfortable clothes that will keep them cool. Shorts and short sleeves are fine, although I have seen people get burns from trampoline parks in the past so it might be worth covering arms up. 

If climbing long hair needs to be tied back and you need close toed shoes.

How To Get To Oxygen Romford and Where To Park


Spilsby Road, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex RM3 8SB

The car park is small. You should be ok if going to an early session, but at peak times you will be lucky to get a space. In the past there have been arrangements with a near by business but this hasn’t been formally confirmed at yet. Much of the street parking in the area is restricted. 

Buses that run nearby are 256, 370, 496, 498 and 86 (but check before travelling), the nearest station is Harold Wood on the Elizabeth Line which is 20 minutes walk away.

What Is There To Do Nearby?

  • Oxygen Romford is about a 10 minute drive to Romford town centre where there are lots of shops, restaurants, bowling and cinema.
  • Bedfords Park with free parking, a playground and deer is about 10 minutes drive away.
  • Weald Country Park with the Stickman trail is about 10 minutes drive away.
  • Rollerbowl at The City Pavilion is about 15 minutes away
  • Moby Dick Adventure Golf is about 15 minutes drive away.

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