Looking After Baby Skin With Baby Dove

From that first moment when I held my newborn daughter in my arms I have wanted to protect her in every way possible. Everything from the hair on her head right down to her tiny toes felt delicate. I instinctively knew she needed special care so as a new mum I bought her baby products from some of the best known brands. It was only after her skin went dry and angry in places I started investigating what was best for her. 6 years later there seem to be lots of brands targeted at little ones and it is more confusing than ever. After spending a morning with my youngest daughter, Baby Dove, Water Babies and a lovely group of bloggers I have learnt a lot more about baby skin and how the Baby Dove range is developed to look after it perfectly.

A baby in the shower having her hair washed
Photograph by Lunette Opperman Photography

The Baby Dove range was launched last year after many years in development. All their products are great for baby skin, but they also have sensitive versions of their products for those babies that need their skin to be treated a little more gently. Just like adult skin varies from person to person, baby skin is different too. A few babies may be able to tolerate harsh conditions, but because the top layer of skin in babies is thinner than adults they lose moisture a lot faster so using products specifically tailored to protect and rehydrate their skin is advisable.

A product shot of the Baby Dove range with a vase and flowers in the background
Photograph by Lunette Opperman Photography
At the event we had a yummy brunch before listening to UK Parenting Writer and Broadcaster Liz Fraser talk about how her experiences as a parent have changed from the early days with her eldest 20 years ago to now with her latest addition to the family. She explained that all skin is different and how we now know a lot more than we used too. One of the times little one’s skin needs extra care is when going swimming because the strong chemicals in the water are great for killing off the nasties, but they aren’t so great for skin. Even as an adult my skin feels dry and itchy after going swimming if I forget to bring body lotion with me.

My toddler looking at the camera while I watch her
Photograph by Lunette Opperman Photography
To help look after baby skin when swimming Baby Dove recommend you shower in non chlorinated water then moisturise before going in the pool. Wet skin is less absorbent than dry and a mild moisturising lotion like Baby Dove forms a protective barrier between the babies skin and the water.

After swimming you need to wash off the pool water from baby’s body and hair using a gentle shampoo and body wash before drying them with a soft cotton towel. The final step is to apply a moisturising lotion to replace the natural lipids that may have been washed away. Baby Dove lotions were specifically designed to rebuild this moisturising layer. You can read more about Baby Doves tips for baby swimming skincare here.

A friendly lady from Baby Dove R&D team told us some of the science with graphs and diagrams. I listened to her explain how the stratum corneum (the top layer of skin) is 30% thinner in babies, how baby skins loses moisture up to 5 times faster than adult skin and that they have 2 times less natural moisturising factor. I also watched her demonstrate just how gentle the baby bar is compared to soap, but it basically persuaded me that Baby Dove worries about the science so us parents don’t have to.

Me holding Little while she swims with a green and yellow toy fish in a Water Babies class
Photograph by Lunette Opperman Photography
After the talks we were invited to test the Baby Dove products with a Water Babies swimming lesson. Little had a great time splashing around in the pool, playing games and even surfing. Little has been swimming a few times, but she has never had a swimming lesson before. She loved the Water Babies class and the next morning she demanded to go swimming instead of nursery.

A line of toddlers sitting on the edge of the pool with their mums smiling at them
Photograph by Lunette Opperman Photography
After swimming Little enjoyed lathering up the bubbles with the tear free Baby Dove Shampoo and Baby Dove Head to Toe Wash before having a relaxing massage with the Rich Moisture Lotion.

Cuddling Little afterwards her skin was soft and she smelt lovely, not because she smelled of the Baby Dove products, they are all either unfragranced or delicately scented, but because she had the scent of my baby rather than a chlorinated version of her.

Display of baby Dove Baby wipes, head to toe wash, lotion, shampoo, nappy cream and baby bar

The Baby Dove range was launched last year and includes: wipes, baby bar, nappy cream, lotion, head to toe wash and shampoo. The products come in rich moisture and sensitive moisture and all of them are designed to be very gentle.

At bathtime that night Little’s skin and hair was still super soft and I’m looking forward to using the products we were given on both my girls to see how it helps their skin longer term.

***Disclosure: Thank you to Baby Dove for looking after us so brilliantly and Water Babies for the fun swimming lesson. This is a collaborative post***


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