L.O.L Surprise! Pets Series 3 Review

L.O.L Surprise! dolls are possibly the most popular of all the "blind bag" craze that have been taking over childrens' bedrooms and emptying parent wallets for the last few years, they are definitely the one that I have heard most about.  Along with the original L.O.L Surprise! Tots doll (now in series 3 and with added confetti) there is the Big Surprise, which was one of the must have toys for last Christmas, Lil Sisters doll, Charm Fizz, Surprise Tots, Pearl Surprise and Fizz Factory. Last but not least there are the L.O.L Surprise! Pets series which we were sent to review.

A young girl with lots of plastic packaging on front of her on the table

Inside the L.O.L Surprise! Pet (series 3) balls there are 7 surprises. Open the 1st layer to find a secret message and the 2nd for some stickers. You then get to the plastic ball filled with little parcels. Inside the sealed plastic bags you will find a water bottle charm, an accessory, a scooper and a L.O.L Surprise! pet. There is also a litter tray filled with kinetic or modelling sand, if you go digging in it you will find shoes for your pet! 

Close up on the LOL pet litter tray, a dog with a hat and water bottle

That’s not all though: the pet can be given water from the water bottle and it can then be squirted out (by squeezing it’s cheeks), the ball turns into a purse carrying case and if you put your pet in cold water a secret design will be revealed. It’s pretty impressive for such a little ball.

Each pet matches a L.O.L Surprise! doll, but they are great fun to play with on their own. My daughter loves opening the L.O.L Surprise! balls and she has a growing collection to play with. All the characters are fun and they are unlike other characters I have seen.

Close up of the pet in our LOL Surprise pet ball. She has a pink camouflage baseball cap, large hoop earrings and sneakers on her grey body

L.O.L Surprise! pets are available in all good toy stores (unless they sell out, which given their popularity tends to happen).

The unopened ball is yellow and says L.O.L Surprise in large writing

***Disclosure: We were sent the L.O.L Surprise! pet for purpose of review, but all thoughts are our own***

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