Review: FabLab Nail Art, Glitter Tattoos and Hairlights

(Gifted) As my daughter grows older she becomes increasingly drawn to make up. Make up for young girls should be about fun, bright colours and sparkles. They don’t need make up to enhance their beauty or to make them look older. The FabLab activity kits are the perfect way for girls to express themselves in a fun and creative way and we love the products we were sent to review.

A young girl doing a silly pose to show off her nail polish, glitter tattoo and coloured hair
Make up designed for children is a great way to express themselves

FabLab Activity Kits Review

We were sent 3 sets to review from the FabLab range: Nail Art, Hairlights and Glitter Tattoos, but they have lots more in the range. The activity kits are designed to be experimental, creative and fun. Recommended for age 8 plus we found them easy and entertaining to use. The sets we were sent currently cost £10.99 each and I think they would make a perfect present for friend's birthday parties. 

My eldest and I had a great time painting each others nails, doing the glitter tattoos and colouring our hair. They are all easy to use to get basic results and the more you experiment the more creative you can be. Best of all for primary school age children they are easy to remove so if they want to have a play on a Sunday they can be back to normal by 8.30am Monday morning. If you want longer lasting glitter tattoos read my Glitterify review.

FabLab Nail Art Review

Flatlay showing contents of FabLab kit including 7 nail polishes, a foam separator, nail file and sprinkles

The nail art set we received contained 7 solvent free nail varnishes (clear, pink, turquoise, white, black, orange and blue), 2 small bags of nail sprinkles (hearts and stars), a fine brush for detail, a foam toe separator, a small heart shaped emery board and the instruction manual. The current Nail Art set has been updated to be more eco friendly and now contains 5 nail vanishes and nail stickers instead of the stencils.

The instructions guide you through how to paint your nails and how to do simple nail art. A babysitter taught me how to paint my nails many many years ago and it is easy to forget that it is a skill that needs teaching to get a smooth finish. M enjoyed reading the instructions and teaching herself. I found the nail art tips interesting, but we both need a bit more practise.

The nail varnish is the type I loved as a kid and it peels off when dry so you don’t need to worry about hunting around for remover before school. 

If they love painting their nails then FabLab also have other sets including a peel off glow in the dark set and a longer lasting polish with a UV light to speed up drying time.

Little hands against a white brick wall, the nails are painted blue and pink
Fun and non toxic nail vanish for kids that peels off

An overhead shot of my daughter painting her nails all different colours
There are lots of fun colours in the FabLab set

FabLab Glitter Tattoos Review

Flatlay showing contents of the FabLab glitter tattoo kit
The contents of the FabLab Glitter Tattoo Kit

I have been a fan of glitter tattoos for a few years and have previously bought a few kits to use at M’s birthday party. I have found they appeal to girls and boys and are easy to use.

The FabLab kit we received contained a pot of glue (with an applicator brush in the lid), 25 sheets of stencils (including flowers, animals and more), 4 pots of cosmetic glitter in purple, blue, red and green, a soft brush, a medium stiff brush and instructions. The latest kit contains Bioglitter which is plastic free and biodegradable.

Glitter tattoos are easy to apply: you put on the stencil (which have sticky backs and are single use), apply glue to the holes in the stencils, add the glitter and peel off the stencil. The instructions in the FabLab kit include tips to help you get a great finish. 

One of the problems with glitter tattoo kits I have used in the past has been they are really hard to get off so children have glitter patches in a decreasing size for up to a week after going to a birthday party. The tattoos in the FabLab kit last about 24 hours and soak off quickly in water. It’s great you can have a day of fun and then start fresh the next day. 

Collage of 4 photos showing step by step of doing a glitter tattoo as described in the text
FabLab glitter tattoos are easy to apply (and remove)

A young girl with her head on the table looking at her new glitter tattoo on her arm
The current Glitter Tattoo set comes with 28 child friendly fun stencils

FabLab Hairlights Review

The 6 highlighter pressed powder pots, protective gloves and hairdresser clips in the FabLab hair highlighting kit
The FabLab Hairlights hair chalks come in 6 vibrant colours that are easy to apply

The temporary colour hair highlight kit comes with 6 highlighters which look like bright eyeshadow in yellow, red, purple, pink, blue and green, 2 hairdresser’s clips (which in newer kits appear to be plastic) and a pair of small protective gloves.

To colour the hair you take a small section and run the colour down the length of hair with a gloved finger holding the hair against the highlighter powder. Once applied the colour fades progressively throughout the day (especially when the hair is brushed) and comes out easily when hair is washed. If you want the colour to look vibrant for longer you can spray with hairspray after colouring the hair.

I love the FabLab hairlights and found them much easier to use than other hair chalks I have used in the past. There are a good range of colours and on my daughter’s and my blonde hair they are all visible. I really wish I was brave enough to go for unicorn hair with permanent colours, but I sadly fear I may be a little old, so I will enjoy using the temporary colours if my daughter lets me.

A view of the side of my daughter's blonde hair with streaks of different colours in it
Hair chalks in blonde hair straight after applying

***Disclosure: we were kindly sent the FabLab kits for the purpose of honest review. The Amazon links are affiliate links. The kits are also available to buy from John Lewis, Smyths and other stores***

The boxes of the FabLabs hairlights, nail art and glitter tattoos
The original versions of the FabLab kits received to review.


  1. These kits look brilliant - I love the unicorn hair! I remember having peel off nail varnish when I was younger, I felt so grown up!

  2. I think we might have just been sent this to review actually! It looks fab and my daughter will love, especially if it involved unicorns (rolls eyes!) xx

  3. They look amazing my daughter would love them anything unicorns she is instantly obsessed

  4. These look like great fun, I bet my daughter would love the tattoos and the hightlights.

  5. Ok I absolutely love all of this! My four year old would too!! Your daughters hair looks awesome - i want it in my hair!!!

    1. I loved having it in my hair, seriously considering permanent colours

  6. Oh my goodness...I would have loved these as a young girl. In fact, I would love those hair highlights now!!

  7. I would have loved these when I was a little girl, they are fab, especially the hair chalk. It looks like the colour has come out really well!


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