Review: Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Kit

(Gifted) We have previously reviewed Gel-a-Peel which allows you to create fun craft designs. The range has so many different options to create your own jewellery and personalise items that it is a great product for creative children. MGA Entertainment has now created Nail-a-Peel which uses the same concept, but comes with everything you need to design fun and individual false nails. If you would prefer a more simple nail art set with peelable nail varnish then check out the FabLab Nail Art sets.

Update 2022: these kits are no longer being made, but they are still available to buy on Amazon and some stores.

8 tubes arranged in a circle
Nail-a-Peel gel polishes and nail décor

Nail-A-Peel Review

We were sent the Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Kit to review and I think it would make a great present for a creative 7 to 13 year old girl. There are also starter sets available, but the Deluxe Kit contains a lot more so will be even more fun. 

What Does The Nail-a-Peel Deluxe Kit Include?

In the Deluxe Kit you get 5 different colour gel polishes: sparkle light pink, sparkle coral, sparkle seafoam, pearly lilac and pearly plum. The other 3 matching size tubes in the kit are filled with nail décor including glitter and confetti. To use the polish there are 3 brushes and 5 fine tips for detailed creations.  The Deluxe Kit includes a nail tray mould similar to in the Gel-a-Peel sets, but with much smaller shapes. This tray is key for those of us who are less artistic as I’ll explain later. There is also a squeegee tool to use with the tray, a pair of tweezers and a funnel for use with the nail décor. Finally there are 3 nail wheels in purple, pink and a very pale pink, a nail file and nail adhesives. 

3 nail wheels, adhesive and a nail file from nail-a-peel
You get sets of fake nails to decorate, a nail files and stickers to attach the nails

How do you use Nail-a-Peel?

To save you the struggle of trying to decorate with your left hand the idea of Nail-a-Peel is that you decorate the nail wheels, wait for the gel to dry then attach with the adhesive stickers to your nails. This makes the activity much more about designing fun nails which you can wear on a special occasion than about spending ages painting your nails.

Using any of the 5 gel polishes and a brush you apply a base layer of polish. You might need to apply a few layers (letting each one dry in between) to get a good even finish and I found this harder than with normal nail polish because the gel polish is thicker.  

Then it is time to get creative. The kit contains a double sided sheet with loads of ideas to get you started.

The Nail-a-peel ideas sheet and a nail wheel with some finished nails
There are plenty of ideas of nail art included

How to decorate Nail-a-Peel

Nail Décor

The Deluxe Kit comes with 3 types of nail décor: glitter, tinsel and confetti. You can sprinkle the décor on to wet gel directly from the packet or use the tweezers to carefully place the pieces on the nail wheel. 

3 nail polish brushes, 5 fine tips, tweezers and a squeeze tool
You can use the nail brushes or an attachment for a fine line

Freehand drawing

Choose the colour gels you want and apply the fine nibs so you can draw freestyle on the dry base layer. This is definitely challenging to do, but perfect for anyone who has mastered the designs in the Gel-a-Peel sets.

A plastic tray with lots of little shapes which can be moulded including bows, shells and hearts
    Create gel shapes to stick onto nails with the mould


The Nail-a-Peel tray allows you to create fun shapes which can be used to decorate the nails. Because the shapes are so small they are fiddly to fill and to remove, but with a bit of practice children in the targeted age range (8 to 15) will be fine, younger or more clumsy children will need help. The moulded shapes take a little while to dry, I always leave over night from my experience with the larger Gel-A-Peel trays, but I imagine these would dry in 3 to 4 hours.  This tray is definitely key to getting some fantastic 3D nail decorations for the less artistic amongst us.

What Did We Think?

If your children are a fan of Gel-a-Peel kits then I recommend getting them Nail-a-Peel. It is a little harder to get great results due to the size of the nails you are decorating so while children from age 6 can easily enjoy Gel-a-Peel they probably need to be a little older to fully appreciate Nail-a-Peel. The Deluxe Kit is great fun and will provide hours of entertainment for creative tweens.

***Disclosure: We were sent the Deluxe Kit for the purpose of review. All thoughts are our own. Contains affiliate link to Amazon***

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