Catching Up and Getting Ready for Halloween with the Marsh Farm Halloween Festival

Last week I finally started to feel well again. The downside of all the illness and catching up is I haven’t been to my normal baby groups or seen friends for ages and it's nearly half term already (I mistyped that originally at hard term, which seems appropriate). We are starting to plan our half term activities which are mostly Halloween based at the moment. 

2 sisters dressed as colourful witches in front of a halloween display at Marsh Farm
My little witches at Marsh Farm

Getting Ready for Halloween

When did Halloween get so big? I was talking to someone at the weekend who was wondering if Halloween has got bigger recently or if she is more aware of it now she has a 4 year old. Obviously it’s much bigger than when we were children, but it feels like it is becoming more and more of a thing each year in the UK too. I guess it’s not surprising given it’s an opportunity for people to make money, but it’s a lot of fun too.

This year we are doing a few halloween activities, like this Halloween Bunting we made, but we are balancing it out by not buying new costumes. I bought Baby Boy a t-shirt from the charity shop and the witches dresses I bought for the girls last year have been used all year long. The skirts are a bit ripped, but they are still happily enjoying them.

Halloween Festival At Marsh Farm (AD Gifted Entry)

Yesterday we went to Marsh Farm (South Woodham Ferrers, Essex) for the start of their Halloween Festival. The event is running every day until 1st November 2019 (when they will be getting ready for their amazing Christmas Event).

The special events at Marsh Farm are always well worth a visit. They make a big effort with the decorating (perfect for photographs) and they have so many great activities which are all included in the entry price

The Halloween activities at Marsh Farm include:

Glitter Face Art
Luna & Willow’s Witches Spell Cast (where they magic popcorn)
Monster Mash Disco (where some poor parents will get dragged up on stage to dance)
The Vampire's Boo Barn (it’s dark, but you can ask for a torch and you get a packet of Haribo, or should that be Hariboo?)
Mr Mummy Show (again a couple of adults were asked to join in, they were wrapped up in toilet roll by some children volunteers).

2 ladies dressed as witches in black with 2 children dressed as witches in between in the back a cauldron is bubbling
Casting spells with Willow and Luna

2 children dressed as witches outside a black door being guarded by a female vampire
Ready to go into the Vampire's Boo Barn

A dark room with a fridge freezer open and other kitchen stuff visible with a ghoulish twist like a bone in the tea pot
The Kitchen In The Boo Barn at Marsh Farm

A 9 month old baby staring towards a show
The Marsh Farm shows even entertain the baby

Me and a character dressed as a friendly looking frankenstein at Marsh Farm Halloween festival review
If you can't beat them (or get them to pose): me and Frank(enstein)

Then there was also the normal activities including:

Soft play
Bouncy pillows (one for under 5s and one for older children)
2 playgrounds
A carousel and tea cup rides 
Mini ride on tractors
Feeding the Kune Kune Pigs
Ferret Racing
Walk With An Alpaca
Animal Antics Show
Seeing the animals
Crazy golf

two girls dressed as witches playing mini golf
Serious business for witches this golf

3 children ranging from 8 to 9 months on a playground rocking horse
3 on a horse in one of the Marsh Farm playgrounds

It was nice weather for us for once, but we have been to Marsh Farm on very wet days too and there is enough to do undercover to keep everyone happy. This weekend was pretty busy and the queues for food in the Play Barn were very long. Fortunately we brought a packed lunch and they have even put up a marquee near the bouncy pillows for anyone that wants to eat a packed lunch undercover.

Free pumpkin for every child with Marsh Farm Halloween Festival entry
Exchanging vouchers for pumpkins

Every child gets a free standard size pumpkin with their entry (they get a voucher to exchange). Until Saturday 27th October you can pick your pumpkins up from the Pumpkin Picking Village (go through the red gate near the golf to avoid going the long way round via the car park). There is also a cafe in this area if you want a hot drink and the Play Barn is too busy. 

If you are interested in other places to go with children in Essex check out this post.

(***Disclosure: We have an ongoing relationship with Marsh Farm and we are often invited to their events in return for social media coverage***)

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