Over 50 Great Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Adults and Children

What Is An Eco Gift? 

There are lots of definitions of an eco-gift, but for me they are: gifts which will be used and gifts that can help people to reduce, reuse and recycle. There needs to be thought about how it is made and gets to the recipient, but also what will happen to it next.

Let’s stop giving just for the sake of giving. It's time to stop buying joke presents which sit around never being used. We need to appreciate presents more that are practical, homemade or recycled.

Products included in this eco gift guide had to meet one of the following criteria:

-Made from recycled product
-Can be used to replace a single use product
-Can be used without leaving more than a handful of waste than can be recycled or composted
-Produced from a sustainable resource.

This guide includes eco present ideas for children and gifts for adults from the practical to the unusual.

This post contains some affiliate links and gifted products.

Eco Toys and Gift Ideas For Children

Grimm's Rainbow Beads Grasper

This collection of 12 rainbow coloured beads on strong elastic is perfect for babies to grab on to, mouth and play with. Like all Grimm's toys it is beautiful and surprisingly therapeutic for adults too. Grimm's use sustainable production methods and non-toxic paints. This is a great introduction to wooden toys. Suitable from birth.

12 colourful beads grouped together to make an eco gift for babies.
Grimm's Rainbow Bead Grasping Toy

Green Toys Stacking Cups

Stacking cups make a great toy for babies and toddlers which can be used in and out of the bath in a variety of ways: sorting, stacking, pouring, balancing etc. These stacking cups are suitable from 6 months plus and like the rest of the Green Toys brand they are made from recycled plastic. The plastic is sturdy and ours still looks in great condition after several years play. For older children check out Green Toys Car Carrier, Aeroplane or Tea Set.

Blue, green and purple stacking cups in soft cornered star shape made from recycled plastic made by US brand Green Toys
Green Toys Stacking Cups made from recycled plastic

Carved Wooden Animals

Wooden toys might miss out on some of the detail and movement of the plastic alternatives, but watching children play with them they often become more creative. There are a few popular brands of handmade and ethical wooden animal toys, but my favourite is Holztiger. Recommended from age 3 plus most of the larger Holztiger animals are ok for younger children while being supervised. I prefer the shapes to Lanka Kade and the prices are lower than Ostheimer, but what you choose will depend on age, budget and personal preference.

A selection of ethical carved animal toys including a tortoise, skunk small panther and bison
Holztiger ethical wooden toy animals

Crayon Rocks

Children love to get arty and these crayon rocks are great. They were designed to help develop the tripod grip ready to use a pen or pencil. They are made using soy wax and natural mineral pigments. Recommended from age 3 upwards.

A fabric bag with small stone shaped colouring crayons spilling out of it
Crayon Rocks soya wax crayons designed to encourage the tripod grip in children


Building blocks are great, but Tegu go a step further including magnets which allow you to build shapes which wouldn't otherwise balance. You can get small travel packs, but I like this starter pack suitable for ages 12 months and up which gives a little more flexibility. They will appeal to a wide age group and you can get additional sets to add to it. Tegu use non-toxic paint, FSC certified hardwood and at least 1 tree is replanted for each set sold as part of their reforestation programme.

The front of the box of Tegu magnetic wooden blocks 14 piece starter kit
Tegu are wooden shapes for building which contain magnets


I love physical books, really I do, but we have bookshelves full that have been read once and not picked up again. We often go to the library and get books from charity shops, but after the picture book stage I have discovered a Kindle is a big hit. A Kindle Fire is a popular option for children, but with games and internet access it can be too much for many children, a Kindle which just has books suits us much better. You can get a free trial of Fire for Kids Unlimited on a normal Kindle giving access to a wide range of children's books and keep checking those Amazon daily Kindle deals as well because sometimes there are children's books on there too. Great for age 7 upwards.

A 7 year old girl reading a Kindle in the garden. She is wearing a summer dress and has long blonde hair
A Kindle Is A Great Way To Encourage Reading In Children

A Recycled Duvet Cover

Feel like your child has everything? How about a new duvet cover which is made from 12 or more plastic bottles? We were sent one of the National Geographic duvets to review and my eldest loves it. I was impressed that it was just as soft and easy to care for as other Dreamtex duvet covers made from their normal materials.

A duvet cover from National Geographic with Save Our Oceans written on the  pillow and a variety of sea creatures including a shark and 2 jelly fish on the duvet cover
Save our oceans duvet made from recycled plastic bottles


Combining exercise and a way to use the car less a bicycle or scooter makes a great gift for children. We are big fans of Microscooters which last really well, but when it comes to choosing a bike I recommend looking for local independent bike shops who will have suitable bikes for all ages and they will ensure they are assembled properly.

A toddler in a purple coat and blue helmet on a pink microscooter, scooting on a pavement on a residential street
A scooter or bike can be less travelling in the car with children

Buying Second Hand Toys for Gifts

Many charity shops, Nearly New Sales and local Facebook pages are overflowing with toys in good condition and great prices. Few children will care if the toy comes in it's original packaging or not. It's worth having a regular browse to see what you can find saving you money on new and giving toys a home which might otherwise end up in landfill.

Shelves in a charity shop showing a fire engine and a wooden shape sorter toy for sale
Charity Shop Toys Can Make Great Gifts

Sports Lessons

There are so many different extra curricular activities on offer to children that it can cost quite a lot of money. Paying for a years worth of lessons will enable a child to learn something new, make friends and have fun. From ballet to karate, swimming to football you can be confident that it will keep their interest longer than the latest "must have" toy.

Eco Gifts Ideas For Adults

Seed Bomb

A fun small gift for adults is a seed "bomb" which are basically a ball of seeds which can be planted and the seeds will start to grow. There is a good selection on Etsy in different designs and with different choices of flowers. This design containing wildflower seeds is from Little Soap Bar on Etsy.

A packet containing 4 heartshaped wildflower seed bombs from Little Soap Bar
Seed bombs containing wildflower seeds


A bit of green in the house makes every home feel fresher so plants make a lovely gift. If they are the sort of person who forgets to water plants (like me) then I recommend orchids, succulents or cacti which seem to do well on being ignored as long as they get enough sunlight. I've also managed to keep a normal plant alive for several months now thanks to this plant self-watering device I reviewed in the summer.

A Refillable Pen

I rarely use pens any more, but when I did I would get through huge numbers of plastic biros. Switching to fountain pen instantly reduces the amount of plastic that needs to be thrown away, but better still you can buy glass pots of ink and refillable cartridges or converters hugely reducing the amount of waste. You can also get refills for many rollerball pens which are primarily metal.

Eco Friendly Beauty Gifts for Adults

Reusable Face Pads

An alternative to cotton wool, reusable face pads are pretty and help clean the face easily. These face pads from Little Rey of Sun on Etsy have a different texture on each side and they are made from carefully sourced second hand materials. I love that they even tell you what your face pads used to be, these were: baby towels, crib sheet and a pillowcase. It can be helpful to buy them with a mesh bag to use for storage and to wash them in.

7 reusable face pads with hearts on in purple and cream coming out of a mesh fabric bag
Reusable Face pads from upcycled material

Shampoo And Conditioner Bars

Regular hair washing means we get through lots of plastic bottles a year which is why shampoo and conditioner bars are becoming increasingly popular. You need to get the right ones for your hair type and water for best results which can take a bit of trial and error. Don't expect the shampoo to foam up in the same way as your normal shampoo because it doesn't have the ingredients added that makes lots of foam, but that doesn't mean it isn't working. Products below by Friendly Soap and Funky Soap Shop.

A solid conditioner hair for normal hair and a friendly soap lavender & geranium shampoo bar
Shampoo and Conditioner bars to clean hair with less plastic waste

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are an often forgotten source of single use plastics, but the pretty bamboo toothbrushes from Humble Brush provide an alternative option. They come in both adult and child sizes with different colour bristle options and they were developed in collaboration with dentists. The nylon bristles are plastic so there will still need to be some of the toothbrush thrown away, but it has the advantage that the feel is familiar and cleans well. They also sell bamboo interdental brushes and corn starch floss picks. I love that the packaging is easily recyclable paper and card too.

4 HumbleBrush bamboo tooth brushes with different coloured bristles and in 2 sizes for adults and children
Wood based toothbrushes for all the family

Natural Deodorant

Ok be very careful about giving deodorant because you don't want to give the message that the recipient smells, however if they love eco products then it's something to consider. You can get deodorant blocks without packaging eg from Lush or some that come in packaging that is easy to recycle or compost like this tin from Earth Conscious.

Bath Salts

Bath salts and the gift of time to have an uninterrupted soak sounds like a great gift to me.  These vegan natural bath salts from Hopscotch are a combination of mineral rich dead sea salts and epsom salts and they come in a pretty glass jar with flowers to make it extra beautiful. The jar can be reused or recycled.

A glass jar with bath salts containing rose petals with a black ribbon saying HOPSCOTCH on it
Hopscotch Vegan Bath Salts

Personalised DIY Face Mask Kits

These face mask gift sets from Fruit of The Nut Tree via Wearth are designed to fit through the letter box. They are Vegan, Organic and made from natural ingredients in the UK. They do contain a plastic sachet, but the rest is paper, cardboard and compostable wood wool. All the ingredients inside are pre-measured with simple instructions to make the face mask and there is a choice of packaging for different occasions.

A cardboard box being held in hands as a gift with the message "Mum, you are all kinds of amazing" on it
DIY Facemask kit in gift packaging

Soap and Soap Saver Bag

Many of us use liquid hand soap and shower gel because it is easy, but just like with shampoo and conditioner it means lots of plastic is being thrown away. Soap bars last longer because less is used each time and there is little or no plastic (some brands wrap in a thin layer of plastic inside the visible paper or cardboard outer packaging). Keeping the soap bar in a bag means they can be hung up and dried between uses, it also makes the soap less slippery and you can choose to have a bit of extra exfoliation like with this biodegradable sisal soap pouch. Alternatively you can add a homemade element and knit or crochet a pouch of softer yarn.

an orange scented block of soap next to a sisal knitted soap pouch
There are lots of lovely soaps which make nice eco-friendly presents with a soap pouch

Safety Razor Gift Set

Modern razors with replaceable heads use less plastic (and produce a better shave) than disposable razors, but some men might want to go to the older style safety razors without any plastic. A nice shaving kit can be a little expensive initially so it makes a good present and the ongoing cost of blades is low.

A metal stand holding a metal double edged safety razor and shaving brush for a zero waste shave
Safety Razor Shaving Kit Gift

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Foodies 


Chocolate always makes a popular gift, but it can be hard to find bars that have plastic free packaging. If you want plastic free chocolate take a look at: Divine Chocolate (in sustainably sourced recyclable paper), Green & Blacks and Seed & Bean (the paper & foil are certified for home and industrial composting).

Homemade Cake in a Jar

A homemade layered cake or biscuits in a jar is a great homemade gift. It's low cost too and is a fun way to reuse any jars you have around the house. Instead of making the food yourself (and it needing to be eaten within days) providing the dry ingredients give them more flexibility on when they want to eat the gift. Jar mixes work best if there is very little space left in your jar so measure the volume of the container and then find an American recipe that creates a cake or biscuit based on volume just adding in the dry ingredients to the jar. Alternatively check out these recipes for Chocolate Brownie Mix or Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Homemade Infused Liquor 

Another homemade gift that can be tailored to the tastes of the recipient is homemade liquor. Do they like sweets? How about skittle vodka? Lime Liquer? Or maybe a Ginger and Rhubarb gin? Ok it can take a bit of effort, but it will be worth it.


Coffee is an essential in my house and it's always nice to be gifted a good quality coffee. If you are buying for someone who prefers to have their coffee made at home using pods then a great gift would be eco coffee pods. Halo Coffee use waste cane sugar (a byproduct of the sugar cane industry) to produce a fully home compostable pod (degrades in as little as 28 days in home compost conditions unlike many "compostable" products which need an industrial composter). They are compatible with Nespresso machines.

Seasonal Cookbook

Cooking food that is in season means better tasting food that has travelled less distance to get to your plate. Help people to know what is in season and the best thing to cook with a seasonal cookbook like Seasonal Food or A Forager's Calendar.

Eco-Friendly Practical Gifts

Practical gifts aren’t for everyone, but for many people (me included) we would rather be given a gift we will actually use than a pretty, but useless, item that we need to find a home for before taking to a charity shop or throwing it out years later.

An Insulated Water Bottle

Everyone is using reusable bottles these days, but it's worth the investment in getting an insulated one. They range in price from Aldi selling one for £3.99, to Chilly's starting at 4 times that price and the slightly more expensive Klean Kanteen's.

Personally I'm a big fan of Klean Kanteen's because you can choose the size, shape and lid to suit your needs. Like all reusable water bottles they replace the need for buying single use bottles when out, but the insulated Klean Kanteen's can do more than that. The 20 ounce bottle (592ml) can keep drinks hot for 20 hours or cold for an impressive 50 hours meaning you can put your coffee in them or have refreshing cold water or even ice on a hot day. I've never been a fan of warm water so this is a huge appeal to me.

A matte purple insulated Klean Kanteen in Classic 568ml
Insulated Klean Kanteen's are perfect for taking out iced drinks or hot coffee

Beeswax Food Wraps

Replacing the need for cling film or foil when storing food beeswax wraps can be wiped clean and reused (as long as they aren't used on raw meats). You can make your own or buy them in a huge range of designs and sizes on Etsy. There are also some made with other types of wax which are suitable for vegans.

A pack of 3 beeswax wraps in blue, pink and yellow polka dot make a good practical eco friendly present
Pretty Beeswax wrap set

Reusable Bowl Covers

If food in the fridge is mostly stored in bowls then reuseable covers are an alternative to wax wraps and make a quick way to cover bowls up. You can get several different types from silicone ones (which work brilliantly as long as you have the right size containers), or fabric ones with either elastic or a tightener. I have a set of silicone covers which I have been using for a while because they wash well and they can be used in the microwave too.

a multi pack of stretchy green silicone bowl covers including one stretched over a bowl.
Reusable silicone bowl covers work great in the microwave or fridge

Glass Straws

Many drinks seem to taste better out of glass (I much prefer a cold bottle of beer than a can for instance) so glass seems a great option when looking at reusable straws. They might not be ideal for children or for taking out and about, but for having a smoothies or long cocktail at home they work well. There is the added bonus that you can easily see if they are properly cleaned, one of the aspects that have made it hard for me to adapt to reusable straws.
These lovely recyclable VASO glass straws we were sent come in different lengths and are free from BPA, toxins and mineral oils.

2 clear glass straws with VASO written on them in white
VASO glass straws

Bamboo Straws

If you are looking to give reusable straws to be used by children or someone a little accident prone then bamboo straws are worth looking into. They use the natural bamboo branch shape, but are tidied up a bit making them very sustainable (the speed the bamboo in my garden grows I can very confidently say that) and they are natural so you don't need to feel bad when they have reached the end of their life and they need to be thrown away (they are biodegradable and can be composted). This set of Bamboo Straws from Vie Gourmet we were sent comes with a fabric storage pouch and a cleaning brush. Another bonus of bamboo straws is they don't conduct heat well so can be used for warm drinks.

A fabric pouch, cleaning brush and pile of 6 bamboo straws of varying diameter
A set of bamboo drinking straws

Baby Cups

Sticking on the drinking theme Babycup First Cups are fully recyclable plastic cups that are perfectly sized as a first cup for babies. The small size means babies and toddlers can quickly learn to drink out of the cups without needing to worry about spouts etc which is recommended for healthy teeth. They can even be used for cup feeding breastmilk to newborn babies (which some babies find easier to accept than a bottle). Designed by a mum and made in Britain they are carefully designed to be BPA and Phthalates free as well as dishwasher and steam steriliser safe.  If you can't recycle them locally they can be sent back to be recycled. We were sent some of the Babycup First Cups and my 8 month old took to drinking from them straight away.

Little plastic cups in blue next to a packet containing a 4 pack of babycup first cups
Babycup first cups are 100% recyclable and fun colours

A Tea Infuser

A surprising use of plastic in the kitchen is in tea bags. Not all brands use plastic (Clipper don't for instance), but if they don't say they don't on the packaging there is probably plastic included. A great option is to buy loose leaf tea and use a tea strainer or infuser. I like this metal design because it goes straight in your mug (avoiding the need of a tea pot) and there is plenty of space for the tea to circulate. It's easy to clean out too. To make the present complete why not give them a (paper) packet of their favourite loose leaf tea.

A metal tea infuser which is mug shaped and has a hard mesh wall with a drip tray
A metal tea infuser and stand

Silicone Baking Sheets

I received some Vremi baking sheets to review 2 years ago now and found that not only do they work brilliantly to line a baking tray to stop obvious food sticking eg when baking cookies, but they help make my roast potatoes keep all their crispy outsides too. I have used them time and time again instead of lining a tray with foil or greaseproof paper so I think they make a useful gift.

A set of 3 silicone baking mats partially rolled up
Silicone baking sheets are a great non-stick baking tool

An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit

Scrubbing brushes and sponges tend to contain plastic which takes a long time to break down, but there are lots of great alternatives available which degrade faster and can go in your compost. Unpaper towels are another way to reduce waste because they can be used repeatedly before composting. And lets face it these designs from Jack and Fred on Etsy are really pretty too so they are lovely to have in the kitchen. The scourer pad from Safix is made from coconut fibres which are rough enough to scrub tough stains, but are biodegradable.

Unpaper towels in blue with bees on one side and white waffle on the other, 2 washable sponges and a wiry scourer with a large cardboard label are all ideas to go into an eco friendly cleaning starter kit
Ideas to include in an eco-friendly cleaning starter kit

A Lunch Box

I'm not about to suggest that we get rid of all that tupperware we have in the cupboard, but a nice gift is an alternative container than can be taken out for lunches without purchasing more plastic. I was recently gifted this Peppa Pig Bamboo Snack Box (complete with cutlery) from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up which is a great size for a child's lunch out.

An oval bamboo Peppa Pig large snack box with silicone seal holding a spoon and fork
Peppa pig bamboo snack box with cutlery

Reusable Sandwich Bag

For anyone that regularly takes sandwiches to school or work a reusable sandwich bag takes up little space in their bag and can be used time and time again. Lots of great prints make them appealing to adults and children. This design by Keep Leaf has a cotton exterior with waterproof plastic lining to keep food fresh, but it can be machine washed, wiped clean and is dishwasher safe making it great for sandwiches and snacks.

Keep Leaf reusable sandwich bag in an apple and pear print is great for lunches out
A reusable food bag

Food Bags

Even those who aren't too concerned about the amount of plastic they use are starting to have to rethink as supermarkets stop providing plastic bags for loose fruit and veg. There are lots of reusable food bags on the market for bread and other groceries and these washable designs from Turtle Bags are a great option. They are 100% Organic Cotton and Fairtrade while also being strong (the veg bags can carry up to 40kg!) and durable. 

Medium and small cotton mesh turtle bags for fruit and veg and a cotton bread bag.
Turtle Bags


In cold season we go through countless boxes of tissues, but a soft cotton hanky makes a great alternative. You can buy multipacks for low cost and then you could personalise them to make them a lovely gift. A small transfer or simple embroidery would add a special touch and is quick to do, there are even plenty of iron on transfer designs that are perfect for children (although sewing on would be a good idea to make sure they don't come off).

3 white cotton handkerchiefs folded into squares
White cotton handkerchiefs make a great gift if you add some personalisation

Period Pants

Stick with me here. Underwear isn't an unusual gift and period pants are growing in popularity because they are reusable and can be worn all day (or all night) without worry about leaks. Modibodi have some great designs in different absorbencies so they can be used alone or as back up. These basic black briefs they sent me make a great alternative to disposable sanitary products and the Modibodi sensual range is so pretty that they make a lovely present. They can also be used by older women who might have slightly weaker bladder control, but careful what you write on the gift label if that is the reason to give them to your intended recipient!

Modibodi black period pants next to the brown paper packaging. Style shown is classic bikini for heavy absorbency
Modibodi Highly Absorbent Black Pants

Unusual Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

If you are looking for something more unusual to give as a gift, but you still want it to be Eco Friendly then how about these ideas?

Gift Experiences

You can buy a voucher from websites like Red Letter Days or BuyAGift who both do great packages the recipient can choose when and how to use from Spa Days to Afternoon Tea. They often sell their products at a discount through out the year so you can save money compared to the on the door entry prices. You can even choose just to get an evoucher to save on paper and packaging.

Alternatively you could choose a day out or experience the recipient would love and plan it all out yourself so they can spend a fun day with you. These don't need to be expensive eg you can hand make a voucher offering them a picnic in the park.

A Voucher to Learn Something New

Giving the recipient a course of lessons or just a one off session is a chance for them to have fun and learn a new skill. The main voucher sites have options from Sushi Making to Butchery to Pottery and Snooker, but if you know they have a particular interest then contacting local providers directly is a good idea, most will make you up a gift voucher for a course even if they don't normally do them. In the past I have made Brownies, made a ring at London Jewellery School and taken several photography courses at DSLR Photography Courses in Wimbledon. GroupOn often has deals too so it's worth checking out.

A Voucher To Treat Themselves

Sometimes it can be nice to have a little bit of money put aside for a particularly thing and a gift voucher does that. Amazon vouchers seem to be given all the time these days and it's not surprising since you can buy pretty much everything from their, but there are alternative ideas that can encourage a bit more of a treat eg Just Eat vouchers are a gift of takeway meaning a night off from cooking or a supermarket voucher for a "posh" supermarket like M&S or Waitrose can be an excuse to buy a few treats. Most online stores sell vouchers too so if they have a favourite small business or even like to buy online from Ethical Shops like Babipur or Yes Bébé then they can be a great choice.

Premium Bonds

Gift vouchers can expire without being used, money can end up going on bills, but a small investment on premium bonds means each month there is a chance of winning money (up to £1 million each month tax free). You can also choose to withdraw the full amount so you don't actually lose any money. Once upon a time savings accounts were a great investment, but with current interest rates it can be more fun to put money in Premium Bonds. They can be set up for both adults and children and once set up they are easy to buy additional investments for.

Charity Donation

Sometimes people really don't feel there is anything they need or want, but you still want to give them a gift to tell them you are thinking of them or to say "thank you", charity donations work really well at times like these. Oxfam do this particularly well with their Oxfam Unwrapped offering. My eldest loved giving my partner "a pile of poo", but imagine the difference you could make to those who need it by giving clean water to a community?

Family Photo Shoot

I love to take photographs of my family, but it can be hard work to make my children look at the camera or stay still enough for my shutter speeds. I love to occasionally hand over responsibility to a professional and it's even better if someone else pays and they can capture some images with me in too. Lots of local photographers will make up vouchers. When giving as a present it is worth making sure the package includes the actual shoot and a reasonable number of digital images or printed photographs otherwise the gift can end up costing the recipient money.


A gift experience provides one day out, but membership can provide a whole years worth of days out making them a perfect present if you can choose the right one for the recipient. There are lots of options including: National Trust, English Heritage, The National Art Pass or even their local zoo.


Providing sponsorship of something as a gift combines a charity donation and often provides a tangible gift too. There are lots of different options and the prices vary hugely. Sponsoring a child for instance through World Vision can make a real difference to both the child and a community. The gift recipient can choose to write to the child they are sponsoring and even visit them if they want. A more affordable option is sponsoring an animal at the nearest zoo or maybe twinning their toilet.

Gift Of Time

Presents don't have to cost any money, some times what people will appreciate most is your time. As a stay at home mum of three I spend pretty much all my time looking after children, cooking, cleaning or trying to sleep. For me having time that I can focus on myself is the ultimate luxury even if I just spend it on the sofa watching some TV that isn't child friendly.

Gift Swap 

I'm sure we all have things at home that are in great condition, but we don't want. A gift swap is a great way that everyone can get something new without anyone spending money. The idea is that you arrange a get together with friends or family and everyone brings along an item or two they no longer want and they get to exchange them for items other people have brought. It works best if there is a theme eg jewellery, mugs, art work or toys and obviously everyone has to bring reasonable quality items.

The Finishing Touches For Your Eco-Friendly Gift

While not all the gift suggestions above are physical presents it can be a lot of fun to unwrap those which are. Every Christmas in the UK we apparently use the equivalent of 50,000 trees to wrap their presents! If you use wrapping paper try and make sure it can be recycled eg no glitter, metallics or foil and ideally use paper tape. A better option might be reusable fabric wrapping paper which can be reused over and over again. The Fabric Wrapping Co, carefully source their materials and turn them into beautiful designs which make it easy to wrap your gifts, complete with satin ribbons. I've been practising with the wrapping they sent me and now I just need to choose the perfect recipient.

A black and white fabric gift wrap tied up with a gold satin ribbon
A Fabric Gift Wrap from The Fabric Gift Wrap Co.

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***Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after following a link. Thank you if you choose to do this. Some of the items in this gift guide were given to me for inclusion, I have stated this where applicable and they were all carefully selected***

Over 50 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Children and Adults and an an image of fabric gift wrap

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