Review: Schleich Dinosaurs Range

(AD - Gifted) The Schleich Dinosaurs range is brilliant for any dinosaur fan. The sets are good quality and offer a bit more than just the standard dinosaur model toys. This range is targeted at children aged 5 to 12 and we were sent two sets to review (41461 and 41455). They have been a hit with my daughters.

The schleich dinosaur cave set

Schleich Dino Set with Cave Review - 41461 - RRP£44.99

The larger of the two sets we were sent is great because not only does it come with three dinosaurs, but a rock formation landscape to play with them on and a skull. You can arrange the “rocks” in a variety of ways including positioning it so you can catapult a smaller piece of rock. The cave needs a couple of pieces pushed together before playing. 

As well as the rocks the set comes with three dinosaurs: the largest is a Herrerasaurus (a bit like a t-rex except it’s got bigger arms) and it has a movable lower jaw, there is also a Psittacosaurus with a beak and horns on it’s face at about half the Herrerasaurus size and a smaller still model of a Microrapter. The set also has a dinosaur skull. (By the way I’m not a dinosaur expert, I took their names from the Schleich website).

The plastic pieces of the Schleich Dino cave being clicked together by a girl
Assembling the cave

The assembled dino cave
The main two cave pieces click together, but the rest just balance

Reassembling the dino cave formation for additional play options

A girl playing with the Schleich Dinosaur sets to review them. The cave is set up as a catapult
The Dino Cave Set Up To Be A Catapult

Close up of Herrerasaurus under the arch made from the plastic rock pieces
The Herrerasaurus from the Dino Set With Cave

Schleich Spinosaurus and T-Rex Small Review - 41455 - RRP £13.99

The smaller set we were sent has two dinosaurs: a t-rex and a spinosaurus. They are slightly bigger that the Psittacosaurus in the other set and have no movable parts.

The Schleich Spinosaurus and T-Rex which are being reviewed from the small set

In both Dinosaur sets all the pieces are plastic, but they have a good texture and look less plasticky than some cheaper dinosaurs we have. The dinosaurs are all well painted too. The teeth on one of the dinosaurs could have been painted slightly better in places, but looking carefully at all five of the dinosaurs we have that is the only small issue. The painting is particularly impressive when you consider the detail on them.

The range is recommended for ages 5 to 12. Younger children might find the rock formation too easy to knock over. The skull jaw comes off fairly easily but the t-rex like dinosaur (which is the only other piece with a movable part) feels more secure.  The dinosaurs have kept my daughters well entertained and they would make a great present for any dinosaur lover.

All the pieces from the 2 Dinosaur Schleich sets we were sent (41461 and 41455)
The two sets we were sent combined provide extra playability

The Dinosaurs range from Schleich in it's packaging

***Disclosure: we were sent the Schleich Dinosaurs sets for the purpose of honest review. All thoughts (other than the dinosaurs names) are my own.***

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  1. I love Schleich dinosaurs, they are so well made. My eldest daughter loved them as a youngster as she did with her Schleich farm animals. However I have to give a shout out to an amazing UK-based company if you are interested in dinosaurs. You may have already come across them,, who supply absolutely everything. They do go one step beyond with their customer service though. I love the fact that your children can draw pictures of the models (such as the Schleich ones above) and can submit them to ED who then publisgh the drawings across theor socila media channels. A brilliant family-minded enterprise. Worth a look.


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