Review & Giveaway: 3D Foam Giraffe Puzzle

(AD - Gifted) If you looking for a gift for a jigsaw loving 5 plus year old then these 3D animal foam puzzles might be just what you are looking for. There are 5 different animals to choose from and we were sent the giraffe to review (which is lucky because I think it's my favourite). 

A young girl holding a yellow and orange foam giraffe having assembled the puzzle from lots of different flat pieces. The giraffes neck is pointing down
Playing with the assembled 3D foam giraffe

The puzzle comes in a cardboard box with foam sheets inside. The shapes are prestamped, but you need to push them out of the foam to assemble the giraffe, which is part of the fun and something my youngest daughter loved helping with. The box says there are 17 pieces, but that doesn't include the giraffe print where you need to push out all the yellow pieces and find the matching size orange ones.

The back of the box has a series of 6 images to show you how to assemble the giraffe and the pieces are just pushed together. When made it can be played with (carefully) with the legs and neck movable at the point they are attached to the body. There is a margin of error on any products like this and with ours the ears, nose and end of the tail pieces are a little loose so if children want to play with it it might be worth glueing those pieces on. The other pieces all fit snuggly together.

In our box we had what I think must be additional pieces because I can’t work out where they could go on the giraffe, but they look like the feet of the lion design. I'm guessing they got slipped into the wrong box.

My just turned 8 year old could pretty much do it on her own, but she attempted to assemble a few pieces the wrong way round as the pictorial instructions are basic and she probably wasn't paying quite enough attention. I would expect 5 year olds to need a little help, but as children get older they would need less. There also needs to be a little care pushing some of the more fiddly pieces out of the foam, but the larger ones were fine for even my 3 year old to help with (no one is allowed a toy for just them in this house!)

The 3D foam puzzle giraffe box showing the giraffe with the word "chomp" coming out of it's mouth
Front of the packaging

The back of the box of the 3D Foam Giraffe Puzzle and the box contents including 4 sheets of foam and some plastic eye pieces.
Back of the packaging and contents of our box

Close up photo of pushing a piece of orange foam into the larger yellow body piece to make giraffe print
Making the giraffe print

Close up of pushing a small piece out of the foam
Pushing out the pieces

Overhead shot showing a child assembling the 3D foam puzzle giraffe
We found it easiest to assemble one piece at a time

Overhead shot showing the finished giraffe and all of the unused foam pieces

This would also make a great gift for adult animal lovers who will enjoy a bit of focused time assembling the animal. 

As well as the giraffe the range has an elephant, lion, panda and crocodile.

If you like the sound of this 3D animal puzzle then you can buy one now (affiliate link) or have a go at winning one in my giveaway. Simply enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below before midnight on 10th November 2019. 

Top view of the assembled 3D Giraffe puzzle showing the layers. Held by my daughter as she reviewed it
The giraffe is made up of 11 main pieces of foam with plastic eyes and lots of smaller pieces

My daughter (an 8 year old girl) holding the giraffe and pulling a silly face. the giraffe is lined up so the eye of the giraffe is over one of the girls eyes
This photo makes me laugh every time. My daughter and the giraffe are one

UK entry only. If there are availability issues the promoter reserves the right to provide another animal from the range instead of the giraffe. All other T&Cs available in the widget.

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***Disclosure: We were sent the 3D Foam Giraffe Puzzle for honest review and we were also provided with one for a giveaway prize. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on the Amazon links I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you if you choose to do this.***

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