5 Car Hire Tips Every Traveller Should Know

(Collaborative guest post) Renting a car means you can explore your destination at your own pace. Discover quick and easy car rental tips to enjoy all the fun and freedom of car rental without stress.

A silver vauxhall zafira ready to be collected

1) Book your car before you start the trip

It is worth booking as soon as your trip is confirmed to avoid last-minute price increases and get the type of car you want. If you make a sudden trip, you can save money even if you book from the night before. Online reviews can help you choose a good rental company. Car rental companies are different, just like airlines. Some companies offer incredible prices but have service shortages. Others especially highlight the quality cars and the excellent customer service they offer, and their customers are willing to pay more. For example, if you are travelling in a region of Spain and are looking for an affordable car rental solution, you can use Record Go car hire services, which are affordable and offer 24-hour support for whatever you need.

2) Find the right time

Choose a delivery and delivery time that makes it easy for you. The car will often not be sat waiting for you if you don't arrive at the time you book. If picking your car up at the airport it can take at least an hour to go through the passport control, pick up your luggage and get to the car rental place, although this varies depending on the size of the airport. If you are flying to a popular destination in the high season it will take longer. When you return home by air, book the car return time about 2 hours before the departure of your flight. Car hire companies charge for late delivery, so leave plenty of time for the journey until the car returns.

3) Share the trip

Driving in a foreign country can be a bit more complicated than driving in your own country. There are different speed limits, new road signs and regulations that may surprise you. If you are travelling with other people, it is worth paying a little extra to ensure an extra driver can drive as well allowing you to share the ride between two (or more) people. Driving alternately means that everyone can take a break and enjoy the view.

4) Find out the details of your insurance

Rental cars include essential protection, but it does not cover all parts of the car. If you want more protection, you can buy more coverage when booking your car, buy insurance online from a security provider or buy it from car hire staff when you pick up your vehicle. You decide if you will buy extra coverage or not, but it is essential to check what is covered and what isn't ensuring that if something happens, you will not have an unpleasant financial surprise.

5) Read all the information carefully

Nobody wants to read the fine print - it's not the best. But it is worth taking a few minutes to understand exactly what you are buying and not have problems later. If you book online, you will find the Terms and Conditions of your car on the website, as well as in the confirmation of your reservation. So you can read them in peace before your trip.

When you pick up your rental car, the staff at the rental company will check your documents and receive a payment as a guarantee from your credit card. You will definitely need your driver's license, a credit card and an ID, but you may need other documents, so check your rental's specific Terms and Conditions before you start.

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