Review: Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

There is a lot to like about the Polly Pocket Advent calendar from Mattel. It is carefully thought out with a good selection of mini toys which should mean that you wont see that disappointed or confused face after any of the doors are opened. I was a big fan of Polly Pocket when I was a child so I was excited that my eldest wanted to buy some a few years ago. I wasn’t overly impressed with the redesigned dolls which had a sticky bit on their feet and could only stand on certain places, however the dolls seem to be reinvented again and the characters in this calendar are slightly bigger, but actually have legs and feet so they are easier to play with.

Some of the contents of the Polly Pocket Advent Calendar including a Christmas tree, a teddy and doll in ski's and a doll on a pony
There is a good range of mini toys inside the Polly Pocket Advent calendar

Polly Pocket Advent Calendar Review

What is in the Polly Pocket Advent Calendar 2021?

There is a great selection of surprises to be found behind each door in the Polly Pocket Advent Calendar, totalling 33 items in all (the manufacturer says 34 items so I'm guessing one of them comes apart in a way I haven't discovered, possibly the husky and it's sledge). 

After all doors are opened you will have:

  • 4 "micro" dolls (possibly meant to be mum, dad and 2 siblings) and a baby
  • Accessories for the dolls including clothes, ski’s and a snowboard
  • Items for the dolls to ride around on like a sleigh, pony and snow mobile
  • Items for the dolls to play with like a rocking horse, seesaw and teddy
  • Items to furnish their home eg a bed, fireplace and Christmas tree with hidden presents
  • 2 mini houses which look like a sauna/ shed and igloo
  • A snowman and penguins
  • A necklace and ring for the child.

all the contents of the pollu Pocket Advent calendar in the tray pulled out of the calendar
All the contents in the Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

Excitement Value?

There are 25 doors on this advent calendar so there is something to open every day up to and including Christmas morning. A nice touch is that Christmas Day’s door has a plastic present behind it which actually opens with 2 skirts inside so the dolls can dress up on Christmas Day.

On the back of the calendar is a picture of everything that is inside the calendar, but this can easily be removed after purchase to keep the surprise surprising for the child. I love that it comes off and think this is really nice touch.

The calendar opens up so it is more or less free standing. The calendar forms a snowy day backdrop with the items in the calendar and some of the bottom of the calendar can be popped up to make 3D cardboard props too.

The order of what is behind the doors seems to have been thought through with a doll behind door number 1. Combined with the backdrop that the calendar creates this means children can play straight away. Possibly the least interesting gift to find is a little comb to use on the pony which is behind door 24, but at least the pony is in the day before though. 

There does seem to be some duplication with some of the play sets available, but most of the pieces seem specific to the calendars. There is a lot of similar items to last year's calendar, but in different colours meaning huge Polly Pocket fans will be happy to get it again, but for others it's kinda a one year thing.

The surprise behind door 25 of the Polly Pocket calendar is a present with skirts inside
The advent calendar has 25 doors and this is what is waiting for Christmas Day

On the back of the box it shows everything in the calendar, but this can be easily removed to keep it all a surprise
After purchase you can easily remove the info sheet on the back to keep the contents secret until opened

The calendar is free standing
The free standing calendar opens into a backdrop for playing with the toys

What age is the Polly Pocket Advent Calendar Suitable for?

The calendar says suitable for age 4 plus, this will mainly be due to the small parts. Apparently the manufacturer recommends age 4 to 8, but my just turned 10 year old would love it so I think it will appeal as long as they like playing with little characters. It doesn’t feel babyish at all so this calendar will appeal to lots of Tween girls.

Overall I think the Polly Pocket advent calendar is great and sold at a price point I would expect for this sort of toy and contents. Definitely recommend.

Polly Pocket logo and a snow flake from the advent calendar box
Review of the Polly Pocket 2021 Advent Calendar

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