Tips on Creating a Stylish and Welcoming Family Home

You may feel that when you have a young family you can't have stylish home decor, but having children doesn't have to mean you have a boring, practical home. You can create a stylish home with that cosy, welcoming feel you crave. Sometimes all you need is a little creative encouragement, and hey presto, you have made a family home to be proud of. Not only will you feel great in it as it will boost your mood, but it will boost everyone else’s mood too. Your children will want to show off their home to their friends, as you will to your friends. Below are a few improvement tips to get you thinking...

A stylish looking playroom in a white and grey house
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Add that Personal Touch

Adding personal touches across the home really makes it something special. A few stylish items here and there can make your home feel like a home. That last thing you want is your home to have that showhouse feel, beautiful but lacking in personality. There are a lot of different ways you can do this too. Perhaps a showcase piece, this could be something you picked up from a charity store which you reupholstered. Maybe some interesting ornaments. What about some colourful throws, scatter cushions and stylish rugs. What about some family framed photos? For something truly original what about a custom LED neon sign in your family name or favourite phrase? If you can get your personality into the decor it will make it feel a lot more like your home.  Maybe let the kids do the same in their rooms, this will make them feel more included and they might even love them room enough to keep it tidy.

Keep Things Clutter-Free

This may well be easier to say than do when there are kids about, but ensuring your home is not cluttered is great for you and your family’s mental health. It is less stressful and depressing. Also, the kids will always be able to sit down somewhere to do their homework. Families need space, so declutter as best you can. In order to keep on top of it, you should devote at least half an hour or so each week to decluttering. Get your children to do the same in their rooms. A clutter-free space looks better and allows air and energy to flow more easily. 

Get Painting

Paint can be used to help you generate the mood you want in the home. That is because colour has a profound effect on the psyche. If you want to brighten your home up and make it appear bigger, use light paint. If you want something that will enhance creativity, especially in the kid's rooms, choose brighter colours. Think about the way you want to feel and learn about how colour can induce this feeling. 

Choose Appropriate Decor

Every room could have a unique personality, and you can adorn it in any way you see fit. One great way to create a sensation is to choose stylish lighting, every room needs lights, and you may as well use this to your advantage. The right lighting can give a room that wow factor. Again why not get your children involved to choose their own lights to boost their personality in their rooms?

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