Review: BIC Advent Calendar 2021

If you are looking for an advent calendar for stationery lovers have you considered this year's offering from BIC? There are 24 doors which when opened will lead to a wide collection of products including: pens, pencils, glue and rubber, highlighter and more, but is it worth it?

BIC Advent calendar close up for review
Review of BIC Advent Calendar

BIC 2021 Stationery Advent Calendar Review

What is in the BIC advent calendar?

  • blue and purple biros
  • a pencil
  • 6 colouring pencils 
  • 6 magic felt tips (including one in door 20 which changes the colours of the other 5)
  • a silver pen
  • a gold pen
  • a pink highlighter pen
  • a glue stick
  • a rubber
  • 2 “mini” 4 colour biros
  • colouring sheets
  • stickers
The calendar comes folded like an A4 book and opens up so it is self standing.

Image showing the 2021 BIC advent calendar standing up and all the stationery that is on the back
The calendar opens up to A3 size and is free standing

Close up of inside of the BIC advent calendar
There are 24 doors to open on the advent calendar

Excitement value?

The back of the BIC advent calendar shows you everything that is in it somewhat ruining the surprise if you are giving it to someone, but you wont know what day everything is in. Many of the items are the same shape and the doors are the same size which makes guessing harder.

Overall I think the calendar is a little disappointing for the price, and I say that as someone who loves stationery. This is mainly because 6 of the days contain a single colouring pencil, while a single pen I can get excited about, a colouring pencil doesn’t rock me in the same way, but you might be different.

With 24 days it ends on Christmas Eve with the final day being a lovely big door which when opened reveals… Christmas themed stickers. Anyone who has sneaked a look on the back will know that is the only thing left, but it might be a disappointment for anyone who isn't hugely excited by stickers.

All the contents behind each advent calendar door
The contents of the calendar spaced out behind each door

What is behind day 24 of the bIC advent calendar: large Christmas stickers
Christmas Eve, the final door has Christmas themed stickers

What age is the BIC advent calendar suitable for?

I’m a little unsure who the target market is for the BIC advent calendar, but it feels like they have made it only really exciting for a narrow age range. This is a shame as they could easily have made it appeal to more people. The stickers and simple colouring in sheet will appeal to younger children, but the “marking” pens in pink, silver and gold and biros are less suitable for that age range. The design on the inside doesn't instantly grab you, but it's quite cute and simple. The best age to get excited about the content might be around age 6 or 7?

As an adult I love stationery, but not enough of this calendar appeals to me for the price. The RRP is apparently £30, although it is widely on sale for less than that. While there is a premium for getting things in a calendar you could buy: a pack of colouring pencils, a pack of felt tips, a pack of biros, and a selection of pens for a better price, but that’s not as exciting right?

Young stationery lovers should love this calendar, but Tween age and older might be a little underwhelmed. While normally I like to keep advent calendar contents a surprise I would probably want to show my children the contents before buying to make sure it's really what they want.


  1. This is such a great idea but does seem overpriced especially when if you add everything up it comes to about £10 a the most. Such a shame. x

    1. I guess you could say the same about a chocolate advent calendar versus just buying a big bar of the chocolate, but if the RRP is £30 that seems pretty hard to justify. Especially as it's targeted at children


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