How To Make Your House Feel More Spacious

(Collaborative Post) With house prices ever on the rise moving isn’t an option for everyone, but if you are fed up with your house there are other options. Without building an extension or converting the loft you could make your space feel totally different and more spacious with a bit of investment.

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5 Ways To Make Your House Feel Bigger

Update Your Stairs

It’s a part of your house that you use multiple times a day without thinking, but the often overlooked staircase can make a huge difference to your home. Think of all those films where the heroine makes their entrance sweeping down a statement staircase. Now think of yours. Our worn beige carpet and functional hand rail is not a staircase for glamorous entrances.

You can totally transform part of your home by changing your staircase and Fontanot UK has plenty of fresh ideas. Depending on your budget you might just want to update the banisters with a fresh coat of paint or you could even consider having a wall removed and replacing your stairs, look at floating staircases uk sellers have that mean your stairway becomes part of the living room, or maybe even consider a spiral staircase. The extra space this opens up will make your house feel very different.

Bring the Outside In

If your house has a garden at the back then a great way to make your house feel more spacious and lighter is to transform your back wall into glass. By switching the bricks for full length windows or bifold doors it makes the garden feel more of a part of the house and creates a great feeling of openness. If you choose to have bifold doors then you can open the back of your house up completely in warmer weather making the garden an extension of the room.

Use Mirrors

It’s a simple trick, but mirrors really do make spaces feel bigger than they are. They also reflect light making dark rooms brighter. There are so many styles of mirror around that you will easily find some to your taste. Big mirrors can make real statements, but if you want something cheaper mirror tiles can be used to fill any size space and they often don’t need any great skill to put up as you can use adhesive instead of drilling holes.

Have a Clear Out

Have you ever moved house and wandered around for one last time after the removal company have taken everything? How much bigger does the place suddenly feel? The more furniture and clutter you have everywhere the more crowded it feels so another way to make your house feel more spacious is to have a good clear out. Be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t need. You might even make some money if you sell the items.

Review your furniture as well. Do you use it all? Is it the right size? Oversized furniture will take up space and make rooms more crowded so you might want to consider replacing some or moving them around so they fit the rooms better.

Review The Colours

In recent years there has been a trend to paint walls and furniture darker colours. This can make a house feel cozy and warm, but the downside is rooms often feel smaller. Brighter and lighter colours with cool tones make rooms feel larger and fresher. Even if your walls are already white then giving them a good clean or a refresh can make a difference. So get out that paint brush and transform your home now.

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