Review : Horrible Histories The Board Game

(AD - Gifted) My daughter has the books, watches some of the sketches on repeat and now we have the board game. It seems we can’t get enough of Horrible Histories. Horrible Histories appeals to my daughter because she loves the history facts which are shared in a fun way. There are lots of strange, wonderful and gruesome parts of history and the creators realise that these will appeal to children. History doesn’t need to be boring. Wicked Uncle sent us this board game and a second one to giveaway (giveaway now closed).

Contents of the Horrible histories board game box including board, question booklet, character pieces and dice
Horrible Histories The Board Game

Horrible Histories The Board Game Review

Horrible Histories The Board Game is aimed at children age 8 and upwards and can be played with 2 to 4 players. Some of the content might not be suitable for younger children and without some knowledge of history they might struggle to answer any questions, although they are multiple choice and I would imagine people have to guess most of the time anyway. 

Example questions:

True or false: British troops in World War II were issued with brown toilet rolls. (Answer true, basically for camouflage)

What useful thing did the watchmaker Andrew Cumming invent in 1775 that we still use today?
a) Elastic knickers,
b) roller skates,
c) a stink trap (answer c which is apparently the bend in the toilet pipe that stops smells coming up from the drains).

The Horrible Histories board game question booklets
There are lots of questions covering history from the Romans to The 20th Century

close up of the 3 dice, board game, board piece and question booklet
The question asked is decided by the number on the dice (in the order red, white, blue)

How To Play

You play the game by travelling around the board and through time from Romans to the 20th century. Players take it in turn to throw the 3 dice and move forwards the number shown on the white dice. If you land on a character space you are asked a question from the relevant time period (the question number is decided by the numbers on the dice) or you have to guess what an action is (effectively charades). The winner is whoever gets to the end first.

There are plenty of questions so you can probably play it a huge number of times and still get asked something new. Even if you don't it's a good thing if they remember the answer because it means they have actually learnt some history!

Close up of the Horrible History Board Game rules
The rules are pretty easy to pick up

A pile of Horrible Chance cards from the Horrible Histories game
There are Horrible Chance games which can be good or bad for you

Lots of people have been finding this post while searching for a pdf of the rules for Horrible Histories The Board Game. While I can't share the booklets with the questions in I have added a photo with the full rules below. If you are one of the people who have lost your instructions I hope this helps.

A copy of the rules for Horrible Histories The Board Game
Full rules for Horrible Histories The Board Game

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