3 Tips For Moving Family Abroad

Whether you are moving for work, for your partner’s work or you are seeking a better life for your family; moving abroad is an opportunity that is worth looking into!

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The day to day living of life in your home country where you grew up and our parents grew up is often lacking in excitement. To think about tapping into life with your family in a different country, you’re already breaking the mould. It’s an exciting challenge, and it’s important to remember that it is one that has been taken on by many people before you so you can get plenty of advice. 

This is your own journey. Take on these important tips to start making plans to move abroad:

Do Your Research 

Tapping into living abroad is an exciting thought. When it comes to thinking about moving your whole family, the to-do list is overwhelming. Before you start thinking about the minor details though do your research. 

There are so many families out there who have made this bold move, and with that comes lots of information and important advice. Delve deep, find groups on social media that focus on families moving abroad, and speak to others about their experiences. When looking into countries to move to, this could be a great comfort.

If that’s doesn’t seem enough, consider going there on holiday before you plan your move. 

What to Think About When Packing

The most important thing to remember is that, when you pack, you don’t have to take everything. For what you cannot take, considering buying self-storage until you are settled or even for a later date is a great idea. 

Moving abroad is a great opportunity to downsize your possessions and look into what you and your family really need. However, some things are non-negotiable. 

When it comes to medications or items produced in your country of residence, look into whether it’s accessible in the country you are moving to. Again, social media may help in this instance. 

For important items, you can speak to your local pharmacist, doctor, or even your local shop to see if they can post the items across. Having these little things in place can save a lot of stress once you have moved. 

Schools and Community

The one thing that holds families back from moving abroad is changing their child’s environment. While this is a big change, finding the right school will help integrate your kids into their new environment. 

There are international schools all across the world that offer an immersive and inclusive learning environment for expat and local children. International schools offer the benefit of having similar curriculums to their representing country, so your child’s education is not affected by the move.

No matter what international school you choose, as you meet the parents, you’ll find a sense of community that you will soon become part of as you settle into life abroad. 

Restarting your life abroad is a big and bold move for your family. By doing your research, you might find that there is already a community waiting for you on the other side. By covering the essentials and looking into schools, and the parents behind them, you and your kids will soon adapt to this exciting new opportunity.

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