Review: My Magic Pet Morphle Preschooler toys

Have you heard of My Magic Pet Morphle?

(AD Gifted) If you are wondering what Morphle is all about then let me fill you in. Morphle is a cute red character my younger children love to watch on YouTube so I have been told all about it in great detail! The animated children’s programme My Magic Pet Morphle is centred around the adventures of Mila and her (guess what?) pet Morphle. Morphle isn’t a normal pet though, it can morph (or transform) into anything that Mila imagines. Across the series you can see Morphle being everything from a puppy to a dragon and a lorry. 

In their natural state Morphle is a small red round shape with short arms and legs, long droopy ears and big cute eyes. When Morphle transforms they get the ability to do whatever they have turned into while retaining their face and the ability to talk. Morphle is described by some fans as male, but I haven't seen any references in the programmes to a gender.

A toddler hugging Morphle toys
My children are big fans of Morphle

As well as YouTube Morphle can be watched on Netflix and Tiny Pop. The series is aimed at preschoolers and encourages the ideas of friendship, problem solving and imagination. In one episode a farm gets damaged by Orphle (a mischievous character that looks like Morphle but in green) so Mila gets Morphle to turn into a crane to fix the hen house, a sheep dog to round up the cows back into the barn, a road sweeper to clean up the flour and then a robot to carry ingredients back to be made into a cake. 

The animation is a similar style to a lot of the videos my children watch on YouTube with clean lines and stylised characters (who all have big eyes) and it really appeals to them. The stories are short so they don’t need a lot of attention.

Morphle Toy Review

There is a whole range of Morphle toys available to tie in with the rising popularity of the programme with preschoolers. We received a plush, some vehicles and a dough set to review, but you can also get figures and a larger talking plush. The toys are manufactured by Character and My Magic Pet Morphle is copyrighted by Moonbug.

Morphle toys which are all red. There is a red case a red plush and 2 red small vehicles with the girl Mila in
Some Of The Morphle Preschooler Toy Range

Morphle Plush

The regular Morphle Plush is about 17cm tall (from the tip of it’s ears to the bottom of it’s feet), it is super soft and red. There are 3 different versions, each with a different facial expression. The Morphle we received looks surprised (if you order from Amazon online you will get one at random). The plush is suitable for children aged 2 and upwards and the ears, legs and arms are a good size for little hands to grab onto so you know it's one of those toys they will end up carrying around with them.

Buy the Morphle Plush here (Amazon Affiliate link)

a young girl holding a red Morphle plush toy
The Morphle plush toys are cute and soft

Morphle Mini Vehicles

We received two of the Morphle Mini Vehicles to review. There are 4 styles to collect including a racing car, a dumper truck, an Alicorn and a T-rex.  We have the truck and dinosaur ones. The push along toys are all a similar size (approx 10cm long and 7cm tall)  and have 4 small red wheels. Each is a representation of something Morphle has turned into with Mila riding on it, Mila can't be removed.  The toys are a good chunky design for little hands and it’s great that they are suitable for children aged 2 and upwards. They are a firm, but very slightly squishy plastic. By the way an Alicorn (as a my eldest has told me on numerous occasions thanks to My Little Pony) is a unicorn with wings, as opposed to a pegasus which is a horse with wings, or a unicorn which is a horse with a horn, got it?

On smooth surfaces the small wheels mean the vehicles will move along a short distance on their own when pushed, but on carpet they will need to be moved along. They are big enough that they shouldn’t disappear under furniture too easily, but small enough they can fit on some tracks and roads we have for other toys.

Buy the Morphle Mini Vehicles here (Amazon Affiliate link)

A close up of 2 of the Morphle toy vehicle toys one is a truck and the other a dinosaur
Two Of The Morphle Mini Vehicles

Morphle mini vehicle toys with Mila sitting on them being played with by siblings
Enjoying playing with the toys

Morphle Dough Carry Case

If they were just going to have one Morphle licensed toy on sale it would have to be this. A character that morphs into everything NEEDS to have a dough set and of course the red case HAD to have Morphle’s face on the side of it. The plastic carry case has a handy carrying handle and not only does it easily fit all the pieces inside of it, but it has space for a few other modelling bits inside too so it’s a great way to keep your modelling stuff together. The contents is very much on the theme of the programme and has items so you can create Morphle and Mila. There are four tubs of soft dough for modelling and I like that two are red so you can create larger Morphle items, one tub is blue (to create Mila) and one is green, I assume to create Orphle.

If you are the sort of person that doesn’t like to have different Play-Doh colours mixed together then you will love the Morphle Dough Case as creating the individual characters discourages the mixing of the colours of dough. It even comes with a couple of pairs of those large plastic eyes so you can make characters see without mixing colours.

The kit has four "cookie cutters": two in a Morphle/ Orphle shape, one Morphle shark shape and one of Mila. Children can also make a 3D Morphle with a clam shape mould and design anything their imagination can think of with a pair of plastic scissors (for cutting the dough, not anything harder) and a double ended plastic modelling tool. The Dough Carry Case is suitable for children age 3 and up.

I like that this set encourages children to make the characters and even to recreate episodes or imagine new plot lines.

You can buy the Morphle Dough Carry Case from The Entertainer

A preschooler playing with the Morphle dough set
The dough set is suitable for age 3 and upwards

adding large eyes to a 3D red character Morphle made from dough
You can make Mophle and Mila characters and add eyes

The Morphle modelling dough set
The set has red, green and blue modelling dough

An Orphle character made from dough
Orphle from Morphle made from green soft dough

***Disclosure: the toys were sent for honest review***

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