Are Palm Pals washable?

Collaborative post by another author. Taking your favourite Palm Pals cuddly toy out and about with you is the easiest way to make your day more exciting – but extra playtime and adventures can create mucky mates.

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    What is the best way to clean your Palm Pal?

So, is your Palm Pal washable?

Official advice from Aurora World, Inc.

Like most soft toy manufacturers, Aurora World, Inc. doesn’t recommend that you wash their Palm Pal soft toys in the washing machine. 

Washing tips 

Instead they recommend that you hand wash only, without dry cleaning or ironing your toy.

Try to use cooler water and a gentle soap when surface washing to avoid heat and chemical damage. Similarly, try not to fully submerge or soak the toy, as this can affect the fillings and the external textures of the plushie. 

Drying tips

The best way to dry your toy is to roll them gently in a towel to remove the excess water. Then, leave them out in the sunshine on a warm day – either on a washing line or drying rack. 

However, you need to be sure that your toy dries all the way through, otherwise it can become a breeding ground for mould.  

Following these tips and being careful to limit extreme friction or wetness will mean that your soft toy will stay safe, looking and smelling better for many cuddles to come. 

Why do you need to be careful about washing soft toys? 

Some soft toys are manufactured from a range of fabrics, stuffing, and pellets, all of which can be affected by the physical action and detergents associated with machine washing. 

This can mean that if you chuck it into the washing machine and hope for the best, the fluffy body of your latest collectable could be ruined – and all the soft fuzz gone forever. 

As such, it is important to consider the following if your Palm Pal is looking a little more crusty than cute:

  • Always get washing advice from the manufacturer themselves, where possible

While there may be many articles and videos online outlining how to wash your beloved plushie, results can’t be guaranteed if you don’t have the same detergents and washing facilities. 

  • Spot test is best 

If you are planning to wash your toy yourself, spot test a discreet section and wait for it to dry completely before you check the results. If damage does occur, this will limit the damage and could save your fuzzy friend from washing woes.

  • Gentle, low, and slow 

When washing soft toys, most damage occurs from too-high temperatures, overly fast spins, and very strong detergents. 

As such, if you are going to wash your plushie pal in the washing machine – regardless of the advice from manufacturers – it’s best to opt for gentle detergents, cooler water, and delicate cycles.

Palm Pals For All ages 

Small in size but with giant personalities, Palm Pals make wonderful companions and gifts. 

So, no matter if your most recent Palm Pal purchase is for a little one, an older relative or a friend that needs a pick-me-up, you know they will be thrilled with their newest soft toy. 

Just be sure to purchase your Palm Pal from a trusted supplier for maximum enjoyment! 

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