Styling Tips for Your New Divan Bed

Collaborative post. Picking out a divan bed frame is the first fun step to making your bedroom a peaceful, welcoming space. 

Think about what type of frame you want and how to accessorise it to really show your personal flair. Small touches like cosy pillows, a soft blanket at the foot of the bed, and an area rug underneath—these details go a long way.

Divan bed from Bedstar with a blue divan and headboard

Choosing Your Divan Frame

When choosing a divan, the frame colour sets the tone for your whole room. Go classic with neutral beiges, greys, and whites - they match any traditional style. Or create a cosy retreat with the warmth of a walnut or espresso wood frame. Feeling bold? Make a dramatic statement with a vibrant emerald or navy base.

The fabric is critical, too. Buttery soft velvets or faux fur say pure luxury. Linens and cottons keep things relaxed and casual. Faux leather and vinyl frames add a sleek, contemporary edge. And who can resist the snuggly appeal of teddy bear and chenille fabrics? Pick whichever material fits the interior design and ambience you want.

Dress the Bed

Your bedding is key for complementing your frame's colour and texture. Light cotton duvet covers add an airy feel for summer. But when it's chilly, sink into the plush cosiness of brushed cotton or flannel fabrics.

Go grand with piles of pillows so you can lounge in comfort. Mix up the fills too - down, memory foam, poly - for softness and visual dynamics. Play with different shapes and stack pillows high. Steer clear of perfectly matched sets for a relaxed yet luxurious vibe.

If you chose a divan with storage drawers, have fun coordinating drawer knobs and buttons. Chrome for a modern look, crystal, or ceramic knobs to convey traditional glam. You can even upholster the drawers in a coordinating or contrasting fabric.

Pale pink divan bed

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Shine 2000 Pocket Spring Double Divan Bed. Priced £868 (Save £174 on RRP) Available from Bedstar. 

For indulgence, drape a throw blanket at the foot of the bed, ideally cashmere, merino wool, or faux fur. Finish off with lamps or overhead pendant lighting that casts a cosy glow when it's time to turn in for the night. With thoughtful details that channel your style, your divan becomes a welcoming sanctuary after a long day.

Add Accent Layers

Start by folding a knit, cable knit, or merino wool throw at the foot of the bed. Neutral solids or simple geometric prints give a polished, elegant look.

Add cushions in soft fabrics that make your divan bed inviting. Velvet and faux fur feel straight-up glamorous when you lean back. Linen, tweed, and embroidered accents lend interest with extra texture and style.

And don't forget the lighting. Ambient bedside lamps or pendant fixtures above bathe your divan in a warm glow for the ultimate, inviting feel.

Make a Feature Wall

Remember the area behind your divan - this blank canvas is perfect for creating a stunning feature wall. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, or traditional, a thoughtfully designed feature wall becomes a focal point.

black divan bed with black headboard with white mattress and pillows

Pictured: Sleepeezee G2 Memory Double Divan Bed. Priced £1099 (Save £339 on RRP) Available form Bedstar. 

If your divan frame has a bold colour or print, keep the feature wall neutral with painted wood panels or breezy linen. This allows the bed to shine while providing an airy backdrop when lounging.

For a cosy cottage look, panel the wall with reclaimed barn wood in weathered grey and white. Hang an antique mirror or wreath for timeless appeal. Or install wood-look porcelain tiles from floor to ceiling for earthy texture that’s easy to wipe clean. 

Summing Up

Creating a divan bed oasis that reflects your style is a labour of love. Take the time to thoughtfully consider each element - the frame, bedding, lighting, accent layers, and feature wall d├ęcor. Tie everything together through a standard colour scheme, texture, or pattern to create a cohesive bedroom design that works.

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