Mini Me Matching Great Gift Ideas for Mother and Child

(AD - Contains Affiliate Links)  When children are small they often find it confusing when someone in their house gets a present and they don't, surely it should all be about them right? For years I was lucky if I got to open my own presents. There have even been occasions when my children have claimed the present is theirs too! So cheeky.  And then there are the presents they have bought me because it's actually what they wanted, "oh thank your for the lovely doll honey". A matching item is a cute way to make sure they don't feel left out while giving a gift to Mum that she will love. 

These super cute Mini Me matching items make a great present for Mother’s Day with a big version for mum and a little version for the child. Whether you are looking to get a present for a mum and daughter or mum and son there are some great ideas from small UK businesses on Etsy. Please note in most cases you need to buy the matching items separately.

If after these ideas you still need help to find the perfect present then check out Etsy's Gift Mode. You can get great gifts from small businesses when you are short on inspiration. Simply choose who you are buying for, what the occasion is and some of their interests and you'll get a range of suggestions.

Mini Me Matching Gift Ideas For Mother And Child

Mini Me Matching Clothes from Etsy

Etsy has a great range of matching sweatshirt designs that are perfect to give to a mum and their child. These are some of my favourites:

Just4Everyone have sweatshirts and t-shirts with "Mama" and "Little Man" on. Child size goes up to 11/12 years and adults to 2XL. The tops are available in six different colours and the writing is printed on.

Check them out here.

Matching grey sweatshirts from Just4Everyone with Mama and Little Man on
Matching sweatshirts from Just4Everyone

MakingItPersonalUK have a lovely range of sweatshirts with "Mama" and "Mini" with a heart underneath, making them great for daughter's or son's. The child size goes up to age 12/13 and adults to 3XL. They have an impressive 26 colour tops to choose from and a choice of white, grey or pink for the printing. 

Check them out here.

Matching pink sweatshirts from MakingItPersonalUK with Mama and Mini on
Matching sweatshirts from MakingItPersonalUK

AllAboutTheBump have a nice take on the matching sweatshirts with "Girl Mama" and "Mama's Girl" printed on to white sweatshirts or baby vests. (When in stock) the children's sweatshirts are available up to size 5-6 and adults up to 2XL.

Check them out here.

Matching white sweatshirts from AllAboutTheBump with Girl Mama and Mama's girl print
Matching sweatshirts from AllAboutTheBump

TritonShopCo have something a little different with these hoody designs. The adult designs come in 9 + colours and the children's in 7 + colours. The children's sizes are from age 3-4 to 13-14 and the adults go up to 2XL.

Check them out here.

Matching hoodies by TritonShopCo with mini and mama print and drinks
Matching hoodies by TritonShopCo

I love the design of these "Mama Bear" and "Baby Bear" t-shirts complete with a black bear with floral cut out from PinkPositiveShop. The children's top are available up to age 11-12 and adults up to 2XL. Baby Bear top only available in white, but adult top currently availably in white, peach or dust blue. 

Check them out here.

Matching white t-shirts from PinkPositiveShop with Mama Bear and Baby Bear print
Matching t-shirts from PinkPositiveShop

Non-Clothing Matching Gift Ideas

These mugs from PomchickGift are adorable. The ceramic mugs are available in two sizes and there are discounts if you buy more than one. There is a choice of five different designs which are all really cute with two characters on each. You can also choose the text to add to each mug which means that it doesn't matter whether they are Mum, Mummy, Mom, Mamma or some more original variation you can have a lovely matching design.

Check them out here.

Matching mugs from PomchickGift in child and adult size with planet design
Matching mugs from PomchickGift

These wooden boards come in a set of two from Woodnshapes.  There is a choice of the words "cooking" or "baking". One board says "Mummy's board. I ♡ cooking with" child's name and a smaller one says: child's name "board. I ♡ cooking with Mummy".

Check them out here.

Matching chopping boards from Woodnshapes with Mummy's board and Lily's board engraving
Matching chopping boards from Woodnshapes

You could always double up the chopping board presents with matching aprons too like these from OhSoBeautifulGifts. You can choose the role and names on each apron, but I like the idea of "Chef Mummy" and "Little Helper" with the child's name. Different size aprons available and you can choose the printing colour too. 

Check them out here. 

Matching white aprons from OhSoBeautifulGifts with chef daddy and little helper millie print
Matching aprons from OhSoBeautifulGifts

Adult to Adult Matching Gift

Matching presents don't need to just be for adults and their children, this cute keyring from HoneyAndWildCo makes a lovely gift for mother's and their adult daughter. You can choose a pair of wooden or clear acrylic keyrings, one saying "like mother", the other "like daughter", when put together they make a heart shape. 

Check them out here.

Matching keyrings from HoneyAndWildCo with Like Mother on one and like Daughter on the other
Matching keyrings from HoneyAndWildCo

Disclosure: This post is showcasing a range of brilliant Etsy products and the Etsy Gift Mode. Links are affiliate links so if you click through and make a purchase I might make a small commission, thank you if you choose to do this. This is an entry into an affiliate competition. 

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