Why glasses are the most intimate accessory?

Collaborative post by another author. Gone are the days when glasses were just vision correction devices. With time, glasses have become the most intimate fashion accessory. An accessory that experiences every emotion with us. The daily ritual of searching for your glasses even when they are resting on your head is what we can’t ignore now! And has someone ever talked about the bond they create?

Image of a women in glasses smiling, from freepik

Glasses create a unique bond with the owner and hide and seek is their favourite game to play. But the twist is that only glasses are the ones who hide. And no wonder the game irritates us because it's us, the owners who hide the glasses! 

With time you get used to something sitting on your nose. However, contact lenses can replace them but only on certain occasions. Our glasses represent a lot about our personality. It helps us to be bold, classy and confident, making our vision clearer, our glasses help us to observe. And getting the option of thousands of frames just like Specscart gives is something you just can’t ignore. 

No matter what outfit you wear they won’t disappoint. They add glam to your personality which is unmatchable. Are you ready to relate with us? So let’s discuss the relationship between you and your glasses and see how they have done wonders for your personality from day one. 

Stylish and Evergreen Accessory 

Eyeglasses are necessary when we are living in this digital era. Some may wear it for physical appearance and some for eyewear conditions, including protection from blue light. You just need two weeks to get habitual to your glasses. Once you start wearing them regularly, there is no looking back.

They will soon be a part of your body. No one would ever comment that glasses aren’t looking good! All you will get to listen to is either “nice glasses” or “what’s your power?” That depends on you now how you style. Your oversized glasses are perfect for your regular outfits, portraying the knowledge and dedication you have. 

Makes a person more approachable 

Anyone with glasses looks decent and knowledgeable. Going on a date for the first time? Just tell your partner what frame you are wearing, and you will be recognized in minutes. Easy trick, right? 

Also, according to various studies, it is noticed that people who wear glasses are more approachable and trustworthy. Be it a casual day or a special event, if you are someone who wears glasses people won’t be able to resist themselves looking at you. All you need to find is the right pair of glasses that blend well with your facial features. 


According to various reports, it is seen women are attracted to men who wear glasses. This is because men in glasses look trustworthy and reliable. What do they search for? They search for a man who they can rely on and can be honest. 

Yes, men with glasses are promise-keepers and there are fewer chances they will ditch their women. However, glasses make you look professional and genuine. People before meeting you meet your frame. These frames are not just responsible for framing your eyes, but they also frame new relationships be they professional or personal. 

Reveals your personality 

Your glasses represent a lot about your personality. It reflects your personality, by providing others a picture of what style you prefer. From funky frames to minimalist designs, each pair of glasses weaves its own story. Wearing a bold frame showcases your personality with flair.

A personality that everyone needs to be with! The glasses you wear speak a lot about tastes, interests, and outlook in life, making your glasses a personal and intimate fashion accessory. 

Highlights your confidence 

It is said people with glasses are more likely to be hired for the job. This is because their confidence speaks through their spectacles. Once upon a time glasses might have been claimed to be an accessory for nerds. But now those nerds out shine those without glasses. 

Just the way one applies makeup to boost confidence, similarly considering glasses as a part of your makeup will act as a cherry on top. All you need to work on is selecting the right frames. The glasses frame that you choose should compliment your face shape. Check the face shape guide and select the best colour and frame as your confidence enhancer. 


Glasses are directly linked to emotions. The values and emotional bond you share with them are unmatchable. The first thing you search for in the morning is your glasses because they help you to see the world clearly. This intimate relationship should be recognised and valued. 

Nowadays wearing glasses is not boring. Instead, they add a boost to your overall look making you appear more confident, smart and attractive. Your dates will be fun and you will be able to spread your knowledge to the world. 

But, remember selecting the right frame is of utmost importance. Select a pair that blends well with your face shape, makeup and skin tone. You can check out Specscart’s face shape guide to find the right frame for your face shape.

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