Review & Giveaway: Glitterify Me Glitter Tattoo Kits

AD Glitterify Me have a range of glitter tattoo kits making it easy to do glitter tattoos at home, on the go, at a festival or where ever you fancy a little bit of sparkle. They are a fun way to accessorise children before a day out or party. Glitterify Me glitter tattoos are easy to do and last for weeks if applied carefully. Read this post to find out why we like the Glitterify Me glitter tattoo kits, enter a giveaway to win a pack below and grab a discount code to save money on your purchase.

The contents of the Glitterify Me small glitter kits including stencils, 4 glitter pots, glue and applicator brush
There are a range of glitter tattoo kits available to buy from Glitterify Me

Glitterify Me Glitter Tattoo Kit Review

We were sent the My First Glitter Tattoo kit which is one of the 4 colour sets from Glitterify Me. We found the kit was easy to use, with clear, simple instructions and we were able to get attractive results from our very first try. The kits in this range contain 4 pots of different coloured cosmetic glitter and 24 stencils. The stick on stencils come in 6 sheets with 4 designs on each sheet (some are repeated). You need to cut the backing sheets into the separate stencils to make it easy to apply them.  The kit also contains cosmetic glue for applying the glitter and an applicator brush. You can see the colours and stencils in each kit on the Glitterify Me website.

Glitterify Me also have a range of kits which contain biodegradable glitter in 8 colours, 48 stencils (including 12 larger designs) and a dusting brush as well as the glue and applicator brush that you get in the smaller sets.  

Holding my first glitter tattoo kit box
Glitter kit received for review

What Makes Glitterify Me Glitter Kits Different From Other Brands?

  • The tattoos are waterproof so they will stay on when washing or swimming. Care needs to be taken when wet not to rub them, but my daughters has survived 5 baths so far.
  • According to the manufacturer the glitter tattoos can stay on for 8 to 16 days which is longer than any other glitter tattoos we have tried.
  • There is a generous amount of glitter and glue which means there should be enough left over after you have used all the tattoos to create some freehand designs.
  • They are vegan and not tested on animals.
  • The kits are made entirely in the EU. Some brands sell products which are made in countries with less stringent controls and repackaged in the EU which allows them to claim to be an EU product. Glitterify Me glitter and glue is cosmetic grade and manufactured in Germany and registered on the EU cosmetic portal. The stencils and packaging are made in Hungary.
  • The kits are suitable to be used on children age 4 years and older.

A lizard glitter tattoo in blue and gold on a child's arm from Glitterify Me
A lizard glitter tattoo in two colours: blue and gold

Tips for applying glitter tattoos to help them last longer

  • If you haven’t done a glitter tattoo before start with a stencil that doesn’t have any fiddly bits because they are a bit trickier.
  • Ensure the stencil sticker is completely stuck to the body so the glue doesn’t seep underneath it.
  • Apply just a fine layer of glue and leave it until it turns clear before you add the glitter.
  • Make sure you get the glue and glitter right to the edges of the shape and in any detailed areas.
  • Peel off the stencil carefully and before the glue is completely dry (I haven’t had a problem with Glitterify Me but with other brands we have used the tattoo partially peels off a bit with the stencil if left on too long).
  • You don’t need to just have one colour tattoo, experiment with applying multiple colours in different patterns for fun designs.

The glue nearly clear on a lizard tattoo and ready to apply glitter
Apply the glue in a thin layer and let it dry clear

Applying gold glitter to a lizard glitter tattoo pattern
Glitter can be applied creatively for fun designs

  • The tattoos are waterproof, but after a long soak make sure the tattoo is left to air dry or patted gently to ensure it isn’t rubbed off.
  • When you want to remove the tattoo apply baby oil and rub in circles.
  • Avoid areas of the body that will get rubbed a lot by clothes (or anything else) to maximise how long they stay looking good.
  • Apply at least 2cm away from eyes, mouth and any broken or damaged skin.
  • While you can reuse the stencils the adhesive which holds them flat to the skin isn’t so good after the first use so you are unlikely to get crisp lines. 

the 4 different kits in the smaller size glitterify me glitter kits
Giveaway winner will win one of these glitter tattoo kits

Giveaway and Discount Code

To win a set of your choice from the Premium Glitter Tattoo range (as pictured above) from Glitterify Me enter via the Rafflecopter widget below before midnight on Sunday 26th June. UK entry only, full T&C's in widget, winner selected at random.

To buy your own set head to the Glitter Kit shop and use code "22count2ten" for an 8% discount until 31st December 2022. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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