Little Tikes Games Night: Crazy Blender and Hot Hoops Review

We were invited to take part in a Kids versus Parents games night by Little Tikes. They sent us 2 Little Tikes board games and everything we needed for a great evening (well afternoon) which would include food, a film and a medal. We were sent Little Tikes Crazy Blender and Hot Hoops to review as part of our games night and had a lot of fun as you can see in our YouTube Video.

Two children looking at the Crazy Blender next to the packaging in front of a blackboard saying Kids and Adults

We set up a black board to record our scores and tried out the Crazy Blender game first.

Little Tikes Crazy Blender Game

This game is definitely a little crazy and not one to play if you want everyone to calm down before bed. You basically get a a friendly looking yellow toy blender that spins around madly while you try and put all your cards in to win the game. The game is complicated by only being able to put your card in if the fruit matches and that the blender likes to chuck out cards every so often which you have to pick up if it’s your turn.

We all loved the game and there were constant shrieks of laughter. There were also quite a few mistakes and cheating. The instructions aren’t hard, but the game is so fast paced it can take a little while to remember how to do it. My toddler decided she wanted to play too even though she is much younger than the recommended age of 5 so we had to help her out as it was too fast paced for her to keep up.

A child putting a apple and blackberry card into the Little Tikes Crazy Blender

Tensions mount in the Little Tikes Crazy Blender game

How To Set Up and Play The Little Tikes Crazy Blender Game

The Crazy Blender game is recommended for age 5 plus and suitable for 2 to 4 players. To set it up you need to put in 3 AA batteries in the screwed shut battery compartment, add the sticker mouth and plastic hands. As well as the blender you have 25 fruit cards.

You put the blender in the middle of the table and every player gets 3 cards fruit side up in front of them. The rest of the cards are placed ice cream side up next to the blender, turn on the blender and you are ready to go.

The player who ate fruit most recently is the first player, which is a nice alternative to youngest starting first. They say out loud the fruit on the front of the card and say “your turn”. The player on their left then chooses one of their cards which matches the last fruit on the original card. They then say the fruit on their card out loud as they put it in the blender followed by “your turn”. If they can’t go they pick up a card from the pile. The aim is to be first person to get rid of all the cards, which is complicated by the Crazy blender occasionally spitting out one of the cards which goes to who ever is having a turn.

The Crazy Blender with a card in and cards on the table

Next we moved on to the Little Tikes Hot Hoops Game

Little Tikes Hot Hoops Game

Hot Hoops is a one or two player game where you shoot your miniature balls into your hoop to score baskets. Very simple to play, but my 7 year old really enjoyed it, especially that she could play it on her own so she couldn’t lose! 

Game play of the Little Tikes Hot Hoops game with a ball in the air heading towards the hoop

A 7 year old cheering for winning Little Tikes Hot Hoops Game

How To Set Up And Play The Little Tikes Hot Hoops Game

Before you play for the first time you need to add the stickers on to the court and side of the game. On subsequent occasions you just need to put it on a flat surface then unfold each shooting end of the game.

You can either play Hot Hoops on your own to improve your shooting skills or as a 2 player game and you need to set up the handle and ball shoot as described in the instructions so the ball either goes to the other player or back to you. You score by getting your ball in the hoop. In 2 player mode when you score your ball goes through to the opposite players court. The winner is whoever gets all the balls out of their court first. Simples.

I think it is great how the game folds up to take less space and the balls are stored in the base of the game so you shouldn’t lose them.

a hand on the trigger motion about to hire a ball in Little Tikes Hot Hoops game review

Close up photo of compartment in the bottom of the Little Tikes Hot Hoops game where the little plastic basketballs are kept

Lessons Learnt from our Family Games Night

My children aren’t very good at taking turns
They love to win
They are happy to cheat
They aren’t very good at following instructions
It is a lot of fun to play games with your family. The happy faces and shrieks of laughter are still ringing in my ears.

We definitely needed some quiet time on the sofa to calm down afterwards before having our dinner. Everyone should have a Family Games Afternoon regularly and I think we will aim to do something at least once a month. Maybe not when I have a headache though!

A child writing happily on a blackboard that the children won

A happy child holding a blackboard saying "Kids Win" and wearing a winners medal

A girl eating spaghetti. Chalk board in background has win crossed out and cheat written instead so it says "Kids Cheat"

***Disclosure: we were sent the Little Tikes Board Games to review and provided with a few bits for our Games Night including vouchers for food and a film***

 Games Night With Little Tikes. Crazy Blender and Hot Hoops review

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