Rainbow Themed Gift Guide for Newborns to Adults

Rainbows represent hope following a storm. They are beautiful and they can take your breath away.  I am planning for the birth of my rainbow baby in January (a baby born after loss) so rainbows now mean even more to me. Whether you are buying a present for a family welcoming a rainbow baby, to celebrate gay pride or just someone who loves to see a rainbow when it has been raining here are a selection of presents that might be perfect. 

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Rainbow themed gift ideas suitable for newborns through to children and adults

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If you are looking to add more rainbows to your Christmas check out this round up of rainbow Christmas decorations.

Grimm's Rainbow 

Is it a toy, is it a work of art? The Grimm's Rainbows are many things, but most of all they are beautiful. The rainbows come in a variety of sizes and colours, but they are all individually carved from a single piece of wood. Great for encouraging creative play in children and adults alike, no one seems able to walk past mine without touching it. These rainbows make a perfect present for any age, pictured is the medium Grimm's rainbow which costs around £59.95.

A photo of a wooden toy in all of the colours of the rainbow from Grimm's

Rainbow Science Gifts

With these gifts for children they can make their own rainbows, the (AL) Rainbow Lab from Galt is suitable for 5 years upwards (from £12.99) and (AL) Rainbow Science from John Adams is suitable for age 8 plus (from £19.99). 

Rainbow Toys 

If you want to buy a rainbow gift for a younger child then how about a (AL) Rainbow Aquadoodle (around £19.99) and suitable for age 18 months plus, they are a fun way of using just water to create temporary art or a (AL) Cheer Care Bear plush toy with a rainbow on it's tummy suitable suitable for age 2 years up RRP £18.95)?

Sticky Notes from Mustard

A little pack of (AL) sticky note paper in a rainbow which can even stand up on a desk, these are a lovely way to bring a bit of colour and rainbow love to an office space and it will be loved by teenagers too. RRP £4

A stack of semi circle sticky notes in rainbow colours creating a 3d rainbow shape

Rainbow Neon Crayon 

An easy way to make rainbows with this (AL) crayon, lots of fun for toddlers to make rainbow patterns on paper. Costs around £2.50.

A big fat crayon with 6 colours stuck together

Rainbow Jewellery

Etsy has a selection of beautiful rainbow jewellery from small businesses including: this (AL) "Storms don't last forever" rainbow pin badge and this (AL) bird and rainbow necklace.

Rainbow Cake from The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery make the nicest sponge cakes I think I have ever tasted. Their rainbow cakes are beautiful as well as delicious and will make a lovely present for cake lovers. They come in a range of sizes starting at £30.95 for a 6 inch cake, and while they aren’t cheap they aren’t a cake you forget in a hurry. Most excitingly (for me anyway) they now make Vegan/ Dairy free cakes so I can happily enjoy their cakes. You can order the cake to collect from any of the Hummingbird Bakery stores (there a 6 in London) for a delicious rainbow gift.

A cake covered in frosting and rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands, with a slice taken out to reveal 6 different coloured layers of sponge
Photo credit: Benjamin C. M. Backhouse

Unicorn Rainbow Poop by Emma Adams from Scholastic

A picture book makes a lovely present for young children and this new book (AL) Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop from Scholastic will make a lovely addition to any book collection. It's a slightly silly story about a special Unicorn visitor who was a little bit shy, but discovers friendship and acceptance. I love the beautiful bright pictures and my youngest asked for it to be read 3 times on the first read through. £6.99 RRP, also available on Kindle (Gifted for Review)

Front cover of a children's book showing a unicorn and poop

A colourful page showing lots of mythical creatures having a party

Rainbow Story Stones

Story stones are a lovely way to encourage children to create stories or to explore ideas. My Story Stones Rock are a beautiful example and they (AL) sell a set of weather related ones and (AL) magical mythical story stones on Etsy, both of which include a rainbow stone.

Rainbow Clothes

Rainbows on both children’s and adults clothes are really popular at the moment. Two of my favourite brands for rainbow clothing are Frugi and Little Bird at Mothercare.

A toddler wearing rainbow coloured trousers and a grey t-shirt with a rainbow on

My Very Own Rainbow from Brainstorm

Who doesn’t want a rainbow in their bedroom? This (AL) rainbow light projector from Brainstorm creates a temporary rainbow on the bedroom wall which will last just long enough for little ones to fall asleep. We've had this light for a few years and I love it.

A girl lying in bed looking at a rainbow projected on to the wall

Rainbow Rug 

Perfect for a nursery, children’s room or anywhere that needs brightening up, this rainbow rug from Mothercare helps bring the rainbow theme to your home decor.

A rainbow rug sat on by a baby eating a cupcake

Rainbow Cushion

Another idea to bring rainbows into your interiors is this (AL) rainbow scatter cushion in bold colours for a more subtle way to include a rainbow theme.

Rainbow Glitter Pens

If you want a rainbow themed gift that is practical and beautiful what about these Pentel Hybrid Dual Metallic Gel Pens from Ryman are beautiful. The gel pens are lovely to write with and have a subtle glitter in the ink too. Perfect to ensure anything they write makes them happy. They cost £2.69 each (Gifted for review)

A close up of 6 glitter gel pens and their ink

Rainbow Umbrellas

Rainbows inevitably mean rain so a rainbow umbrella seems like a perfect reminder that everything will be ok. These children’s umbrellas come from the Mountain Warehouse, but there are lots of designs around for adults too including this (AL) compact design and this (AL) beautiful one divided into 24 colours variations.

Two open rainbow umbrellas

Rainbow Swaddle

If you are buying a present for a rainbow baby then this rainbow chevron giant swaddle is beautiful. The giant muslin can be used for comfort, cleaning up and play as well as swaddling making it a practical as well as beautiful gift.

A baby wrapped in a rainbow chevron swaddle

Faye and Lou Rainbow Muslins

Another great present for families who have just had a baby are these (AL) Rainbow Muslins from Faye and Lou . They have always been a favourite of mine because they stand out in a sea of white and boring muslins (and I used a lot of muslins with my children). They aren't cheap, but they are more fun and the colours are more stimulating for newborns so I have bought them for several new parents as a gift. RRP £19.95

I hope these gifts have provided you with some inspiration, please let me know if you see anything else which would make a perfect gift. I love rainbows.

20 Rainbow Themed Gift Ideas


  1. Some lovely ideas here :) This baby is going to be dressed in rainbows clothes almost daily I think! That cake looks incredible... You can't beat the Hummingbird Bakery xx

    1. There are so many lovely rainbow clothes out there at the moment (both chain and independents), I wish I could afford to buy them all x

  2. Some lovely ideas, I love the rug! I made my eldest a rainbow cake last year and it turned out great! x

    1. I've heard they can be brilliant if you get the right food colouring, I can't seem to make my sponge as light as the Hummingbird Bakery though.

    2. My youngest daughter loves rainbows! I’ve just decorated her room in a rainbow theme. Some of these would go perfect in her room


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