Child Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

Do your children have their own bathroom? My girls share the family bathroom, but we’ve found that designing the bathroom to make it child friendly can make life much easier for all of us. It can be really simple to make changes with a bit of research.  A combination of bright colours and patterns as well as a few small modifications can make your children love the bathroom and make it easier for them to use.  If you are looking to redesign the bathroom for your children here are a few simple tips for kid-friendly bathroom design ideas that you don’t want to miss out on!

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Colourful Shower Curtains

A great addition to any child’s bathroom is a colourful shower curtain. Shower curtains can be plain and simple, but adding a splash of fun colour can make it seem much more child friendly and interesting for your kids. It’s a very simple change to make, doesn’t involve any big renovations and it’s also very inexpensive for what you get. We currently have a shower curtain covered in a rubber duck print which makes showering more fun for everyone.

Friendly Reminders

Something that we underestimate is how easily we can influence our children with simple messages and reminders. So in the bathroom consider placing colourful signs using words and pictures that remind your children to flush the toilet, to wash their hands and so on. These can also be mixed with colourful art pieces and cartoon characters that they like. It has to be easier than telling them each time!

Lower The Basin

While it might seem expensive to replace the basin temporarily for your kids, it might be an option to add a second basin that is shorter and easier for your kids to reach. Check out the choice from this website to find something that could suit your needs. Obviously at some point your children will grow out of the shorter basin so it’s probably only worth doing if you plan to have several children. 

Step Stools

A cheaper alternative to a new basin is to have a non-slip step stool for your children to stand on. It’s very important that you get a stool that your children can stand on safely, and you might prefer to have a stool that can be folded away and hidden when you have guests if it’s a family bathroom. Stools are also helpful for when your children need to reach something on a shelf or when you are toilet training. We have a few cheap stools in different heights from IKEA.  

Storage Cubbyholes

Extra storage is always good to help keep your bathroom organised, but if you’re designing a child friendly bathroom then it can be fun to add some cubbyholes with cartoon graphics and bright colours. These can be used to store their toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash and shampoo, and maybe their bath toys too.

You typically don’t need a tradesman for these simple design changes, but if you’d like to perform a larger renovation (such as replacing the tiles in your bathroom) then you may need some assistance. Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on how you can create a friendly bathroom for your children. These are very simple changes, but they might make your children happier to go wash their hand, brush their teeth or have a bath and that will make it totally worth it.

***Disclosure:  This is a collaborative post***

5 Child friendly design ideas for your bathroom

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