Presents To Give To Parents That They Will Love

Being a parent is the most wonderful gift, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want presents too. I find I spend so much time looking for gifts for others that it makes me appreciate being given the perfect gift even more. Here are a selection of presents, ranging from the functional to the beautiful that G and I would love to receive and I’m sure other parents would too.

A selection of presents to give to parents to provide inspiration

The Basics - Gifts for Parents to Make Everyday Life Easier


Ok, maybe not the most exciting of gifts, but when was the last time you bought new pillows? A good pillow can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep, and if you aren't getting much then the quality is super important. It might be worth some investigation to see what sort of pillows they like before purchase as my partner likes a firm one and I like one which gives me a medium level of support. A new mattress would be appreciated too, but that's probably a little outside most people's budget for presents.
2 white pillows on top of each other

A Coffee Maker (and coffee)

It might not be possible to help parents get any more sleep so the next best option could be help to keep them awake. A coffee maker like this gorgeous Stelton Theo Slow Coffee Maker accompanied by a bag of quality coffee will be appreciated after those long nights, whether they are a regular occasion or one offs.
A stoneware coffee maker with a filter

A Battery charger

Electronic devices are a pretty essential part of being a parent these days. Whether it is making sure I have my phone charged so I can take photos of those special moments or having back up power for the iPad or kindle which gives me some essential moments of peace it’s handy to have a battery charger that will help keep the whole families devices charged. This slimline 12000 mAh power bank from Varta (affiliate link) holds enough power to charge an iPhone fully around 5 times. It might not create a wow moment when it’s unwrapped, but it could be one of the most useful presents they get. A definite “you’ll thank me later” gift. I love the practical presents and still appreciate the battery tester my Dad got me years ago.

A external power bank charger

A Cleaner

It is a truth universally known that parents, especially of young children, spend a ridiculous amount of the life tidying and cleaning. While they might have got the Mrs Hinch bug it is more likely that they would really appreciate some help. Whether for a regular weekly slot or to do a deep clean of all those bits that they never really get round too paying for a cleaner will give them some time back and help them out too. If you live locally it's great to contact a recommended cleaner you can normally find in Facebook groups, but if you don't know where to start companies like Molly Maid allow you to buy vouchers to be used for any of their services. If you are short on money, and you know the person well enough, you could always give them a gift of you doing a deep clean of their house (I think I would rather pay though!).

A stock photo of a cleaner cleaning a white toilet wearing yellow rubber gloves


I don't advocate becoming reliant on a glass of wine to wind down at the end of a hard day, but lets face it, many of us parents will choose a glass of something to relax after those really bad days. A bottle of wine with a bottle stop (to help avoid a hangover) will likely be appreciated. Wine stoppers like these (affiliate link) with a vacuum pump help keep the wine fresh for several days avoiding any waste. Or if their children are going through a "phase' maybe Gin would be better (although personally I've never been a fan).

The Treats - Gifts for Parents To Make Them Feel Special

The Gift Of Time Out Together

When you have children living at home, or you just have a busy life, time with your partner often takes a backseat so giving the gift of time together doing something special is a wonderful treat. BuyAGift sell Smartbox vouchers which can be exchanged for a range of experiences across the country so they will be able to find something they love and that’s convenient. The Time Together Smartbox has over 975 options for places to go as a couple including meals, workshops, pampering sessions and hotel stays. They can be used anytime up to 2 years after purchase so there is no rush to use them. They make a perfect gift when paired with the offer of babysitting. 

A booklet and box with writing to illustrate it's the Time Together Smartbox from Buy A Gift

The Gift of Dates At Home

How often do we as parents spend the time after the children are finally asleep staring at a TV screen or other electronic device. We might be in the same space as each other, but it's not exactly quality time. Of course we all need to switch off at times, but it's also really important to focus on our relationships which is why I love the idea of Cupid Box which I first read about on The Willow Tree. It's a monthly subscription box to give couples the perfect date night in, because it can be a challenge to have date nights out regularly. Each month is themed and provides a series of activities to get you talking, laughing and connecting with each other.

A packing box open showing the contents including a 3d model of Notre Dame De Paris and a paint by numbers set

Positive Affirmations

Let parents know they are doing a great job in the form of praise they can wear. There are loads of slogan tops around at the moment and these great designs from Ada and Alfred are made in Britain using great quality fabrics. I bought myself a "Tea and Triumph" sweatshirt a while ago and it is so comfy to wear. I love this Lioness Sweatshirt and Super Day T-shirt, they are like a hug and pat on the back all in one.
A olive green sweatshirt with lioness written on in gold print and a dark grey tee shirt  with a lightening bolt on

A pampering treat

As parents it can be a challenge to remember to put ourselves first sometimes, I often don't even get to go the toilet in peace, but adding a few treats into the everyday can be a way to make us feel a bit special. There is always a great range of products from Baylis & Harding like this gift set with Sweet Mandarin &  Grapefruit Body Wash, Body Lotion and candle or this set with a Body Spritz, Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion all in a Midnight Fig and Pomegranate scent and presented in a sparkly clutch bag. Men don't need to miss out either and The Fuzzy Duck range have great options for gifts like this Men's Grooming Basket in Ginger & Lime scent with Shower Gel, Soap on a Rope, Aftershave Balm and Shampoo.

3 beauty gift sets including one in gold, one in a sparkly red bag and a men's set in a wire crate

Something to munch and drink

I’m a big fan of presents which can be consumed and the Man Box from Ross & Ross is a great example. Make it even more perfect by accompanying it with a voucher for a few hours off so they can enjoy the drink and munchies. The pack contains a bottle of craft beer, a salami (or "British charcuterie"), smoked apple chutney and pork crackling.

The contents of a gift box showing cut up charcuterie and pork crackling on a wooden chopping board, apple chutney and a bottle of premium lager

A way to keep their money safe, well maybe

Children cost a lot of money so it seems appropriate to give a parent something money related. If you can’t be sure of the winning lottery ticket how about a beautiful leather credit card holder like this one from Cross? It has 3 pockets on each side as well as well as one in the middle and it's perfect for not taking up too much space. It comes beautifully packaged in a navy presentation box.

A presentation box with a black leather credit card holder resting on it with CROSS written in small metal writing

The Memory Keepers - Gifts for Parents to Help Keep Their Memories Safe

A Journal and Pen

I have had this thing for stationery my whole life and I especially love beautiful notepads and pens. This lined journal is leather bound and can be embossed with initials or a short message to make it truly personal. Whether it’s used to record memories of the children as they grow up or shopping lists it will make every occasion more special. There are a number of different colour options including this nordic blue. Partner it with a beautiful new pen like this Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen to make a complete gift. Helpfully Pen Heaven have a gift wrap service so your gift can be delivered looking amazing and with your choice of message on the label too.

A beautiful leather journal with gold embossed letters saying KK on floor boards next to an open fountain pen

Personalised Jewellery

A special piece of jewellery always makes a lovely present and choosing a piece which is personalised with the names of their children or birthdates is a lovely touch. I like designs like this one where the pieces are nested together to make a complete piece of jewellery.  The rose gold version is especially beautiful.
A silver necklace with 4 heart pendents nested inside each other with names printed on

Family Themed Print

There are so many options available for prints to represent families at the moment. We have this lovely Bear Family Selfie Portrait Print from Heather Alstead Design at Not On The Highstreet, but we will be looking for a new one next year when we complete our family.

A print with black and white bold print cartoon bears looking out of the frame

A Family Photography Session

A lovely gift to capture a family that will be looked on for years to come and bring back happy memories is a family photography session. Most photographers whether local or part of a chain are happy to offer a voucher to cover the cost of the session and some prints. My advice is to check the costs for additional prints and digital images as many companies charge huge amounts despite having good value photo sessions. Depending on the personality a outdoor shoot can be more fun than a studio as it feels less formal and can capture more natural images.

A black and white photograph of a family of 3 in the forest

Photo Canvas Voucher

Parents are known for taking photos of their children all the time, but how often to they make it off the phone or social media? A voucher for a canvas can be the perfect prompt to encourage them to get a picture printed out. Lots of photo websites will have offers for discounted vouchers throughout the year making them even better value.

A framed canvas on the wall of a mother holding a small baby in the air

***Disclosure: We were sent the Varta power bank, Buy A Gift Smartbox, Man Box, Cross Credit Card Holder, Leather Journal, Fountain Pen, Baylis & Harding sets and Mama Designs Muslin for the purpose of including in this gift guide.***

Gift ideas for parents including the essentials, the treats and the memory keepers. Perfect for Christmas and Birthdays, #giftguide 2


  1. I would LOVE a cleaner! That would be top of my list... along with a coffee maker! I think we're going to treat ourselves to a coffee machine in the sales. It will be needed with the new baby! xx

  2. Oh what a fab list. So much stuff on there that I would love!


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