Who's That Girl Tween Beauty Products Review

My eldest daughter loves make up and beauty products. She’s seen me putting on the basics for years so it’s not surprising that she always wants her own bits. As mini me’s our daughters obviously want to experiment, play and copy us, but when it comes to buying her make up and beauty products it can be a challenge to know what to get: the play make up aimed at children is often bizarre colours and slimy, but products targeted at adults doesn’t seem quite right either. Who’s That Girl is a new beauty range from MGA Entertainment aimed a fashionable young Tweens (but suitable from age 6 plus) and I love that the products are more about having fun than covering up. My eldest daughter, M, has been trying out some of the products from the range that we were sent to review, but what did she think? 

The packaging of Colour Streak Hair, Glitter Roots, Selfie Masks and mood Lips

Who’s That Girl Mood Lips

This was the product M was initially most excited about when we opened the parcel. We were sent "Violet Vibes" which looks purple, but changed colour to pink when we put it on. It’s a really nice tint which just adds a bit more colour but isn’t over the top. I may well be stealing it for me! 

A lipstick in a clear tube and a miniature version on a key ring

A young girl with pink lips smiling at the camera

Who’s That Girl Glitter Roots

This is a glitter mixed with a bit of a gel that you put in your hair. If you style your hair so there is a parting then you can apply it to your roots and it looks really cool. I know M will be asking to use it when she goes to her next party. We received the Mermaid Sparkle shade which is a bluey green which really does make me think of mermaids. It has an applicator in the bottle to help you get it where you want it.

An open pot full of glitter gel and an applicator

A close up of parted hair with Who's That Girl Glitter Roots applied

Who’s That Girl Colour Streak Hair

We have tried a few different hair chalks now and this one has the smartest applicator we've seen. Each pack contains just one hair colour, we had Blue Love. The packaging is designed that you open it, put the hair inside next to the powder then close the pack around it before applying pressure through a silicone window as you slide it down a section of hair. I like that you can apply it without getting your fingers dirty, but it takes a little bit of practice to get good at it. I also found it was difficult to get close to the root, so I applied a bit more using my fingers as a brush. 

A smiling girl applying blue hair chalk

The opened applicator for Who's That Girl Color streak Hair

Both the Glitter Roots and Colour Streak Hair washed out easily. There was still some glitter in M’s hair when I brushed it through after her bath, but by morning it was gone (and probably blended into the constant fine layer of glitter we have all over our house).

A hair plait with a blue streak and glitter on the parting

The open packaging of who's that girl glitter roots and colour streak hair

Who’s That Girl Selfie Masks 

These are fun facemasks which come in a set of 3. They include a panda, a rainbow and a unicorn. The sheet masks are packaged in individually sealed packets which you carefully open, unfold the mask and put on your face. The Panda mask needs the eye holes removing, but the rainbow one just goes across your nose (or forehead) so it’s probably a good one to start with if your child hasn’t tried a sheet mask before. M initially found the feeling weird and was reluctant to put it on, but when I suggested I would use it instead she went for it! Once on you are encouraged to take a selfie then relax for 10 to 15 minutes before removing the mask, rinsing your face and patting dry.  

A young girl with a rainbow sheet facemask on her nose

Unicorn Face Mask, Panda Face Mask and Rainbow Face Mask

Thoughts on the Who’s That Girl Range

One of the things M liked best about the Who’s That Girl range is that most of the packs come with the main product and a smaller version of it on a keyring. The idea is that you can use the smaller versions on your Dollface (a styling head) or you can take them out with you. They are really cute and a nice addition.

I love that the Who’s That Girl range contains some of the latest trends in beauty (like sheet face masks and glitter roots) and targets them at Tweens. The cost means they are more of a treat than a pocket money item, but they make perfect gifts. My daughter would happily use these when her friends come over or when she is finally allowed a sleep over. It’s great that they aren’t trying to make young girls grow up or look older, instead they are encouraging young girls to have fun with beauty products.

As well as the products we tried out the range includes Beauty Tattoos, Nail Polish Dip, the Doll Face and a Beauty Box with 21 Hidden Surprises. The individual packs are £9.99 RRP, Doll Face is £19.99 RRP and the Beauty Box £49.99 RRP. Who's That Girl products are available from Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer and all good independent toy retailers. They are recommended for age 6 and up.

***Disclosure: we were sent these products in exchange for an honest review***

Who's That Girl Tween Beauty Products Review


  1. What fun ideas for tweens. My 11 year old would lose her mind over the hair glitter. It looks so cool. The face masks look so cute too. I think these will be going on her Christmas list. x

    1. The hair glitter is really fun, more obvious than hair chalks and really quick to do


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